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Love Affair (11–25) Chapter Three Sneek peek!

<a href="">I</a> paced around checking if i had everything. Keys. Check. Phone. Letter. Check. Check. Overnight bags. Check. Laith. "s***" I cursed aloud to myself. I forgot to grab my son out of his crib. I quickly ran upstairs to get <a href="">Him</a> he was still sleeping. "Everythings going to be alright sweetie" I said as I walked down the stairs. I placed him into his car seat and checked the clock. 6:00. It was only a matter of time before he walked through the door. I quickly picked up Laith's car seat and the rest of our things and head to the door, but the door knob turning stoped my actions completly. It was <strong>Him.</strong>

Froze in my place he walked in and smiled. "Hey baby. Where you going" He asked throwing his keys into the dish sitting on the table in the hallway. I couldn't tell him what I was doing or he might would have flipped out. "I was about to go to the store. But nevermind it can wait" I said giving a fake smile, and walking back to the living room. I sat my son down and silently prayed to my self. I should have just listen to my mother and I wouldn't be in this place right now.

"Bre'Na. What is this" I turned to see the letter i wrote in his hands. Anger in his eyes. Right then and there I knew what this night was going to turn into. <a href="">"Sean.</a> Wait let me explain" I spoke rising from the couch put he held his hand up tell me to stop."You b****. You was gona leave me. And take my son" He said the last word with his fist connecting to my nose. I flew to the floor instantly, tears in my eyes. I tried to stand to my feet but he pushed me back down and repeatedly hit me until i blacked out. The last thing I heard was my son crying.

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Oh my f***ing God!! Sean imma beat yo ass! That's a f***ing promise hitting on my boo like that! What the f*** nigga? I swear ughhh. I'm just so angry right now.
Run it!

Chapter Three: Sneek peak!

"So Bre'Na. How you been" My mother asked as we sat in the living room of her home. I dreaded this question but I should have know she would ask that. She knows I haven't been at my best lately. "Fine. I guess" I said leaning back on the sofa. She smiled and nodded, I knew she wasn't buying my bulls***, but I was just waiting for her to point it out. "Where's DeSean" She asked now grabbing Laith and playing with him. I knew this was coming, she only asked because she knows I have no idea. I put on a fake smile before answering.

"He said he had to wor-" "What's that under you're eye Ivy" She cut me off using my middle name; my body froze instantly. She doesn't know. I had to think of something quick before she asked another question. "Uh. I um Laith was playing and hit me" I said slightly studdering. It was no point in hiding it, Im pretty sure she knew by now. My complete body languge changed when thoes words left my mouth, I'll be shocked if she belived it. She was about to say something when my phone went off.

It was Sean "Hello" I said answering the phone. I heard a bit off movement in the background before I got a reply. "Why the f*** are you at Anita's house" He said yelling through the reciver. I jumped slightly at the sound. My mother stared at me before shaking her head. Yeah she knows. "Why are you yelling" I asked trying to whisper and rising from my seated position, right then and there Marissa walked in. "DeSean's outside" she said with annoyed tone, I grabed my bag and looked at my mother and sister. "Ill keep him tonight" Rissa said and I nodded. I walked out the door not sure what I was getting into.


"Shut the f*** up" He yelled slaming me against the wall. Its been an hour since we've been home and this is all what was happening. I was pretty sure that my ribs were broken, it felt like if I was so move They would be through my skin!

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Chapter coming In a few!
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Lol, I'm so smart because I know music! Well me and Mom don't like that nigga, and you hate him. I wonder why I took her that house.
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Chapter Two:

I sat there going over the words im my head trying to make then click to me. Angel sat at the table messing with beats; it was throwing me off. "Stop please" I spoke quickly then getting back to lyrics. He laughed removed his snapback. Sean left about an hour ago claiming he had work to do but I knew it wasn't true; Hell Angel knew it wasn't. "What you got so far" He asked out of nowhere. I threw my notebook to him, and he looked suprised "What" I asked wonder why he looked like that, he smiled. "Sing one of them" He said randomly again. I laughed. "You're playing right" I said running my fingers threw my jet black hair, he laughed. "No. Im serious. Now" He said again. I rolled my eyes slightly "Im not ready. Tomorrow" After i said that he laughed laughing a little, and shook his head no. "You lucky you cute" He said making me blush instantly. No one has ever made me blush like him before. Not even Sean.

"Sooo. What are we-" I was cut off by my cell phone ringing. It was my sister. I slid the answer bar across the screen and answered my phone. "Hello <a href="">Marissa</a> " I said and I heard her smack her lips. She hated her name that's why she only went by Rissa. "Hey boo. What are you doing" She said over saying doing, I laughed. "Nothing at one of Sean's friend's studio. Why wassup" I asked. "I want to get Laith. You know me and big Laith wanna see him" She said laughing, I laughed also. See the story behind my son's name is Rissa and <a href="">'Big Laith'</a> are my half brother and sister, We have the same mother but completly differrent fathers'; and I named my first born after my big brother.

"Okay. Hold on real quick" I said and she said okay. I didn't want to be rude so I had to ask Angel can Ris come over. "Angel can my sister come over to get Laith" I said pointing to Laith who was sitting on the couch playing with his toys. "Yeah" Was all he said before going back to writing in his notebook. I wonder what he was writting. "Yeah it's cool Rissa" I said also giving her his address. She should be here in about 20 minutes. After I hung up my phone I placed it back into my purse, and finish writing so more lyrics to my song. Every now and then I would catch Angel looking at me but I wouldn't think anything of it. He started playing with Laith and I had to admit it was cute. Sean really wouldn't pay with him that much.

My phone went off again and it was a text from Rissa she was outside. Angel being the gentlemen, went and got the door. "Hey sis" She said walking into the studio arms open for a hug; I huged her. All the females in our family are short but I always thought me and Rissa got the really short part. Are height doesn't excced pass 5'4. "Girl. He is fine, Im suprised you know who left you here with him" She whispered as Angel walked back in. I shook my head at her. "Where's my big brother" I pouted realizing he wasn't with her. Laith is my rock, I can't go two days with out seeing him. She rolled her eyes and ignored my question and went to play with Baby Laith.

Rissa was always a little jelous of me and our brother's relationship but she still loves us equal. "Bre. I need you to do a chours to my song. I just need you to sing it with my voice" Angel said breaking me from my thoughts. I had to admit I was a lil confused. "What" I asked. Rissa smacked her lips. "Sing what he sung. I guess he gone over lap them" She said, and he smiled. "Correct" He said. I laughed a little and walked into the booth. How Im gone sing it I don't know the lyrics. I guess he read my mind because he passed me the lyrics and played the song so i would know the rythm. After a while I got the chours and sung it. "When you scream I need to pull your body closer let me sex you babe, girl you better not change your mind. Cause girl we got one night on me, just wanna love you right baby. You're my biggest fan girl I want you to holler" After I sung thoes words Angel clapped. "That was great. Thanks" He said as I walked out of the booth, Rissa had this goofy smile on her face. The rest of the day we all spent talking.


"Okay see you tomorrow. Bring some samples of the clothes" Angel said as we walked out the door. We was finishee for the day, and it was around Six. "Okay" I said walking to Rissa's car. She put Laith in the car as I got in, she got in after. The ride to my house was quite mostly because she was on the phone, but my mind always seemed to wonder off when it was quiet.


It was March third 2008 and this was the first time my mother is going to meet Sean, and I was nervous. He's two years older than me and I didn't tell my mother yet. "Bre mama want you" Rissa yell from the hallway. I laughed at her loudness and walked down stairs. I found my mother in the kitchen doing what she does best cooking. "You wanted me" I said taking a seat on a stool infront of the island. "Yeah when is this Sean character going to be here" She asked stiring the vegtables. My mom wasn't that fond of him already seeing as how me and him been together for two months and she hasn't met him yet. "Like six. I need to be getting dressed" I said getting off the stool. She smirked before I walked away.

*Flashback cut*

"Bre'Na we here" Rissa said breaking my train of thought. But what caught my eye was the house. It was my mother's. "Why are we here"

Its starting alil slow!
But after this Chap its going to pic up!

I really like the story so far
Why did she wait until he was almost home to leave the house?
She should have left almost after he did

A man that puts his hands on a woman as though he's fighting another man in the streets should be whipped with the cat o' nine tails.

Angel huh? well ;)

run it

I'm liking it so far, but why'd you make Carnell the bad guy though? LOL I'm just saying, he's not that type of dude

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New Chap hopefully tomorrow!
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Omg I hate sean and that flash backjust fueled my dislike for him. He's a f***ing psychopath and eventually all of the stuff he's done to her is going to come back to him.

<a href="">This</a> is what I was thinking about while I was reading the flashback. -Blushes- Hey Angel, yeah Bre will take your number and she'll leave Sean no good, dog f***ing ass! I'm talking a language I don't even know! Bre just please put me in here so I can beat his ass! I'm begging you. I just wanna f*** him up!
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Chapter One:

I woke up with a unbearable headache and to no shock to me I was in our <a href="">bed.</a> I looked over to his side to see the normal empty side. I climbed out of the big bed and walked to the bathroom. Upon looking in the mirror I saw a scratch right under my eye, I looked like I been through hell and back. I rolled eyes at the reflection and stripped of my clothes. I cut on the shower water mostly hot and got in, This was my only time to relax.

After doing my morning thing I walked to my closet looking for an <a href="">outfit.</a> I got it and put it on. I applyed some make up to cover my scar, and went down stairs. The smell of food filled my sore nose as I made it to the kitchen. There stood the love of my life, my husband making breakfast. With our son sitting in his high chair watching. I smiled. I guess Sean noticed me in the doorway, he smiled and motioned for me to come here I did. "Hey beautiful" He said kissing my lips, I smiled. "Hey" I said simply walking over to Laith. Sean finished cooking and fixed our plates. Since Laith's only 7 months I only fed him grits.

It was akwardly silent until Sean spoke. "Bre. Uh..I got you some studio time at my friends place. He's worked with big stars like Chris brown, Ciara, even uh Drake" He said and I instantly gota a smile upon my face. "Forreal" I asked wiping Laith's mouth. Sean nodded. I gave him a kiss on the cheek after thanking him. He knows how much music means to me and the fact that he did is so sweet but I know Sean this comes with a price. "Go get dressed. We gota be there in 30 minutes" He said drinking his water. I nodded my head and made my way upstairs.


"Why do you wear <a href="">that</a> " Sean questioned blowing smoke from his cig out his mouth as we got into the car. I rolled my eyes at least I had on clothes. "Because. This is what I felt like wearing. Its comfortable" I said looking back to make sure my son was fine. I turned back around with Sean staring at me. "Whatever Sean" I said putting my attention in front of me. But I soon felt a hot stinging pain on the palm of my hand. "f***" I yelled pulling hand to my chest. I looked at my hand to see a cig burn, I looked at him and he laughed. "Listen next time" He said pulling out of the driveway. It tool everything in me not hit him right then and there. I looked at the burn once more before putting my hand back down. One tear Excaped my eye.


We pulled up at this nice house and got out. "I got him. Go to the pool house in the back" Sean said and I did as was told. I didn't feel like arguing with so I just did. When I got to the pool house I knocked on the door, a couple seconds later he opened the door. "Uh. Im Bre'Na. Sean's wife" I said hoping he would remember or know that we was comming. <a href="">He</a> smiled. "Yeah. Come in. Where's Sean" He asked stepping aside for me to walking in, I did. "He's getting our son from the car" I said looking around. This was a nice size pool house and I loved the way he had it done. Sean would never let me decorate anything he feels I would have it to girly or some bulls*** like that. But there was this one smell in the pool house that brought back a horrible memory.


I walked into my home eight months pregnate from design school. Hoping to see my fiance' sitting in the living room. But when I got to the living room. Nothing. I figured he was upstairs finishing up Laith's nursery. So i just put my things down and walked up the stairs. As I made my way up the stairs I heard what sounded like moans. "He prob watching a movie" I said to myself as I got closer to my door. But now the moans seemed closer, more real life, I opened the door to see my Fiance' f***ing another female; Tears instantly shed from my eyes.

"Are you f***ing serious DeSean" I screamed at the top of my lungs; the stoped quickly, with him pulling out and pulling covers over him and her quickly looking for her clothes. "What are you doing home. I thought class was over at 7:00" He said slipping on his boxers and getting out of the bed. Who ever this women was quickly got dressed and left so now it was me and him standing in Our bedroom. I really didn't care or want to argue with her, she probaly didn't know he had a girl. "Why does it f***ing matter. I caught you f***ing another women Sean" I said picking up a brush off my vanity and throwing it at him.

I moved a dodged it. "Stop before I hurt you Bre'Na" He said with anger in his voice. He always gave empty threats. Therefore I wasn't worried. "f*** you" I said throwing my Engagement ring at him. It hit his forehead; I guess that really did for him. He charged at me, my first mind told me to cover my baby and I did so. Sean slapped me once sending me into the wall. "I told you to f***ing stop" He said walking away leaving me there holding my face. I tasted blood in my mouth. And all I could smell was sex.


"Bre baby are you okay" Sean asked bringing me from my thoughts. He tried to sound caring but I couldn't fall for it, not even a little bit. "Yeah. Im fine" I said taking a seat next him. Him and this mystery guy was talking but I tuned them out, my mind drifted to my mother. I haven't had a real conversation with her in a year and a half. And you guessed it because of him.

"So. What do you think about that Mrs. Bre'Na" Mystery guy said taking me from my thoughts yet again. "Huh" I said in response, not knowing what they disscused. "I will work with you on you're music and stuff. Only if in return you can make me some clothes. Sean showed me some of your work. You're amazing" He said and I blushed. No one ever really payed attention to my drawings before. "Sure. But what's you're name" I asked. He smiled "Angel Arrington" He said sticking his hand out; I shook it. "Okay. So we have a deal" Sean said with a chessy ass smile on his face. Oh how I hate him.


I feel so horrible for her I hope Sean gets his ass whooped because he had no right to put his hands on her. I hope she does get that chance to leave his ass.

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-Kevin Hart scream- No the hell he didn't just hit my boo!
Oh, it's about to go down. Somebody get Kay so we can tear this nigga up!
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