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can't wait for this new mix tape
i hope Tyga goes hard on this 1

whassup yall


idk lexi

quick question does anyone know of CB even have a fb lik cause i got lik one that i'm subscribed to or mayb its just a pg knt remember & theres one im friends w

yea i watch it but i gotta catch up on ths season i only saw the 1st episode i can still post what i got
its just that i aint finish writing it
all. but i aint doin sht i guess if you
want me to

aye lexi you watch the Vampire Diaries?
i got netflix so i started from season 1
i was supposed to be catching up on Glee
but the vampire diaries got me hooked
like a mafcka lol

1408 i remember that show i think scare tatics is a copy of that show

can u believe it its almost 2013 a good 4-5 weeks more & the year is over if the world comes to an end ima repent get drunk have sex & then repent again


lmao it do sound like a horror story

and i was supposed to write one...oh
well that was back on halloween lmao

I don't know what that is.... but I remember there being a show on MTV called room 1407 or some s*** like that where they scare people or play pranks.

i just thought about that show 227

Lmao at Lexington thinking this was a story. Ha! Sounds like a Halloween story to me or a suspense story.

Yeah they keep playing with our emotions. That s*** not cool.

i thought this was a story i was about to say goddamn but as far as the topic....ehhh i guess but im still waiting for fan of a fan 2 -_-

yeah he do; he was bullshttin
on the last one
and they need to drop that
FOAF2 mix tape

I AM VERY ANTICIPATED AS WELL! Because although I liked a few on his last mixtape, that was NOT getting it. He plays too much for that s*** lol.

Uh... just thinking.