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To The Readers Of My Stories!!!!

Sorry i straight up tried to give you guys a chapter but
I'm in a neck brace so I can like barely move
I'll give you guys an update on both my stories whenever I can


Ohhh my heavens !!!
Take yo time, I'm just happy you are okay!!!

Damn!!! I'm glad your ok. Take all the time you need.

Oh my, thank goodness your okay. and dont sweat it, just focus on getting better chick. GWS!!!

omg!!! Thank god your okay and that your neck isn't broken. take alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of the time in the world. don't feel sorry for s*** lol

man sorry that happened..glad u are ok and that it wasnt a serious injury!

Got into a little car accident nothing big
But the way I was pushed forward caused a sprain in my neck
I'm feeling a lot better then I did yesterday but
Moving my neck hurts like hell

wtf happened