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Different Shades of Love

Y/N’s p.o.v.
2 years ago I moved from St. Croix to St. Thomas in the virgin islands. Here I began my new life, a BETTER life. I was a loner and very quiet, but that all changed when I moved to St. Thomas, where I met the best friends in the world and the love of my life.

Flashback: It was a beautiful sunny and breezy day on the island of St. Thomas. It was Y/N’s first day of school at St. Thomas Junior High. She had just moved to St. Thomas about a week ago and was very nervous about going to school. Y/N walked through the front entrance and was greeted by a group of students standing around two other students who were arguing.
Shannen: Nigga I’m so tired of you, you always got something to say! You and yo b****a** friends.
Rocky: H*e don’t nobody give a f***, you need to stfu and know your place! (he said laughing to get a rise out of her)
Shannen: I know where imma place my fist if you don’t shut yo mouth! (getting angrier)
Rocky: and where is that shan shan! (she hated that name and he knew it)
Next thing I knew the girl socked the boy in the stomach and he leaned over in pain.
Kendrick: you seen that! Ieasha you need ta get yo sister!
Ieasha: nope, she warned him (nonchalant face)
Teacher: Hey! What’s going on here!
All the kids scattered with just the boys who were arguing standing there and Y/N.
Rocky: nothing (walks away mad)
Teacher: get to class now!
The other boys scattered and the teacher looks at Y/N and she explains to him that she is new. He points her to the main office and she gets her schedule. Y/N was shocked about today’s events and was already uncomfortable with the school.
Y/N: (sighs) lord please let this day go good.

Hi this is my first story. Let me know if you like it. Run it 


*Party Time!!!!!!!
Tierra is so excited about her party. She gets up and dresses. Brushes her teeth washes her face. She walks back into her room and her phone is ringing so she answers it.

Tierra: Goodmorning baby
Trey: Happy Birthday Beautiful
Tierra: (smiling) Thank you. I can’t wait to see you.
Trey: I can’t wait to see you either. You’ve been too busy to hangout.
Tierra: I know. I’m sorry (hears the doorbell) ring I gotta go thought, but I’ll see you later.
Trey: alright bae love you
Tierra: yeah (hangs up)
Tierra runs downstairs to open the door, but Sabrina had already beat her to it. She looked and saw the girls. Sabrina was being extra fake because Tierra’s mom was home.

Sabrina: hey girlies
Girls: (ignore her) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEE!!!!!!!!!
Tierra’s comes down the stairs
Tierra: (hugging them all) thank you (smiling)]
Ms. Tonya: (walking in the living room) Hey girls
Girls: Hi Ms. Tonya
Ma. Tonya: thank yall for coming this early in the morning…we have a lot to do and I don’t think the three of us would have been able to handle it by ourselves.
Ieasha: no biggie.
Y/N: Tee can we sit the gifts in your room.
Tierra: yeah girl.
Ms. Tonya: ok girls um Ieasha and Katea can yall get the decorations set up for me out back.
Ieasha and Katea nod their heads.
Ms. Tonya: ok thanks, and Shannen can you Sabrina season the meat for me and Y/N can you cut up the the vegatables for me that I will be using for the potatoe and pasta salad and boil the potatoes and noodles for me.
They all nod their head yes.
Ms. Tonya: Tee you just was the dishes as they get dirty k? I am going to go out and pick up the fruit platters, subs, and the cake.
Tierra: alright ma.
Ms. Tonya: alright let’s get started we have 5 hours before the party so chop chop cause yall still got to take showers and get dressed.
Everyone scatters and does as they are told and Ms. Tonya leaves to run her errands.

*in the kitchen
Sabrina: (looking at the meat) I don’t season meat.
Shannen: (stank face) well too bad, cause you gone learn today (handing her the seasoning)
Y/N: ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! ALLLLRIGHTTTT! (Kevin hart voice lol)
Shannen: lol shut up Y/N.
Sabrina: (poking the raw chicken) ewww I am not a woman for the kitchen like yall are.
Shannen: why don’t you shut up. I really don’t like you. I am so close to slapping you with this slab of ribs just keep talking.
Sabrina: whatever (rolling her eyes)
Tierra, Shannen, and Y/N just laugh.
So it is now 2 hours before the party. The backyard is looking great, the food looks, good and the girls are up stairs doing their hygiene thing and are really excited about the party starting soon.

Tierra: did yall bring yall ipods, mine broke.
Shannen: yeah I brought mine
Y/N: I brought mine too.
Tierra: ok cool.
Everyone was looking really cute in their swimsuits. They all went downstair and walked out to the backyard. Tierra and Shannen walked over to the stereo system area and plugged the ipod on the dock.
Tierra: (scrolling down) let’s start off with this one (smiling) this my song.
Rack City by Tyga started to bang through the speakers and the girls were so hype.
They were all sitting around drinking soda’s and eating snacks while they waited for people to arrive. Soon Sabrina walks out.
Shannen: whore alert
Ieasha: lol ikr.
Sabrina: (walking toward them) when will the non lame people get here?
Shannen: they’ve been here. You’re the only lame (smirking)
Sabrina: whatever.
It is now 12:45 and people are starting to arrive. Everyone is already having a good time and the backyard is already half way full with more people pouring in. Everyone is dancing, swimming, eating, and are so hype.
The girls were dancing and laughing and Sabrina was off talking with some boys who were admiring her.
Shannen: (laughing) ugh I don’t know what they see in that b*tch
They boys soon arrive and the girls are so excited when they see them.
Boys: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEE!!!!! (giving her hugs)
Tierra: lol thanks yall
Trey hugs Tierra and kisses her while Kendrick does the same to Ieasha. Shannen and Rocky hug and so do Player and Katea.
Sabrina sees and decides to walk over.
Sabrina: HEY YALL
Shannen: get away from us
Player: wait a minute now…who is this (looking her up and down and looking his lips)]
Sabrina: I’m Sabrina Tee’s cousin
Kendrick: o so you’re Sabrina?
Sabrina: yep that’s what they call me sexy
Ieasha: (laughing) don’t get bust in the mouth
Sabrina just rolls her eyes
Rocky: D*mn ma you look good
Sabrina: (smiling) thank you and what is yall names.
Player: I’m player
Rocky: Rocky
Sabrina: Player and Rocky? Those are weird nicknames lol
Rocky: better known as the man who can make your bed rock
Shannen: corny a**
Rocky: shut up shan shan
Shannen: whatever
Sabrina: lol and you are? (looking at trey)
Trey: I’m Tee’s boyfriend Trey (smiling)
Sabrina: o ok so you’re her boo…ok Tee you didn’t tell me he was this fine. Matter of fact yall didn’t tell me how sexy they all were
Y/N: yeah yeah yeah they ain’t all that and neither are you.
Rocky: shut up you just mad cause Chris not here right now huh? Lol
Y/N: no I couldn’t care less about him
Kendrick: yeah whatever he’ll be here don’t worry (smiling)
Player: lol yeah sitting over there frontin
Y/N just looks at them and walks away
Kendrick: let go dance
Ieasha: alright.
Everybody went off and started having fun again and Chris walks in about 30 minutes later.
Walks up to everybody
Everybody: what up, hi, hey, what it do, etc
Chris: Happy Birthday Tee (giving her a hug)
Tierra: thank you.
Chris looks at Y/N, but she quickly looks away and doesn’t say a word to him and he did the same to her.
Ieasha: yall need to start speaking again. I’m tired of yall avoiding each other.
Kendrick: I know…everybody know yall like each other so stop acting dumb
Ieasha: that’s right baby tell em (kisses his cheek)
Chris: she’s the one with the attitude
Y/N: you know what Chris just stfu I’m not in the mood to argue with you
Chris: I wasn’t trying to argue.
Y/N: fine don’t say anything to or about me.
Chris: I won’t
Y/N: a**whole (walking away)
Everyone just sighs at the tension but soon starts to enjoy the party again.

*hours later
Everyone is clapping and screaming and is now getting cake.
Trey: aye Tee imma go use the bathroom real
Tierra: alright hurry back
Trey heads off to the bathroom and Sabrina sees him.
Trey uses the bathroom and starts to head back out to the party when he stopped in his tracks by Sabrina.
Sabrina: hey
Trey: (hesitant) what’s up
Sabrina: o nothing (seductive) has anybody ever told you how sexy you are?
Trey: ummm
Sabrina: that’s a stupid question of course they have (smiling) what are you doing with Tierra? I mean you are way to cute for her. You should be with somebody like me
Trey: no thank you trying to go around her
Sabrina: (slightly pushes him back) I know you want me. There’s no need to be shy (smiling and kissing his chest)
Trey: (try’s to push her slightly) look you need to back up.
Sabrina: you don’t really want me too
That is when she took his face and pulled it toward hers and kissed him.
Female voice: WHAT THE F*CK

RUN IT ladies.

Sabrina need to stop with all that the boys at the party better not fall for her tricks neither run it

Man I swear Shannen lil goofy tail is my favorite lmbo

*at Tierra’s house
Sabrina: this is what you do for fun? Sit and watch t.v. all day. No wonder why you’re so big. You’re a couch potato.
Tierra just sits there in silence ignoring her and texting Trey.
Sabrina: where are your so called friends?
Just as she said that there was a knock at the door.
Tierra: (getting up) who is it?
The girls: US!!!!!!!!!
Tierra swings the door open happier than ever and hugs all of them while letting them in the house.

Tierra: (closing the door) OMG I’M SO HAPPY YALL IS HERE! WHERE HAVE YALL BEEN?! (cheesing)
Shannen: lol at home girl
Y/N: gosh we haven’t seen you since spring break started.
Tierra: I know. I haven’t been feeling that well (rolling her eyes)
Ieasha: yeah and I’m pretty sure we know why (signaling toward Sabrina)
Sabrina: don’t act like yall don’t see me sitting over here.
They all look at her with stank faces and still ignore her.

Shannen: any wayssssss! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS PARTY (excited)
Katea: I know I haven’t been swimming in a long time lol
Sabrina: honestly Tee I don’t know why your even throwing a swim party…I mean who wants to see you in a bathing suit? Lol
Ieasha: UGH! Stfu
Shannen: yeah who wants to see you period.
Y/N: always got something to say ugh
Tierra: let’s just go into the kitchen
Y/N: yeah let’s do that cause I’m tired of seeing her face
They all walk into the kitchen and Sabrina follows them.

Shannen: ummmm no one meant for you to come.
Sabrina: why are yall so jealous of me?
Ieasha: who has to be jealous of you Sabrina the senior citizen witch? (smirking)
Sabrina: hahahaha very funny. I mean look at me. I have a great body, beautiful face, nice full lips, a boyfriend at home and can’t keep n*ggas off of me. Yall can’t stand it.
Ieasha: b*tch I ain’t jealous. I got a man, a**, hips, and big titts. None of us d*mn sure ain’t ugly.
Katea: Tierra got a man too.
Shannen: exactly so stfu.
Sabrina: I bet I can steal every boy’s heart on this island, including yall boyfriends. (smirking)
Y/N: sorry boo not gone happen
Sabrina: (chuckles) we’ll see (walking out)
Katea: she’s very mean
Shannen: Tee why won’t you take up for yourself.
Tierra: (looking down) idk, sometimes I feel that she is right (starting to cry) I am big and we all know it. I’m not as pretty as her (gets cut off)
Ieasha: no, I’m not about to allow you to talk yourself down. You’re ten times more beautiful then that h*e. inside and out. She’s not right about anything.
Y/N: yeah she’s insecure that’s why she tries to put u down.
Shannen: I could go put her down if you want me to Tee just say the word.
Tierra: (smiling a little and wiping her tears) no I can handle it
Shannen: you sure cause you know I’ll do it. Straight sock her in her throat (socking the air)
Everyone laughs
Katea: (walks over to Tee and hugs her) we love you girl
Tierra: I love yall too.
They all hug her 

I wanted to give yall a little something real quick but there will be a another longer post today RUN IT 

Her cousin just jealous...I have a feeling she's gonna try something with one of the guys too mainly Trey...Raven needed that a** beaten I bet she'll think twice before stepping to any of the girls again

What's about to go down at this party run it

Chris THE f*** YOU DOING WITH BIG BIRD!!! Raven you deserved every second of that ass whooping. If it was me I would've never stopped, f*** the teachers. Sabrina, I'll let you in on a secret, TEE DON'T LIKE YOU!! Nobody does, You are a fake ass hoe. I wish yo ass was here right now, I'd punch you in yo throat so fast. Tierra you told Trey you would stop! Swear I just wanna beat all of their asses!!
Run it!

It has now been a months since all of the commotion. Chris and Y/N haven’t spoken. Ieasha and Tierra have been going strong with Kendrick and Trey. Shannen and Rocky still have their arguments and are getting along much better. Katea and Player have still been sneaking around and she continues to allow herself to be hurt by him.

*with the girls and Kendrick and Trey.
Tierra: so, as yall know my birthday is next week during spring break. I didn’t want anything all fancy for my sweet 16, so my mom is just going to throw me a pool party/ bbq and I just want yall to spread it by mouth k. it starts at 1 and ends at 12 on Friday March 22cd ok.
Everyone nods.
Ieasha: o yeah isn’t your cousin Sabrina coming out for spring break.
Tierra: (rolling her eyes) ugh yeah.
Trey: lol why that face
Tierra: I can’t stand her. All she does is brag and thinks that she is the most beautiful thing on earth.
Kendrick: well is she?
Tierra: she ain’t ugly, but she ain’t all of that either
Shannen: hater lol
Tierra: I’m far from that. I’m just saying she’s probably going to ruin my whole break.
Katea: well we’ll keep her company so she doesn’t
Ieasha and Shannen: WHAT LOL
Ieasha: girl boo don’t be volunteering us
Shannen: yeah that girl is annoying
Kendrick: it just seemed like yall liked her a second ago
Ieasha: no, we just do that to aggravate Tee
Kendrick: oh
Tierra: yall just worry about spreading the word, I’ll handle Sabrina
Katea: alright
Everyone nods.

*Spring Break Sabrina’s arrival
Tierra was sitting at home dreading the moment her mom walked through the door with Sabrina following behind. She was so nervous that she started sweat. See Sabrina is Tierra’s older cousin and they don’t get along, because Sabrina is conceited and says cruel things to Tierra. Sabrina acts as if she is innocent in front of everyone else, but behind closed doors she is a monster. They only people who have been able to see right through her is Ieasha, Shannen, Katea and Y/N. She will go to great lengths to make Tierra miserable. Tierra is jealous also jealous of her.
Tierra heard the keys jingling in the door and her heartbeat sped up. Soon the door flung open and in walked Tierra’s mom and her:

Sabrina: (dropping her bags and running over to Tierra) OMG COUSIN (hugging her) I’VE MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH!
Tierra sits there with a fake smile and doesn’t hug her back
Tonya: Tee help your cousin to the guest room while I get dinner started.
Tierra: (sighs) follow me.
They walk upstairs to the guest room which is right next to Tierra’s room.
Tierra: well this is where you will be sleeping (walking in the room)
Sabrina: I guess this will do fata** (looking around the room)
Tierra: what? (shocked)
Sabrina: I said I guess this will do FATA** (evil grin)
Tierra: please don’t call me names
Sabrina: (sitting on the bed) you’ve got bigger ewwww.
Tierra: (looking at her in disbelief) I have to go. I’ll see you at dinner (walks away)
Sabrina: maybe you should skip (evil grin)
Tierra heard her but continued to her room and closed the door and locked it behind her. She busted out in tears and put her face in her pillow. She then got off her pillow and went into her bathroom and opened her medicine cabinet to take out her razor. She cut herself twice on her left wrist and her pain started to ease. She could not wait for the week to be over.

*with Ieasha, Shannen, Katea, and Y/N shopping for Tee’s birthday gifts.
Ieasha: I think I’m going to get her that tinkerbell watch she has been wanting.
Y/N: o yeah that would be nice. I’m going to get her a Japanese cherry blossom gift set from bath and body works.
Katea: yeah and I seen this cute stripped cardigan with a big heart at H &M I’m going to get her.
Shannen: o yeah and I seen these cute knee high leather boots in there that I’m going to get her.
They all shop and get what they need and then head to the food court.
Y/N: I feel so bad that Tee has to hang out with her cousin all week.
Ieasha: yeah I think we should go over there after we are done here.
Shannen: yeah, because that poor girl called my phone last night about to go crazy lol
Katea: yeah I wonder why her cousin is like that
Shannen: well Tee should bust her in her mouth and maybe she will stop making smart remarks
All the girls yeah.
Shannen: soooo Y/N you know Chris is going to be at the party right.
Y/N: idc, it’s my friends party and I’m not going to not enjoy it, because he’s there
Ieasha: are you going to be able to handle him being in the same room as you?
Y/N: yep
Ieasha: well Kendrick told me that Chris misses you
Y/N: well he should have thought about that before he did what he did.

Ok imma little stuck on what else to write right now lol run it while I try to rid of this writer’s block lol 

*with the girls lunch time at school.
Shannen: (angry) yeah if Carl even thinks about mumbling a word to me I just might sock him in his face! That’s how hot I am right now! (stuffing a fry in her mouth)
Katea: (looking down) I know I don’t even know why we keep trying to deal with these boys
Y/N: ikr. (sighs) I can’t believe Chris.
Tierra: well on the bright side Ieasha and I had a good Valentine’s day.
Ieasha: yeah
Shannen, Katea, and Y/N: o shut up
Ieasha: lol don’t hate
Y/N: whatever I’m going to get me some more fruit.
Y/N gets up and walks away. She is getting her fruit when she feels someone grab her arm.
Male voice: why haven’t you been answering my calls or my text messages?
Y/N: (screws her face and snatches her arm away) because I don’t have to Christopher.
Chris: I don’t know why you’re so upset. What was I suppose to do? She’s my girl
Y/N: (chuckles and pays for her fruit) you don’t have to explain anything to me Chris. (starts to walk away)
Chris: (grabs her again) can we please talk about this?
Female voice: talk about what? You don’t have to explain anything to this b*tch
Chris: (angry) Raven not now.
Y/N: (snatches her arm away and put her fruit down) TRAMP?! LAST TIME I CHECKED I’M NOT THE ONE WITH SYPHILLIS BOO!
By now everybody was gathering around the commotion.
Raven: (gets in Y/N face) AND WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU GOING TO DO IF I DO!
By now the other girls and the other boys was running up.
Y/N socked raven right in her nose. Raven fell on the ground and Y/N got on top of her and was pounding her face and that’s when Camilla tried to run up and Shannen seen her.
Shannen: B*TCH JUMP IN IF YOU WANT TO! (throwing off her backpack)
Camilla stop right in her tracks afraid of the consequences.
Chris grabs Y/N off of Raven and Y/N was in such rage that she turned around and slapped the mess out of Chris.
Chris: WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT FOR?! (holding his face)
Teacher: what’s going on over here?
Teacher: (calls nurse and security on his walkie talkie) We have a code 005 down here. I need some assistance (looks at Y/N) you come with me.
Y/N and the teacher walk away.
Ieasha: (smirking at Raven) bet you’ll think twice now huh.
Everybody clears the café when the nurse and other security comes.

*with the girls at Y/N house.
Tierra: wth. They suspended you for a whole week.
Y/N: yeah
Katea: and how many days is her suspension.
Y/N: for 3 days
Ieasha: why is hers only three days?
Y/N: they said I was the aggressor.
Katea: wow that is bull.
Y/N: tell me about it. (starting to cry) I hate him. I never want him to talk to me again. He didn’t even call to check on me.
Shannen: girl, well you said that you didn’t want to be friends with him anymore.
Y/N: I know (wiping her face) but it’s not like I meant it. I just don’t want him to lie to me.
Ieasha: (rubbing Y/N back) you like him more than a friend huh?
Y/N: idk…I just…idk (putting her head down)
Tierra: you know what we have been so stuck under these boys that we haven’t taken time for ourselves in the past month, so why don’t plan something to do this weekend?
All the girls nod in agreement.

Run it more coming within the next hour 

Lol I like how she played that off Chris should feel really stupid...I would've brought Raven's tail to McDonalds and called it a night man forget all that fancy mess she def don't deserve it

hey yall thanks for the runs. I haven't been able to update cause my computer is acting up but imma give yall at least two updates today, because i don't know if it will do the same thing again. stupid technology lol.

*with Y/N
Y/N and her dad arrived at a restaurant called Romano’s. They walked in and loved the laid back yet fancy atmosphere and it even was an art gallery. Y/N and her father were seated and started to look at the menu.
Waiter: can I start you off with any drinks?
Y/N: yes can I have a Shirley temple?
Y/D: and I will have a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.
Waiter: good choice monsieur. I will be back with your drinks (walks away)
Y/N: (looking at the menu) what are you going to get?
Y/D: I think I am going to get the Bistecca newyorkchese.
Y/N: mmmm that sounds good, but I think I am going to get the Petto arrosto di pollo.
Y/D: yep can never go wrong with chicken or steak lol
Y/N: lol I know right.
Waiter: (placing their drinks in front of them) would you all like to start off with an appetizer.
Y/D: yes, can we have the Pappa al pomodoro.
Waiter: and for your entrées?
They told the waiter what they would be having and he took their menus and left.
Y/N: I’m really happy you decided not to cook lol…(looks around) this is really nice dad. We don’t get to spend enough time together.
Y/D: lol yes pumpkin I know. I promise you though we will take a family vacation soon. Would you like that?
Y/N: (smiling) I would love that.
The waiter brings them their appetizer and Y/N and her dad are laughing and having a good time. Y/N looks toward the entrance and gets really excited when she sees………CHRIS! She thought about going over and saying hi to him and his mother until she seen who he was holding hands with. Now either she’s tripping or Chris’s mother looks a lot like RAVEN. She grew a little upset, but didn’t want to jump to conclusions, because maybe his mom was outside parking the car. Chris and Raven are led by another waiter toward her way so she hurry up and grabs her clothe napkin from out her lap to cover her face. They walk right pass and don’t notice her. They were seated at a table in the back.

*with chris
Chris: (looking at the menu) d*mn why did you pick this place? It expensive.
Raven: (smiling) well I’m worth it right baby?
Chris: I guess
Raven: (smiling) I’m so happy you decided to take me out tonight instead of hanging with that raggedy girl (rolling her eyes)
Chris: I don’t want to hear it I came here to have a good time and that raggedy girl is my friend so stop talking about her (angry)
Raven: I am going to pretend that didn’t just come out your mouth. I’m tired of you taking up for her.
Chris: just squash it like I said
Raven: whatever.
The waiter comes over and they order their food and drinks.

*back with Y/N.
Y/N was eating her chicken and could barely enjoy it, because it had been 15 minutes now and she knew Chris’s mother was never coming. She couldn’t believe that Chris had lied to her and what was he doing here with Raven? They finished their food and Y/N had to go to the bathroom and she had to pass by Chris’s table to get there, so she thought she’d surprise him.
Y/D: do you want to get desert?
Y/N: no I’m stuffed (rubbing her stomach) I could make us some brownie a la modes when we get home.
Y/D: mmmmm yeah I love those
Y/N: alright dad (stands up) I’m going to use the restroom while you pay ok (standing)
Y/D: ok (standing up) I will pull out front with the car.
Y/N: ok (walking away)
She makes her way over to Chris’s table to say hi.
Y/N: Hello Christopher (smiling)
Chris: (face is priceless) H…Hey Y/N
Y/N: hi…umm where is your mother? Is it me or does she look a lot like Raven (looks toward Raven) hello Mrs. Brown (sticking out her hand) Chris has told me much about you (sweetly smiling)
Raven: b*tch don’t play with me.
Y/N: whoa Chris your mother is rude lol…well nice meeting you any way’s (looks at Chris) Happy Valentine’s Day and you can go to hell (smiles and walks away)
Chris just sits there speechless. Y/N uses the bathroom and walks right out of the restaurant without even looking in their direction. She couldn’t believe Chris.
She and her dad arrived home and she makes the brownie a la modes and they watch a movie together and drift off to sleep.

*with Ieasha
Ieasha and Kendrick are now at her front door.
Ieasha: (smiling) I really had a good time.
Kendrick: (smiling) yeah me too.
Ieasha: lol o yeah come in, because you have to get your gift. (walking in and turns on the light) Shannen and Katea must not be home yet. (walks up the stairs while Kendrick follows her)
They both go into her room.
Ieasha: (taking off her shoes) it’s over there on the chair.
Kendrick: (looking at her biting his lip) I’ll get it later, I’m not ready to leave yet (smiling)
Ieasha: lol (walking up to him) you can stay for a little while if you want
Kendrick: o yeah? (hugs her waist and starts kissing her lips and neck)
Ieasha: (breathing heavy) yeah
Kendrick and Ieasha are kissing and moving towards the bed and the lay down with him on top of her.
Kendrick is roaming her body and she is so in love with him right now and then they hear the door open down stairs then hear Shannen and Katea’s voices.
Ieasha: (pushes him off) get up…you have to go (getting his gift and handing it to him)
Kendrick: dang mann (gets the gift and they start to walk down stairs)
Shannen and Katea look at them weird.
Kendrick: hey yall…bye yall.
Katea and Shannen just wave
Ieasha: I’ll call you later (hugging him) bye
Kendrick: (hugging her back and leaving) bye.
Ieasha: (turns around to Shannen and Katea staring at her) what?! Lol
Shannen: you know what…
Katea: lol
Ieasha: whatever he just came up to get his gift lol…ne ways how was yall night
Shannen: yall don’t even want to know
Ieasha and Katea: uh o

*with Chris.
He was so shocked that he seen Y/N tonight and was mad at himself for hurting and lying to her. He didn’t pay attention to Raven for the rest of the night and that made her really upset, but he didn’t care. He dropped her nagging behind off at her house and headed home himself. He went in his room and called Y/N to apologize. He called about five times and still no answer, so left a message.
Chris: hey Y/N…I am sorry about tonight…I didn’t mean to lie to you…I don’t know what I can do to have you forgive me, but I hope this doesn’t mess up our friendship. I know your probably wondering why I was out to dinner with Raven…well we’ve kind of been going out since the summer…I want to talk to you in person, so I won’t leave everything on your voicemail, so I’m sorry again, bye.
Chris hangs up the phone and leaned back on his bed thinking about how he f*cked up.

Run it ladies 

Ohhh s***!! Player got tongue game down to the core. My neck my back lick my.... never mind. Damn Katea gon want that s*** on the regular now. When he pushed her into the wall was a total turn n, I like the rough s***. I'm glad Shannen didn't crack under pressure, and Rocky is warming up to her. Awww, can't wait for them to stop acting like PUSSIES and admit they like each other. Carl, go choke on a d*** and die motherf***a!!
Run it

Carl and that Latrell broad should've gotten smacked...Player just made that poor girl gon' go crazy behind him after that

Wow a lot has happen seens I ain't been on here run it

Omg player and katea lol and aww that's cute Shannon and Rocky are getting closer run it

Thanks for the runs :) :) :)

*with Shannen and Katea
They both are now in front of Carl’s house and Shannen knocks on the door

Carl: (opens the door) What up ladies (hugs shannen and kisses her on the cheek and then hugs Katea)
Shannen and Katea: Hey (smiling)
Carl takes Shannen’s hand and leads her and Katea through his home. When they entered they were hit with a cloud of smoke, because some people were smoking weed and some were even drinking. Carl leads them to where his friends are.
Carl: aye yall this is Shannen and Katea
Everybody: hey, what up, what it do, etc.
Carl: shannen and katea, this is Romeo, Meek, Flocka, Danni, Imani and Kelly.
Shannen and Katea (waves and smiles)
Female voice: (attitude) you’re rude as f*ck, don’t act like I’m not sitting here Carl
Carl: (ignores her) yall don’t need to know her.
Female voice: yes they do…my name is LaTrell, Carl’s girlfriend (looking at Shannen and Katea rudely)
Carl: EX girlfriend.
LaTrell: well you sure weren’t saying that the other night
Shannen: what?
Carl: (looking at Shannen) mann this b*tch lyin, yo LaTrell take yo a** home.
Right when she said that meek and flocka lit the blunts and all of them started to smoke except for Shannen and Katea.
Shannen: I have to go to the bathroom, where is it
Carl: (blowing smoke out his mouth) down the hall 2nd door on your right
Shannen: alright, come on Katea
Katea and Shannen both walk into the bathroom.
Katea: I didn’t know there was going to be smoking and drinking
Shannen: me either ahhh I can’t believe this. And did you see how that girl LaTrell was staring at us. I thought I was going to come over here and have a good time, but looks like I might have to beat some a** before I leave.
Katea: don’t get upset we can just leave.
Shannen: no, let’s see how much we can take first.
Katea: ok they walk out the bathroom and make their way back through the crowd of people to Carl and his friends and when they get over there they see rocky and player are now here.

Rocky: (looks at shannen and katea) what are they doing here (taking a hit of the blunt)
Carl: (smiling) I invited them
Rocky: I don’t know what for, they’re lame as f*ck (laughing)
Shannen: I’m just going to ignore you for the night Rakim.
Rocky: yeah, whatever Shan Shan.
Shannen just ignores rocky and Carl pulls Shannen on his lap and rocky just kind of mean mugs them for a bit and continues to smoke.
Katea is looking at player and he is acting as if she doesn’t exist, because he continues to make out with some girl that is sitting on his lap. So Katea takes a deep breath and walks over to say hi.
Katea: (smiling) hi player (looks at the girl) who’s your friend
Player: Jessica and what do you want.
Katea: o I just thought I’d stop and say hi to you
Player: (rude) well you can leave now.
Jessica: yeah (laughing and starts to kiss Player again)
Katea smile fades and she feels sad and angry
Katea: (to the girl) welp I hope my p*ssy tastes good (evil smile and walking away)
Player is shocked and removes the other girl off of him and grabs Katea’s arm and pulls her into an empty room.
Player: (angry) WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM
Katea: you are. You want to sit there and treat me like SH*T! (starting to tear up)
Katea: I HATE YOU! (crying now) YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYBODY, BUT YOURSELF (shoving him)
Katea: SO WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO DO HIT ME?! (shoves him again)
Player: (pushes her into the wall and holds her hands above her head) I TOLD YOU DON’T PUT YOUR F*CKING HANDS ON ME!
Katea: (trying to get out of his grip) GET OFF OF ME!
Katea: I HATE YOU!
Katea looks at him and cries and then calms down about five minutes later.
Player: are you calm now?
Katea nods her head
Player let’s her go
Katea: (crying) I just want to be with you, you keep leading me on.
Player: (frustrated) Kat how am I leading you on? I keep telling you I don’t want to be in a relationship, not with you, not with anyone.
Katea just looks down and cries and player started to feel bad.
Player goes up to Katea and hugs her and then wipes her tears
Player: don’t cry over someone like me.
Katea: (head down) I can’t help it
Player: (lifts her head to look at him and pecks her lips) lol and what did you mean by that comment down stairs, you won’t let me get anywhere near your p*ssy.
Katea: (slightly smiles) I don’t know I was mad
Player: (smiling) well I want to see how good it taste (starts kissing her)
He starts walking her towards the bed and lays her on her back while kissing her neck and lips.
Katea: (moaning) I don’t think we should do this (nervous)
Player: (kiss) it’s not sex, I’m just going to do you a favor (smiling while reaching under her dress and pulling down her panties. He then goes back up to peck her lips) you ready?
Katea just nods and he smiles and heads toward her goodies.
Katea: sssss…ahhhh omg (moaning) wait…wait (she tries to move away from his powerful tounge, but he has a firm grip on her hips.)
Player kisses her private lips and sucks and twirls his tongue on her sweet pearl, he then eases two of his fingers in her and pumps them in and out, in and out
Katea: (arching her back) AHHH GOD PLAYER BABY PLEASE (moaning)
Player just goes faster and pushes his tongue in her now and she is going crazy and he loves it. Katea’s legs are now shaking and she starts to squirm and Player goes faster until she reaches her climax
Katea: ahhhhh (breathing heavy)
When she climaxed player sucked up all her juices and wipes his face with a towel as she laid there paralyzed from the pleasure she just received.
Player: (smiles and pecks her lips) Happy Valentine’s Day (leaves out the room)
Katea can’t believe what just happened.
*back down at the party
Everybody is high and Celebration by the game is blasting through the speakers and everybody is so hyped by it.
Carl: aye hit this (passing the blunt to Shannen)
Shannen: no I don’t smoke
Carl: drink?
Shannen: nope
Carl: mann I wish I knew this before...would it hurt to try
Shannen: yes it would
Carl: come on just hit it one time (smiling)
Shannen: I said no Carl
Carl: (angry) Roc is right you are lame
LaTrell: that’s what you get for trying to be with those booshy hoe’s
Shannen: excuse me I’m not a hoe. You just mad cause your so called man want me. Don’t get me started boo boo cause I’m far from booshy, I’ll set it off in this mothaF*cka. You better ask somebody about Shannen Edwards. (getting angry)
The other guys and girls: ooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww lol
Shannen: and Carl what the hell is your problem.
Carl: (smoking the blunt) you are…you don’t smoke, you don’t drink and you don’t f*ck, so why do I keep even dealing with you
Rocky: yo Carl chill…you high as f*ck right now my dude.
Shannen: no, and now I know how he really feels. A drunk mind speaks a sober heart. (looks at Carl) you don’t have to worry about me anymore jacka** (starts walking out the door and text Katea)

To: Katea
From: 233- 376-9138
Where are you? I am outside we are leaving.

To: 233-376-9138
From: Katea

Shannen sits on the curb and soon feels a tear come down her eye.
Shannen: (to herself) ahhhh Shannen don’t cry over him (another tear falls)
Shannen feels someone sit beside her
Shannen: get away from me
Male voice: this is a public curb
Shannen: (irritated) rocky what do you want?
Rocky: (takes a sip of his water bottle) I don’t know why, but I came out here to check on you
Shannen: I’m a big girl I don’t need you to check on me
Rocky: (laughs looking at her) I could have warned you about him, but you wouldn’t have listened to me
Shannen: it doesn’t even matter, I’m glad I found out now
Rocky: you like him a lot huh
Shannen: yeah (a tear escapes) I hate him now though (sighs)
Rocky: (standing up now) well even though I can’t stand you. I know you can be a good person and he doesn’t deserve you. (looking at her)
Shannen: (smiles) thank you, now help me up (sticks out her hand)
Rocky: (looks at her crazy) if I wasn’t out here you would be getting up by yourself, so no.
Shannen: please
Rocky grabs Shannen’s hand and pulls her up.
Shannen: just, because we had this little moment doesn’t mean I don’t still hate you (narrowing her eyes)
Rocky: I hate you too (laughing)
Shannen: whatever
Katea is now walking out
Katea: you ready?
Shannen: yeah, where you been.
Katea: I’ll tell you later let’s go (looks at rocky) Bye rocky
Rocky: bye
Her and Shannen start to walk off a little and Shannen turn around and heads back towards rocky
Rocky: (confused) what?
Shannen hugs him
Shannen: thank you again
Rocky: (shocked but hugs her back) you’re welcome.
Shannen: (pulls back and socks him in the arm) hate you
Rocky: (smiling) hate you too b*tch
Shannen: (smiling) bye
Rocky: bye
Shannen and Katea go home and rocky goes back into the party

Ok ladies run it. For the rest of Valentine’s day 

Loved both of those dates boys just aren't that creative anymore oh how I wish they were run it

Aye KENDRICK YOU BETTER DO THAT!! Lol that was too cute, I thought for sure Ieasha was gonna get the BIG D! But I guess that's another time. I SEE YOU TREY!! They be gettin it, awww s***, I thought the Nigga was gonna kill her when he switched up plans on her. The girl's outfits sounded cute as hell, I might need to steal that. I'll give it back........eventually. Don't worry about it y'all won't die. Okay Ieasha giving him candy bars, she know she wants it tho. Trey and Tierra need to f***!! Im not a nympho, I just can't help it. Lol you know what they say about a man that loves to cook, they love to eat. Awww damn Rissa calm yourself. Okay I'm good.
Run it!!!!!

Omg those dates were amazing *tear a couple of the guys are really growing up I'm so proud of them while te others still need an a** kicking

o lol here is a pic of what easha and ken seen while scuba diving i forgot to put it in the update

thanks for the run it ladies :)

this next post is long omg, i didn't notice until i was strolling down to copy it off word. lol

It’s Valentine’s Day   

Everyone is so excited and anxious about tonight’s events. Y/N was a little disappointed about Chris canceling and she thought about going with Katea and Shannen to the kick back, but decided just to stay home and have some her time.

*with Ieasha 9 am
Her phone started to go off (Right by my side by nicki minaj played)
Ieasha: (groans answering the phone) whatttttttttt?
Kendrick: good morning baby.
Ieasha: (smiles a little sitting up) good morning ken.
Kendrick: Happy Valentine’s Day.
Ieasha: Happy Valentine’s Day (cheesing) lol you woke me up early.
Kendrick: you need to get up lol I’m going to take you out to breakfast. O and wear something comfortable.
Ieasha: ok, what time are you coming by?
Kendrick: Imma be there in a hour.
Ieasha: ok imma get ready (excited)
Kendrick: alright, bye beautiful.
Ieasha: bye handsome lol
Kendrick: you’re so corny lol, get ready (hangs up)
Ieasha got up and did her hygiene thing. Then she threw on a pair of jean shorts and a graphic tee with some hercules rhinestone encrusted sandals and sprayed on some Beyonce true gold perfume. Slicked her hair up in a ponytail with a china bang, She put on her diamond stud earrings, charm bracelet, and name plate necklace. Then got her Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses and head down stairs.

Shannen: (eating and see’s Ieasha coming down stairs) why are you dressed?
Ieasha: (looking at her smiling) what I’m not supposed to be dressed.
Katea: well it’s a Saturday and you’re usually still in your pajamas at this time (jams a piece of toast in her mouth)
Ieasha: o lol well if yall must know…(cheesing and getting a bottled water) Kendrick is going to take me out to breakfast.
Shannen and Katea: oh
Shannen: what yall gone do after that.
Ieasha: (thinking face) idk…I forgot to ask.
Shannen: well as long as you’re back by 10
Ieasha: lol you ain’t my mama and I’m the oldest remember?
Shannen: whatever lol… I can’t wait til this get together tonight. I just want to be around Carl and have fun.
Katea: awww I wonder what Trey has planned for Tierra.
Ieasha: (smiling) I know it’s probably something so romantic.
Shannen: (smiling) I know…(sighs) I feel bad for Y/N though. I wish she would just come with me and Katea
Katea and Ieasha: yeah
It is now 10:10a.m. and they here a knock at the door.
Ieasha: that’s my boo lol (going to the door) who is it?
Kendrick: Kendrick
Ieasha opens the door and hugs him instantly and kisses his cheek
Kendrick: lol (kissing her lips) you missed me?
Ieasha: yeah (smiling and hugging him tighter).
Kendrick: I missed you too, (looking at her) you look and smell good (handing her a bouquet of red roses) Happy Valentine’s Day.
Ieasha: (taking them and letting him in) thank you, you do too. O I have something for you. Let me go put these in the water and I’ll go get it. (walking into the kitchen).
Kendrick sits down and Katea and Shannen come into the living room.

Katea: Hey Ken.
Kendrick: what up kat. Happy Valentine’s Day. (looks at shannen) Shannen
Shannen: Kendrick.
Kendrick: (smiles at her attitude) Happy Valentine’s day.
Shannen: (toots her lips) Happy Valentine’s Day I guess (smiling).
Ieasha comes back down stair with a medium sized gift basket.
Ieasha: (handing it to him) Happy Valentine’s Day (cheesing)
Kendrick: (looking at the gift and smiling) thank you baby (gets up and hugs her)
Ieasha: (breaks the hug) I filled it with all your favorite stuff like snickers, hot cheetos, now and laters,…lol I talk too much you know your favorite stuff .
Kendrick: yeah you lol we gone have to leave it here until I drop you back off though.
Ieasha: ok I’ll just put it back in my room.
After Ieasha takes the gift back up to her room Kendrick and her left for the day.

*with Y/N
She was sitting on the couch watching t.v. when her dad walked in.
Y/N: hey daddy
Y/D: hey pumpkin…(kisses her check) what you watching?
Y/N: a movie called enchanted.
Y/D: oh ok…so what do you want to eat tonight.
Y/N: what we going out?
Y/D: no I’m going to cook
Y/N: (stands up walking into the kitchen) Dad you can’t…you’ll kill us both. Remember what happened last time?
Y/D: it was Cajun style.
Y/N: daddy it was burnt and you almost burnt the house down.
Y/D: lol first the worst, second the best.
Y/D: ok ok we can go out
Y/N: (sighs in relief) ok good…I wish mom could be here
Y/D: I do to sweetheart, but we’re going to have fun. A little father daughter time (smiling)
Y/N just nods her head.

*back with Kendrick and Ieasha
They had finished eating breakfast and were headed on the beach to a boat
Ieasha: where are we going?
The guy with the boat throws them a scuba suit and an oxygen mask.
Kendrick: (smiling and putting on the gear) Snorkeling
Ieasha: (smiling) oh (starts to put on the gear).
They sail out and then finally dive in and seen this: (picture)
They snorkeled for a 30 minute session and now were back on the boat sailing back to shore.
Ieasha: that was amazing (smiling) thank you for that.
Kendrick: anything for you (kissing her lips and smiling)
Ieasha: (blushes) I never thought I would see this side of you. You’re really good at being a douche bag (playfully rolling her eyes)
Kendrick: lol yeah. I’m Happy I don’t have to be that anymore.
Ieasha: lol me too
They are now back at the shore and take off the snorkeling gear.
Ieasha: (pouting) done made me mess up my hair lol.
Kendrick: you’re still beautiful (kissing her cheek) let’s go we still got stuff to do.

*it is now 6:00 pm and Tierra is getting ready for her date with Trey.
She did her hygiene thing. Then she threw on a pink and white blouse with some white leggings and some pink flats. She decided to wear her hair in big candy curls with a clip on the left side front. She threw on some bangles and white gold hooped earrings. Then she sprayed on some Japanese cherry blossom and glossed her lips, grabbed her clutch and headed down stairs.

She looked at herself in the big mirror downstairs and for once in her life she felt cute and wasn’t fronting about feeling good about herself. She then started to feel a little nervous so she sat down in silence until Trey arrived.
Tierra hears a knock at the door.
Tierra: who is it?
Trey: Trey
Tierra opens the door.
Trey: (gives her a hug and pecks her on the lips) Hey baby, Happy Valentine’s Day
Tierra: (cheesing) Happy Valentine’s Day.
Trey: (hands her a single rose) you’ll have twelve of those by time the date is over (smiling)
Tierra: lol thank you (taking the rose) what do you have planned besides a movie and Dinner?
Trey: (smiling) you’ll see. Get your things so we can go.
Tierra: ok (goes and grabs her clutch and Trey’s gift)
They both walk out hand and hand.
They were walking and Tierra noticed that they weren’t walking towards the movie theatres direction.
Tierra: I thought we were going to the movies first
Trey: nope I decided we’d eat first (smiling)
Tierra: oh…but this isn’t the way to the restaurant either.
Trey: tee I got this lol just go with the flow baby
Tierra: (smiling) ok
They soon arrive to Trey’s house and they walk in and walk into the kitchen and Tierra spots a rose on the floor next to the back slide door.
Trey: (smiling while taking off her coat) while I hang this up imma need for you to follow the roses.
Tierra: (smiling) lol ok
Trey: (pecks her lip) alright (walks out)
Tierra Is so excited, so she picks up the first rose and opens the slide door. Then she spots another rose as she walks out the door. Then she spots another rose with a sticky note on it that says “almost there beautiful” .
Then she walks a few steps more to see this:
Tierra was so amazed and touched by what he did the she started to tear up, but quickly wiped the tears away before they could fall. She than sat down and noticed two more roses in a vase in front of her. So she sat her other three roses in the vase.

A/N: that is the 6 roses now lol

Trey soon makes his way out with two plates of food. They both had Lasagna, garden salad, and garlic bread.
Trey: (sitting down) bon appétit, my cherie amour.
Tierra: omg Trey this looks so good (picking up her fork) did you make this yourself.
Trey: (smiling) yeah. I like to cook. I want to be a chef one day.
Tierra: omg how cute, I never knew that (cheesing)
Trey: yeah no one knows, not even my boys
Tierra: o… (takes a bite of her lasagna) mmmmmmmmmmmmm omg trey this is so freakin good.
Trey: lol I know
Tierra: don’t get c**ky (rolling her eyes playfully)
Trey: (smiling) what do you want to be?
Tierra: ummm I don’t know. I really like to write, so I’m thinking about being writer. I journal a lot and wrote a few short stories already.
Trey: lol is that right? Well I want to read one (smiling)
Tierra: ok lol…o I got you this (handing him a gift bag)
Trey grabs the bag and opens it revealing a black pyramid t-shirt and hoodie
Trey: (smiling) this is real nice. Lol how did you know I like black pyramid
Tierra: because, you wear it like every other day
Trey: lol I do huh? May baby pays attention I see (leaning over the table and kisses her) thank you
Tierra: you’re welcome.

They both continue to eat and when they were done trey brought out dessert, which was red velvet cupcake with a side of vanilla ice cream. Tierra loved every bit of it lol.
They soon head off to the movies. When they get there Trey buys their tickets and then they go to the concession stand to get some popcorn. When they order the cashier passes Tierra another rose. They watch the movie and when they get ready to leave Trey has a taxi horse ride waiting for them. The man hand Tierra two more roses. When they get in for the ride back home she spots a teddy bear with another rose in its hands and some chocolates.

A/N: that is 10 roses now.

They arrive to tierra’s house and Trey walks Tierra to the door, but not without getting the last two roses from the driver.
Tierra: (turns around) I really had a good time (blushing)
Trey: I’m happy to hear that (smiling) these are for you (handing her the last two roses)
Tierra: (smiling) thank you…why are these one’s yellow though.
Trey: well since I first met you I’ve noticed that you’ve always had a hint of yellow on with whatever you wore. Wether it matched or not you always had on either a yellow headband, yellow bracelet, yellow shoestrings, so I figured yellow must be your favorite color, am I right?
Tierra: (looks down blushing) yes
Trey: (lifts her head up) I was really hurt that day when I found out that I was one of the reasons for you cutting yourself
Tierra: (looking in his eyes) yeah, but we squashed that. I told you I’m fine.
Trey: yeah I know that, but I want you to know that these two flowers are like us. And when you feel that everything is making you feel dark, then just come to me and I will be that yellow bright light and you’re mines.
Tierra: (tearing up) I never thought I would have somebody like you. I’m lucky to have you
Trey: no, I’m lucky to have you. (kissing her passionately and then breaks the kiss) so I’ll see you later beautiful.
Tierra: yeah (smiling) bye.
Trey: bye
Trey watches her go in the house and leaves. Tierra sat her flowers in water and cuddled with her teddy bear on the couch thinking about Trey.

Lol I didn’t know what to write really, but RUN IT YALL…the Valentine’s day drama is next

Oh hell no!!! Player got all his screws messed up Katea should've smacked his a**!!! I guess he didn't learn his lesson with that Camilla chick and Chris just sad smh his a** gon' get what's coming to him though

update coming soon :)
@ForgetMeNot lol u are too much for me lol everytime i see your comments i crack up :)

OOHHH HELL NO!!! I swear Player and Chris are about to catch my foot in they ass, never mind, Player might have something. As for Chris, Nigga boo bye!!! You are standing on thin ice, and I am waiting for yo little lyin ass to fall. I promise you that if you f*** up, I'm killing yo light skinned ass. What has that slut of a bird have that Y/N didn't. Niggas starting to get to comfortable with the nice girls. I want him to get caught, you to Player, s***, more like STD Magnet. Raven will you please for goodness sake, STFU!!! Nobody gives a damn about yo s***tyass!! They really got the wrong one, and I'm not even in the damn story. Imma pistol whip the s*** out of y'all!!
Run it

Player needs his damn d*** cut off and Chris is so irritating how dare he do that to her and lie about it even though they not together but friends don't lie to each other

"Your friend my foot" is something Jamaicans Love to say!
I wanna shove my foot up Chris backside!
He gonna cancel on me and get with that walking STD tramp!

Run it!

@ForgetMeNot and @CartersMommy yall comments always have me cracking up lol.
@Latoya-Toya yeah shannen and rocky are definitely two pieces of work lol.

thanks for the run its. :)

It has now been a month since Tierra and Trey started going out and Valentine’s day is in a week, so they are really excited about that. Y/N and Chris have also grown closer, but on a friendship level, which is really frustrating the both of them, because they like each other, but won’t express that to one another. Ieasha is also frustrated, because she doesn’t know where Kendrick and her relationship stand, because he hasn’t officially asked her to be his girlfriend yet. Shannen however is getting really close to Carl and she is very happy. Katea is also confused and hurt by Player. Player and Rocky are just playing the field.

*with the girls
Shannen: (excited) Carl just invited me to a little kick back next week for Valentine’s Day. He said yall can come if yall want.
Tierra: can’t…(smiling) Trey is taking me out to dinner
Ieasha: awww that is so cute (sighs) I’m jealous
Y/N: cheer up Ieasha
Ieasha: I can’t…idk I just don’t want to assume that Kendrick and I are dating I want him to ask me. I don’t even know if we are doing something for Valentine’s Day.
Shannen: I told you not to get too caught up in that boy (rolling her eyes)
Katea: well I might go with you to the kickback Shannen.
Shannen: (excited) good maybe Carl will introduce you to one of his friends.
Tierra: what are you doing for Valentine’s Day Y/N.?
Y/N: Well I was getting ready to ask yall did yall want to go to Mulligan’s, but you all have other plans.
Shannen: lol what made you think of Mulligan’s?
Y/N: lol Chris. He brought up the idea, so I told him I would ask yall. I guess it’s just going to have to be us two only then.
Ieasha: well my plans still aren’t final, so count me in if I don’t have anything else to do. I could definitely use some go kart therapy lol.
Y/N: lol ok.

*two days later with Ieasha
Ieasha was sitting on the couch doing her homework when she heard a knock at the door.
Ieasha: who is it?
Kendrick: It’s Ken
She opens the door and he has a cute Teddy bear in front of his face.
Ieasha: lol hi Kendrick (letting him in and closing the door)
Kendrick: (hands her the teddy bear and hugs her) what’s up.
Ieasha: (smiling at the teddy bear) is this for me.
Kendrick: naw I just brought it over and handed it to you (smiling)
Ieasha: shut up lol…thank you. (they both sat down)
Kendrick: you’re welcome…so I wanted to know did you want to go out on Valentine’s Day.
Ieasha: (smiling) sure, that’ll be nice.
Kendrick: (smiling) ok.
They sit there in silence for a second until Ieasha asked the big question that has been on her mind.
Ieasha: ummm Kendrick what are we? (Looking at him)
Kendrick: what do you mean? (looking back at her)
Ieasha: I mean like are we just friends? Dating? Or are we like together? (looking down and playing with her fingers) because you haven’t like asked me to be your girl.
Kendrick: (lifts up her chin with his finger to face him) I want you to be my girl. I’ve just been kind of nervous to ask you. So that’s what I planned on asking you on Valentine’s Day.
Ieasha: (blushing) I don’t know why you would feel nervous. I really like you.
Kendrick: (smiling) that’s what you do to me…so will you be my girlfriend?
Ieasha: yes (cheesing and hugging him)
Kendrick: (hugging her tightly) good (pulls back looking at her and licking his lips) can I get a kiss from my girl?
Ieasha: (smiling) yes
He pulls her on his lap and they make out lol

*with chris at school the next day
Female voice: Hey Chris (seductively)
Chris: What do you want Raven (closing his locker)
Raven: (hugging his waist and looking up at him) I’ve missed you baby (pecks him on the lips)
Chris: (removes her arms from around him) I’ve been busy
Raven: (screws her face) yeah I’ve seen. You’ve been spending too much time with that little whore.
Chris: (angry) her name’s Y/N and she’s far from a whore. Maybe if you’d stop playing games maybe we could have something. (getting ready to walk away)
Raven: (pushes him back lightly) baby I’m sorry. (pouting) please let me make it up to you like tonight at my house. (seductively) my parents won’t be home.
Chris: (looking at her) I’ll think about it (walks away)
A/N: nobody knows that Chris and Raven have been messing around since the summer before high school started. He thought she was a nice girl, but turns out that she isn’t and she keeps playing games with him. Chris kind of wants a relationship with her, but wants one with Y/N as well.

*with katea
Katea: (moaning) ahhh right there.
Male voice: you like that baby? (kissing her spot again)
Katea: ahhh yessss (laughing because it tickled)
Male voice: (laughing and starts to put his hand up her shirt still kissing her neck)
Katea: (shocked) stop it….(he doesn’t) PLAYER I SAID STOP IT (pushing him away)
Player: wtf! Why?
Katea: (looking down) because I’m not ready for that.
Player: why the f*ck not. We’ve been messing around like what…a month now.
Katea: yeah and I feel so freakin stupid…I’m nothing more to you than someone you want to make another notch on your belt and I know this but I still continue to mess with you. (tears start to form in her eyes)
Player: (rolls his eyes) mann don’t start this sh*t again
Katea: start what? I just want to be with you is that too much to ask. I’m tired of sneaking around, because you don’t want anybody to see us together. (crying now)
Player: mann stop all that crying I done told you before I’m not trying to be in no relationship (gets angry)
Katea: (walks away angry) whatever…and don’t think I’m going to continue to do this.

That same day after Raven constantly text and called Chris he decided to go over her house. She sweet talked Chris and he eventually fell into her trap and between her legs lol. Now they are lying down on her bed with her in his arms.
Raven: (props herself up on his chest looking at him) so babe what are we doing for Valentine’s Day.
Chris: (looking at her hesitating) ummm I have something already planned with somebody.
Raven: (screws up her face) with who?
Chris sits there quiet
Raven: (sits up all the way) CHRISTOPHER WITH WHO?!
Chris: with Y/N
Chris: she’s my friend
Chris: I never said that and calm the f*ck down. I’ll hang out with who I want to hang out with (gets up angry and putting on his clothes)
Raven: where are you going
Chris: I’m leaving that’s what (putting on his shoes)
Raven: (crawling to the back of him and wrapping her arms around him) I’m sorry baby, please just cancel with her I want to spend time with my man on Valentine’s day. (kissing his ear)
Chris: (chuckles) so now I’m your man
Raven: (continues kissing) yeah…haven’t you always been (goes around to the front of him and straddles him) please baby (kissing his lips)
Chris: (looks at her and sighs) Yeah I’ll let her know. She’ll be fine with me canceling.
Raven: good (smiling and they start kissing again)

*with Y/N and Chris in Art class.
Y/N: (painting and talking to Chris) I’m so excited about going to Mulligan’s! (cheesing)
Chris: o yeah?
Y/N: yeah I’m kind of disappointed, because I wanted the girls to go, but I know you and I will have a lot of fun together (smiling)
Chris: (hesitates) ummm what if I said that I had to cancel would you be upset?
Y/N: (stops painting and looks at him) why? Are you trying to cancel? (feeling sad)
Chris: Well my mom wants to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day. As you already know she doesn’t have anybody to share it with every since my dad died, so I figured since I’m her son I would take her out for Valentine’s Day.
Y/N: o Chris of course (smiling) that’s fine with me. I think that is really sweet what you’re doing for your mom. We can go to Mulligan’s another time (going back to painting)
Chris: (looks at her feeling bad) Thank you for understanding.
Y/N: (looks at him) no problem.

Run it girls! What will happen on Valentine’s Day?

Player and Rocky about 2 secs from pissing me off again

Awwwwww!! Trey and Tierra!! I like his IDGAF attitude about the whole situation. I wish Shannen would kick Rocky's ass AGAIN! That nigga just salty because Carl got there first. Player sit yo ass DOWN! You already ha an STD, why the hell you still trying to run around getting head. Imma be the main one laughing at yo ass when you and Camilla get caught by a teacher. s***, if I was you, I would stay my ass with Katea, at least you know she isn't a HOE!! Smh, don't be silly wrap your Willy! Lol
Run it

This story is wild! They are all crazy!!
I like shan and rocky, they are amazing. They my favorite characters