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I hope my lovely sisters have a wonderful fun filled Christmas. I know mines is amazing & only gets better. Love you all muah <3

Sincerely, TSJ


Well ladies I can honestly say I've been blessed this Christmas just like other Christmases'.
I know those that are unfortunate & poor were token care of. How was y'all's?? Hope Santa has been good lol :)

I celebrate everything a Christian celebrates:), with the exception of Christmas. So right now, I'm just chilling at home:)

You too!!!! :D

Jayyyyyy !!!!
Happy Holidays Ladies! Be blessed and safe !! :)

Awww well do you guys have a big dinner? :) What do you celebrate, if you don't mind me asking. Like I was watching Blue's Clues(I'm 16 & ashamed of that xD) & they were talking about different holidays like Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc. I think all of them are amazing.

Lol don't forget to save me some *drools*...I'll just chill at home doing nada; I'm one of the minority that doesn't celebrate Christmas :/

Being with my friends & family & eating til I pop. You? :)

Lol true, true. So what will you be up to?

Not yet, but it wouldn't have sounded right if I put merry Christmas Eve XD

Merry Christmas Freak-A-Leak!!!

Merry Christmas to you too!

Thank you! :D, You too!!!! Is it Christmas already there?