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why a 32 year old real woman thinks Chris is more of a man than most

Hello Chris

I'm not sure if you read these and respond to them but this was my only way of maybe getting to you. It's crazy I'm even doing this because I've never done anything like this before. I've been watching everything you have ever done on YouTube. All the interviews to your incut videos of you you just being yourself. Here's what I want to tell you. You are more of a man real talk than most of the so called men in the game and out. you are younger than most of these cats but still can run circles around them. Your dedication to your people and the fans is what makes you special. Most celebrities say they love their fans but you show them you love them... It's genuine and real. I can't say I'm a fan of you because it seems weird because I feel a little mature to be a fan but what I can call myself is a woman who respects the f*** outta what you do. You are so well rounded with your singing dancing painting movies etc... Whenever I need to smile I always Watch a Chris Brown video and I become inspired. I'm not artistic... I'm a project manager for a fortune 500 company but I can live thru you because of the videos you make. I might sound Hella weird writing this but just know you are a great man and dnt let anyone take that away from you. I hope this gets to you. I would love to hear back from you but I'm sure this forum isn't seen by you. Maybe someone reading this will pass it along to you. Ypu are loved in Iowa... No doubt.



Hi, im new... im a 47 old mother from itay, i want to say that when i here Chris Browns music, it gose inside of me and makes me feel good, even when im down just put on his music and everything changes.. this is the power that he sends me.....
Love you and your music... thankyou for getting into my life..