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All Out War

i know blah i have another story but i do what the f*** i want...

<a href=" "> I still</a> remember the day they integrated our schools for the first time. Three people dead and 15 imprisoned due to the horrible riot that took place for up to 13 days. Most of us didn’t mind that just gave us time out of school, but parents who didn’t understand the issues were more than furious.
You see there are two sides to Mapleton, there is the south and there is the east. The south was the hustle where I’m from; we have a heavy population of African American and Arab. I call it the hustle because on almost every street corner you will see someone selling something. From drugs, hand soap, clothes and girl scout cookies that they stole just the day before. Everyone wanted to be something in life but had no encouragement cops flocked the streets heavy at all times at night, sometimes just arresting us because they had nothing better to do with their lives.

Then there was them, the pigs as I called them. The East side their population included African Americans and Mexicans. I would call them the cut throat block; no one in their area gave a damn about the other. Every man for themselves, dirty rotten pigs, they sat in the slums just like us but cops didn’t f*** with them that often many say it was because they were all undercover cops just waiting to pop someone, but I truly think somebody owns the law up there and hold it over the police head every time they try and regulate.

I parked on the south wing of the school just like everyone who was from my neighborhood, it was a little walk away from the front entrance but we would be damned to park anywhere else that would just start war. As I got out of the s***ty ass Honda accord I had gotten from my dad on my 16 birthday, I threw my bag on my back then made my way toward the front. “Lyric!” I heard my best friend <a href=" ">Shy</a> scream out above all other voices. “Sup” “Not s*** you hear about John Hendrix last night” I gave shy a semi nod before turning and facing the opposite way. I didn’t know John personally but everyone in my hood knew of him, he was a cool kid with bad intentions like the rest of them. I still remember surfing through the channels and seeing his face on the news. They say he was found in the driver’s seat of a Chrysler 300 aired out about a block away from the train tracks, funny thing was john didn’t even own a bike let alone a Chrysler, s*** didn’t add up. Something inside told me it had something to do with him being at the tracks, that was East territory. “Yea you already know who might be behind that” I said as we finally made it to the front of the school. s*** was silent as we walked close the door, nothing but eyes staring each other down looking to see who would make the next move, trying to provoke a war.

“Your backpack ma’am” the officer said, handing him my bag I slowly opened my coat and walked with my arms up through the metal detector, yea s*** was that serious. After a quick pat down they handed me my bag and badge that read student 345, we had to wear these around school to identify that we weren’t just rebel gang members trying to break in and start trouble, since it has happened before.

“One more year of this s*** man” shy said as she snatched her bag from the cop and made her way to me. “One more year and then what where you going to go you know you aint going nowhere without brody and brody aint doing s*** with his life” <a href=" ">Brody</a> was shy’s on again off again boyfriend who spent more time in trouble then he did in school. Honestly I didn’t see how they managed to maintain a happy relationship when he brought so much baggage to their s***, hoes, violence you name it. But shy was always there behind him holding him down no matter what. “Real s*** though he promised to be on his job this year” “Oh really” I said making it to my locker “Yea in fact he promised me that he would be coming back here and graduate alongside me” “About f***ing time how old is he now about 34” “19 but hell who is counting” I turned to see brody and immediately began to fill bad “Naw no hard feelings folks” he said rubbing his fist In my air messing up my once neat ponytail. “Come on fam chill” I snatched my head back but my frown was wiped away once I noticed two guys in the middle of the hall way about to go at it with each other. “Aw s*** babe that’s Sean” shy said pointing to Sean one of brody’s close friends who was squared up with some east bound kid.

As Sean pulled up his pants to get in position brody ran over and boxed the kid in ready to jump him just because. When the fight broke out it was hard to see over the many faces of kids trying to get a good look at what was happening, but shy was on it like a hawk once she saw some guy punch brody in the mouth she damn near jumped over the crowd and began swinging. Throwing my books to the ground I pushed my way through the crowd and focused my attention on shy, who was now boxing up with some guy who was originally going to try and jump brody. Without hesitation I jumped in as well helping her take this kid down I felt hands grab at me slapping and kicking me in the back trying to get me off of him but they soon went away meaning more south bound kids were jumping in and had our backs.
“I NEED OFFICERS TO THE NORTH HALLWAY IMMIDATLEY… I REPEAT OFFICERS TO THE NORTH HALLWAY CODE 453” at this announcement most kids who were fighting began to stop and walk away afraid of suspension or worse but I didn’t because shy didn’t. As long as she swung I did to I would be damn if I ever let her fight a battle by herself, call it what the hell you want but if she swinging I’m swinging to period. “CLEAR OUT THEY GOT THE HOUNDS” some kid yelled but before I could run away tear gas was thrown into the middle of out circle, and not to long after the loud barking of dogs caused a s*** load of kids to begin to run. Blinded by the tear gas no one truly knew which way to go but they still moved out knowing these officers at this school didn’t give a damn, and would let them dogs go on our asses. “Come on Lyric” I heard shy say as I tried to follow her voice as best as I could without being able to clearly see. “f*** THIS s*** BURN” I cried using the back of my hand to wipe at my eyes. “Day one and they already on bulls***” brody said, while grabbing both of our hands and leading us inside an empty classroom. “Open a window please” As I stuck my head out of the window to catch some cool breeze I was finally able to open my eyes. “ALL MAPLETON HIGH STUDENTS REPORT TO YOUR FIRST HOUR CLASS PRONTO I REPEAT ALL STUDENTS TO YOUR FIRST HOUR CLASS I WILL NOT HESTITATE TO SUSPEND ANY STUDENT NOT IN HIS OR HER CLASS AFTER A 10 MINUTE TIME FRAME… THAT IS ALL” “Shy what is your next class” I asked as I continued to look out of the window of the various kids who still were trying to fight each other “Econ… you” “You with me… Brody what you got” “English” “f*** man… look you text us if any s*** goes down you hear me” “Yea I got you” he said as he gave me a look then snatched shy over to him kissing her lips softly then wiping at a scratch she had on her chin. “Promise me that was the last time today that you will f*** up that pretty little face of yours” “I promise” shy said to bro as she stood to her feet and gave him another kiss. “Iight yall I will see yall later” “Bye” we said in unison, then hooked arms and made our way through the halls.

<a href=" ">I was</a> pissed after I heard the news of one of my homies getting jumped by them south head ass pussies. They can’t fight a mother f***er head on so they try and jump us. Just wait though I swear to god I will get whoever did that to my boy man. “Come on king man they aint playing with our asses” I heard my boy <a href=" ">Tyler</a> say. “King are you going to meet me by my locker after this class” <a href=" ">ashley</a> said as she tugged at the bottom of my shirt. Ashley wasn’t my b****; she was just a random as squeeze that half the hood done had. Honestly I had already gotten what I wanted from her so now her just being around me was just plain annoying. “Naw I’m just going to hook up with some of my boys after this” “Man f*** your boys” “On East Hills shorty watch your mother f***ing mouth before I blow your mother f***ing head off” I was dead ass serious at this moment if there was anything I just could not deal with, it was disrespect to my clique. “Man f*** this broad lets go” Tyler said as he began to walk off “King I didn’t mean it like that” Ashley tried to explain but I wasn’t trying to hear it at this point, maybe later on she can make up for the s***.

Walking into my Econ class it was clear what was going on, I don’t know why the teachers didn’t catch on. On the far side next the windows were all the south bound bums then there were two rows of empty desk in between, then my folks took up the seats closer to the door. Dapping up a few people as ty and I made it to the back I propped my feet up on one of the empty desk and waited for class to start.

Just before the bell rung two chicks walked in laughing and carrying on like they didn’t have a f***ing care in the world. One of the b****es I didn’t know her name but I knew she f***ed with brody so she was on my hit list and the other chick was nameless to me as well but she had a reputation at this school and apparently her neighborhood. All irrelevant s*** that made me want to send one of my dike b****es to beat they ass. “That’s the chicks that jumped in the fight early” “Oh word” I said to the girl who sat in front of me. Oh yea I was definitely going to have them two hoes murked
“Good morning class I’m Mrs. Sung, yes I am new here. This will be my first year teaching a class of this size period so I am pretty excited” “she won’t last a day” someone mumbled under their breath causing the whole class to last, everyone but the two girls from the fight. “Anyways, uhmm I see we have empty seats up front and in the middle of the aisle would anyone like to move forward” the class then got silent, you could feel the tension in the room, no one moved. Any swift movement could cause a fight at this point. “I guess not huh… well since you won’t do it on your own how about I move you myself. “The f***” ty said as his head finally shoot up from the desk. As Mrs. Sung moved behind her desk she grabbed a sheet of paper out and studied it long and hard before walking back to the front of us. “Lyric Knight” she said and that is when she looked up, “Can you sit right her for me” “NO” “Please do not make this difficult” “You the only one treating us like we are in the fourth grade I am in my seat so… whatever” I chuckled at her smart ass mouth; b**** truly thought she was tough. “Ok King Jones” that’s when the whole side made eye contact with me “Can you be the one to sit in the front for me” licking my lips the sliding my hand over my chin I gave ty a slick smile then stood to my feet. The class burst into chatter wondering what the hell I was going to do next, I could tell it made the south kids nervous.

As I took my seat right in front I shoot her an award winning smile then looked back at ty who was cracking up. “See that wasn’t so hard” Mrs. Sung said in a huge smile feeling accomplished. “Naw I just aint no pussy who is afraid to move out of my seat, but will gladly try and jump somebody” I said while turning around in my chair “THE f***” I heard lyric say “That is enough king please turn back around in your chair” “I AINT NO PUSSY f*** BOY BUT I CAN GLADLY SHOW YOU WHAT ONE LOOKS LIKE” “I’M SURE YOU CAN” “I CAN JUST ASK YOUR f*** BOY ASS FRIEND WHO GOT HIS s*** SPLIT JUST 20 MINUTES AGO” my temper took the best of me as I jumped out of my desk and began to make my way toward her, but before I could her side stood up which made mine stand as well.