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Blame Game [Justice&Cayden]


Justice-Waka Flocka
Cayden- India Love Westbrooks/YOU
Codie- Kim Kardashian
Jerimar- Kanye West

Chapter One: Looking && Cant Find You

Justice P.O.V

I woke up to my alarm going off on my phone. I removed the covers from my head and sat up. I shook my head around a little trying to wake up. My thoughts were interrupted by my dad knocking on the door "Get up boy" he said as peaked in to look at me. I instantly got irritated but tried to ignore it "Im up" I replied as i threw the cover back and slowly got out of bed and headed to the Bathroom. I took a quick shower and wrapped the towel around my waist to brush my teeth. I checked the time on my "Seven-O Five" I looked in the mirror one more time and headed back to my bedroom to put on my outfit

I headed down stairs to go out the front door. before i opened it i heard my phone ring. I walked to my car and answered the phone while getting in. "Wassup?" i said to JR on the other end. "Nothin Brah. Tryin to see if you got some Perks? They askin for em." I took a long deep breath and replied "Yeah. i got it. 5,10,10" giving him the code. The first number represents how long it'll take me to get there. The second number tells how many pills or whatever i got. and the last one is how much i want for one. "Yeah" He said before he hung up.

Today was gone be a long day. I wasn't complaing because this s*** gave me a rush. I don't give a f*** what concequesnce come with this life. Im trying to live as long as i can. I was born alone. Imma die alone. I pulled up to the warehouse. I waked in and JR was there with a couple of jugs waiting to buy somethin. I sold to em and they left. While waitin on people to show up we decided to play the X-box. "Brah. We goin out tonigh?" i said while trying to stay focused on the game. "Hell yeah. Im tryin to f*** somethin" I laughed. Ive been knowin brah for Twelve years now and he stll act the same. "Well s*** lets get the mutha-f***in money and go then." He srugged to agree. We was gone be here for while and we had this make this paper. I wasnt down with being broke. Can't be, Won't be. I shook my head. Never again.