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<a href="">Zaira</a> had everything going for her. She was excelling in her junior year at college at age 21, was involved in multiple extracurricular activities, and was madly in love with her boyfriend, <a href="">Travis</a>. Everything seemed to be perfect, that is, until she met <a href="">him</a> and he turned her world upside down.


Yay Julians awake and he and Zaira made up. So happy. The kids are excited and everyone's happy. Lmao at Julians lil freaky butt being mad about not being able to sex with that cast on lol. But Im sure Zaira will find away to please him lol. Everybody's happy and together yeah. Run It

yay julian is ok!!! with his nasty self lol RUN IT

I'm sooo happy that their back on good terms. Their a great couple

Awww I'm glad he's ok and they are soo silly

haha this fool
im sure they can still be sexual
his son like i want a lil sis and lil bro ok
i cant wait to get yo sexy ass pregnant
they too cute
runi it

Aww I <3 this post! Can't wait til things get back to normal, smh at Julian, even with his leg broke he still wanna get down lol.

Run iT! <3


The next day, Sunday morning, I wake up at around 8 am. I look next to me and I see JJ and Alexis sleeping peacefully. I gently tap them and they both squirm around and yawn as they look up at me.

“Good morning babies. We have to get up so we can go see Julian ok?,” I said softly. They both nod their heads and I sit up and they sit up with me. I kiss the both of their cheeks and we get out of the bed. JJ shakes his head full of hair and Alexis and I just laugh at him. I run my hands through JJ’s hair and he looks up at me and smiles. I take JJ and Alexis to the bathroom and they both brush their teeth. I leave the bedroom and I see the guest room door open. I poke my head in and I say hi to Karen and she says hi back. I then hug her and then I leave the room. I go back to the bedroom and I get two washcloths for JJ and Alexis and they wash their face. Once everyone is ready, we all head to the hospital and we go straight to Julian’s room. Once we open the door, we see Julian awake sitting up in the bed. I just gasp in shock and I put my hand over my mouth as tears fill my eyes.

“Daddy!!,” JJ exclaimed.

“Juju!,” Alexis said happily. Julian smiles big when he sees them and JJ and Alexis run over to his bed. Karen picks JJ and Alexis up and sets them on the bed and Julian grabs them and hugs them so tight.

“Daddy I’m so happy you are ok,” JJ said.

“Me too Juju. We said prayers that you would wake up,” Alexis said.

“You are both so sweet. I love you both so much and I want you to know that I am just fine,” Julian said. JJ and Alexis hug Julian for a few minutes and then Karen hugs Julian tight. Julian then looks at me and I look at him.

“Hi beautiful,” Julian said.

“Hi,” I whispered. Karen takes JJ and Alexis off the bed and then looks at me.

“We are going to let you two talk,” Karen said. I nod my head and Karen leaves the room with JJ and Alexis. I just look at Julian and he looks at me while smiling a bit.

“Come here,” Julian said. I go over to Julian’s bed and I sit next to him and he grabs my waist and hugs me tight and I just burst out crying on his chest.

“I’m so sorry Julian. I’m so sorry. I know if we wouldn’t have gotten into that stupid argument, you never would have left and gotten in the accident. I hope you can forgive me for keeping a secret and hurting you, I never ever would want to hurt you like that,” I said through tears.

“I know baby I know and this is not your fault ok? So don’t feel guilty at all,” Julian said. He pulls out of the embrace and wipes my tears then stares me in my eyes.

“I’m sorry too Zaira. Our argument was stupid and I can admit that I blew it way out of proportion. I was mad but I shouldn’t have left the way I did,” Julian said.

“But you had a right to be mad baby. I hurt you by keeping a secret but I didn’t mean to,” I said.

“I know baby I know. Just listen to me. I reacted the way I did because you are mine. I know you are not my property, but you are my woman Zaira and I love you. When you love someone you never ever want to see them hurt. Travis hurt you Zaira. He hurt you so deeply and more than once. I know you have a big heart and I love that about you. I swear I do. You see the good in everyone and I respect that. But Zaira, Travis has never had your best interest at heart. You may not want to hear that, but it’s true. I don’t want to hurt you either; I am just trying to protect you. No way would I ever sit around and let someone hurt you, my baby, my heart, and not do anything to protect you if I could. As your man I would take a damn bullet for you, I would do absolutely anything to protect you from getting hurt. That is all I was trying to say to you when we had that argument. I didn’t mean to hurt you and I am sorry if I did.”

“Gosh I love you so much Julian. You’re so amazing. I don’t ever want to fight with you. If we get into argument, I don’t want either of us to leave. I want us to try to work it out,” I said.

“I agree completely baby. You can tell me anything and I don’t want you to ever feel like you can’t ok?”

“Ok baby. I love you.”

“I love you more.”

“Julian if you don’t want me to write Travis anymore I won’t. I never thought about him taking advantage of my kindness, but I think you have a point when you say he could try to make the letters work in his favor somehow. I don’t want him to use me and I don’t want to hurt you anymore than I already have.”

“Honestly Zaira it’s your decision. I don’t want to control you.”

“I know baby but if it hurts you, I don’t want to do it.”

“You’re so sweet. Thank you baby.”

“No problem baby...are you ok? How do you feel?”

“I have a terrible headache and obviously a broken leg but other than I feel ok. I am going to be fine.”

“Ok. I will take care of you when we get home I promise.”

“How about you take care of me right now and give me a few kisses to make me feel better?” I just laugh and I grab Julian’s face and I kiss his lips multiple times.

“Alright lovebirds,” Karen teased. Julian and I pull out of the kiss and we look and see Karen, JJ and Alexis.

“Come here babies,” I said. JJ and Alexis run to the bed and I pick them both up and I set them on either side of Julian. Julian puts his arms around them and they rest their heads into him.

“Daddy guess what? We stayed with Zaira last night,” JJ said.

“Oh you did? How do you like our new apartment?,” Julian asked.

“It’s nice!,” JJ said.

“Yeah and your bed is comfy,” Alexis said.

“Oh you all slept together huh?,” Julian asked.

“Yeah I like it....Zaira makes me feel safe,” JJ said.

“Yeah and loved,” Alexis said.

“Oh you two are so sweet!,” I exclaimed. I kiss JJ and Alexis all over their face and they just laugh.

“Daddy when can you leave here?,” JJ asked.

“The doctor said in a week or so,” Julian said. I just look at Julian and I gently rub the top of his head. I admire his numerous freckles and I just smile; his freckles are so adorable to me. I rest my head on Julian’s shoulder and he kisses my forehead multiple times.

“Julian I think you should marry Zaira,” Alexis said.

“Oh you do huh?,” Julian said while laughing a bit.

“Yes. Then you can make more babies as cute as JJ,” Alexis said. Alexis gently pinches JJ’s cheeks and JJ just laughs and so does everyone else.

“Zaira would you marry daddy?,” JJ asked. I look Julian in his eyes and he looks in mine. We both smile at each other and then he pecks my lips.

“JJ I would love to marry your daddy. I love him so much,” I said.

“Yay! Daddy I want a little sister and a little brother ok?,” JJ said. Julian and I just laugh at JJ and we nod our heads.

“I can’t wait to get your sexy a** pregnant,” Julian whispered in my ear. I just giggle and I gently hit Julian’s chest while he laughs. Just then a nurse comes into the room with a tray of breakfast for Julian. The nurse sets the tray in front of Julian and then leaves the room.

“Babies are you two hungry?,” Karen asked.

“Yeah,” JJ and Alexis said in unison.

“Ok let’s go to the cafeteria to get some food. Zaira would you like to come too?,” Karen said.

“I’m ok I just want to be with Julian,” I said.

“Ok no problem....let’s go JJ and Alexis,” Karen said. JJ and Alexis both kiss me and Julian’s cheek and then they get off the bed and leave the room with Karen. Julian looks at me and he grabs my face and starts kissing me deeply, with mostly tongue! I moaned a bit, but kissed him back with an equal amount of passion. After a five minute make out session, Julian pulls out of the kiss and I just look at him.

“What was that for?,” I asked while trying to catch my breath.

“Zaira that accident made me realize that life is short. You never know when God is going to call you home, so I just want to enjoy every moment that I have with you, my mom, JJ, and Alexis.....that accident scared me to my core Zaira. I didn’t know if I was going to make it. But as soon as I woke up here in the hospital, I thanked God and I told myself that I was going to be and do better. I realized that I am so thankful for everything and everyone that I have in my life and I want to be sure to show everyone that I love just how much I love them. Zaira woman I love you with all of my soul, I swear I do. I am going to do everything in my power to show you that. I’m not going to hold back anything. I want you to do the same for me,” Julian said.

“Oh Julian you’re so sweet. I love you so much and I won’t hold back I promise,” I said. Julian just smiles and hugs me tight and I hug him tight. After a short embrace, I pull out of the embrace and I kiss Julian’s forehead multiple times.

“I am not going to like this cast at all baby,” Julian said.

“I know you are going to uncomfortable and you might need crutches,” I said.

“Yeah you’re right but are we supposed to have sex when I have a cast on my leg?!,” Julian exclaimed. I just bust out laughing and Julian looks at me seriously.

“I’m serious know how hard it is for me when it’s your time of the month the doctors are saying I need to keep this cast on for like 6 weeks.....I’m going to lose my mind,” Julian said.

“Awww baby I’m sorry....but you’ll be fine. The time will fly by,” I said.

“I hope so.....just a warning don’t get mad when we can finally have sex again, and I climax the second I am inside of you,” Julian said.

“You are so nasty,” I said while laughing.

“I wish I could really show you how nasty,” Julian said while biting his lip. Ugh this man! He can turn me on even when he has a leg in a cast and scratches on his body. He is just too sexy!!

“I love you Julian,” I said.

“I love you too Zaira,” Julian said. I peck his lips and then I open his tray of food and I start to feed him. I just smile as I feed him. I am just so elated that Julian is alright. I would not know what to do if I lost Julian, but now I don’t even have to worry about that. The only thing I have to worry about is nursing my baby back to health :)

Its Ok Get That Work Done...

Its all good Nicole. Study and focus on school. Now as far as your situation bout not wanting to write about happy couples because of a sad situation don't let it phase you. It gets greater later and theres plenty more fish in the sea. You catch a good one.

Sorry ladies I have an exam on Friday that I really need to ace so I haven been studying and I haven't had time to write an add the way I want to. Also....I found out some news that makes me not to write about a happy couple ever again in life ;( I'll get it together eventually please just be patient with me <3


@naw21 you've gone M.I.A. on us again don't leave us hanging, we need an update!

Run iT! <3

Run it

I Hope He Make It..... =(

Julian will make it...i really hope so RUNIT

Im glad Julians gonna be okay. I just hope when he wakes up he and Zaira talk and makeup. Then they can foucus on Ju's recovery. The kids adore Zaira aww. I can't wait for them to makeup. Run It!!!

Aww juju glad he's going to be okay

I hope Julian comes out of this so that he can be united with his family.


I really messed things up. Julian is so mad at me and that hurts me so deeply. I feel awful for keeping my secret from Julian, but I knew he would not like the idea that I was writing to Travis. I can’t even explain why I write to Travis. I know it sounds crazy and stupid but I don’t think it was a bad idea to write to Travis. Now I am starting to regret my decision because I hurt my baby. I hurt Julian and I would never ever want to do that purposely. I feel horrible. He was so angry and that hurt me. I just hope we can get through this. I apologized but I will do whatever else I can to make this up to him. After doing a bit more of unpacking, I just wait in the living room. Karen, JJ and Alexis are going to be here in 15 minutes and Julian is not back yet. He has been gone for 30 minutes, but he said he would be back before they came. I quickly call his phone and he doesn’t answer. I text him asking him where he is, but I get no response. I just have this weird feeling that something isn’t right. I don’t know what it is, but something is wrong; I feel it. I just want to hear from Julian that would really calm my nerves right now. 10 minutes later, just minutes before Karen, JJ, and Alexis are supposed to be here, my phone starts ringing. I quickly pick it up hoping to see Julian’s face, but I see a number that I do not recognize. I quickly push the “accept” button and I put my phone to my ear.

“Hello?,” I said frantically.

“Hi I am looking for a Zaira that knows a Julian Matthews?,” a female voice said.

“Uh yes Julian is my boyfriend is everything ok?,” I asked quickly.

“He was actually in a car accident and he is here at Southside Regional Hospital. I have called his mom and she is on the way and she told me to call you immediately.” Oh my god. My heart just stopped in my chest. I sit down quickly and I just put my head down as tears fill my eyes. This is my entire fault. I can’t help but feel guilty right now. If we wouldn’t have gotten into that stupid argument, Julian would be with me right now. Looking back, our argument was stupid.

“Excuse me Zaira are you still there?,” the female voice asked.

“Ye-yes I am still here. Is Julian ok?,” I asked hesitantly. I would not know what to do if I lose Julian like this.

“He survived the crash. He does have a broken leg, a concussion and of course scratches, but he should make a full recovery. He is not conscious right now, but we expect him to come to soon.” I just take a sigh of relief. My baby is going to be alright, thank God.

“Oh thank goodness he is alright. I am on my way now,” I said quickly. I hang up and I grab my purse and I rush to the hospital. I call Angela and Cameron to tell them what happened and they say they will come right away. Once I get there, I go to the receptionist and I ask them where Julian is. They tell me he is in room 238. I run up the stairs and I once I get to his door, I take a deep breath. I open it and my heart drops in my chest when I see Julian lying in the bed, with his lower left leg in a cast reclined upward. He is hooked up to a few machines and I notice scratches on his arms and face. I see JJ and Alexis both sitting near the bed crying and Karen is trying to console them. I just put my hand over my mouth as tears fill my eyes. When JJ and Alexis see me, they both get up from their chairs and run to me. I kneel down and they run into my arms and I hold them close as we all cry. I know I need to be strong for them but seeing Julian like this breaks my heart. JJ and Alexis are hurting as well and that hurts me too. I pull out of the embrace and I look at JJ and Alexis frowning. I wipe their tears as they look at me.

“Are you two alright?,” I asked.

“Zaira I’m scared. I don’t want to lose daddy too,” JJ said.

“Yeah I need Juju. He needs to get better,” Alexis said.

“I know babies, but Julian is going to be fine ok? He is going to make it through this,” I said.

“Can we say a prayer?,” JJ asked.

“I think that’s a great idea baby,” I said. I kiss JJ and Alexis’ cheek and I stand up and we walk over to Karen. I hug Karen tight and then Karen, JJ, Alexis and I all hold hands and say a prayer for Julian. Once we are done, I look at Julian. It’s so hard for me to look at him. I feel so guilty about all of this.

“This is my fault,” I blurted out.

“Zaira baby how can you say that?,” Karen asked.

“Julian and I go into this huge fight earlier. He found letters that Travis wrote me. Travis and I have written to each other for maybe two months now. He was very upset with me and we got into this stupid argument. He left because he was so angry with me. If we wouldn’t have been arguing, he wouldn’t have left and he would have never gotten into this fight,” I said as tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Oh Zaira don’t you blame yourself ok? It’s not your fault. Julian left because he was mad, but neither of you could ever see this coming. You are not to blame. The fool who ran their stop sign is to blame. They literally came out of nowhere. There were multiple witnesses....the doctors are very hopeful that Julian will make a full recovery. He is going to be ok,” Karen reassured me.

“Karen I love your son so much. I love him with all of my heart. I would not know what to do if I lost him,” I said.

“He is going to be fine Zaira,” Karen said. I just nod my head and I sit on the bed next to Julian. I notice his hands are scratched up and I grab his left hand and hold it tightly in my hands. I kiss it multiple times and then I lean forward and I kiss his forehead. I gently caress his left cheek as tears stream down my cheeks.

“Hi baby, it’s me Zaira. Julian....I am so sorry. I am so sorry. Our argument was so stupid and now I really understand where you were coming from. I was wrong because I should have told you. I don’t want to keep anything from you; I love you too much for any of that. I need you to pull through this baby. I need you and so does JJ and Alexis. We all need you and we all love you so much. I love you so much Julian,” I said. I kiss his forehead and then I gently peck his lips. I wipe my tears as I get up from the bed and then I sit in a chair next to Julian’s bed. I pick up JJ and Alexis and I set them in my lap. I kiss both of their foreheads as they rest their heads against my chest. A few minutes later, Angela and Cameron come into the room. I stand up from my chair and I set JJ and Alexis down.

“Is he ok?,” Angela asked.

“He has a broken leg and a concussion. He is unconscious too but the doctors think he will be fine,” I said. Angela and Cameron walk over to me and they both hug me tight. Angela then picks up JJ and Cameron picks up Alexis.

“Pretty girl you alright?,” Cameron asked Alexis.

“I’m ok....I just want Juju to be ok,” Alexis said.

“He is going to be fine gorgeous, don’t you worry,” Cameron said. Alexis smiles a bit and Cameron kisses her cheek and gently rubs her back.

“What about you handsome? You ok?,” Angela asked JJ.

“I just don’t want to lose daddy,” JJ said while frowning.

“Oh JJ I know you don’t want to. You already lost your mommy, but your daddy is going to be fine. The doctors say he will be fine. You have to believe that ok?,” Angela said. JJ just nods his head and Angela smiles and kisses his cheek and rubs his back.

“Zaira baby how are you?,” Angela asked.

“Angela I’m ok....but Julian found out about the letters that I have been writing to Travis. He was so mad at me that is why he left and when he when he got into the accident,” I said.

“Oh Zaira you know you can’t blame yourself for this,” Angela said.

“Yeah Zaira, Julian would never ever blame you for this,” Cameron said.

“I hope you two are right,” I said. Angela and Cameron nod their heads and then look at Karen.

“You must be Julian’s mom Karen? Wow your son looks so much like you. My name is Angela and this is my boyfriend Cameron,” Angela said politely.

“Nice to meet you ma’am,” Cameron said politely as well.

“It’s nice to meet both of you too. I have heard all about you. You are the couple my grandbabies have a crush on,” Karen said while laughing a bit. Angela and Cameron just laugh and Karen hugs the both of them. We all sit down in chairs next to Julian’s bed and I grab Julian’s hand and I just hold it tight. I just want him to wake up. I really hope he can forgive me for our argument. I never want us to have an argument like that again. I don’t want one of us to leave; I want us to resolve our problems as quickly as we can. I just watch Julian and I swear seeing him like this breaks my heart into a million pieces. I just rest my head down on the bed and I start balling. Karen comes up behind me and gently rubs my back.

“It’s ok to cry Zaira,” Karen said softly.

“I know,” I said softly.

“Zaira can me and JJ stay with you tonight?,” Alexis asked. I put my head up and I wipe my tears and I look at Karen.

“What do you think Karen? You can stay with us too, I could really use the company,” I asked.

“It sounds like a great idea Zaira,” Karen said. I smile a bit and Karen kisses my forehead. I look back at Julian and I kiss his hand.

“Grandma I’m hungry,” JJ said.

“Ok honey.....are you all hungry? We can go get something to eat and then come back,” Karen said. We all nod our heads and I kiss Julian’s forehead before letting go of his hand. We all get up from our chairs and we leave the hospital. We walk to a restaurant just down the street and we eat. I can barely eat though; I just cannot stop thinking about Julian. I feel so awful that he is lying in the hospital bed unconscious. A part of me still feels guilty; I just hope that Julian won’t blame me for what happened. After we eat, we go back to the hospital, but there is no change with Julian. He is still unconscious. Karen goes back to her house to get clothes and personal items for herself and JJ and Alexis. Once she comes back to the hospital, visiting hours are almost over. Everyone gives Julian a goodbye hug and kiss. I held onto Julian the longest. I don’t want to leave, but I can’t stay overnight. Once visiting hours are over, we all leave the hospital. Angela and Cameron say bye to everyone and then they hug me. They tell me that if I need anything, just call them. Angela and Cameron leave and then I get in my car and Karen gets in her car with JJ and Alexis and they follow me to Julian and my apartment. Once we get there, we all go inside.

“I’m sorry there are boxes everywhere, we didn’t get to unpack. But JJ and Alexis you can take me and Julian’s room and Karen you can take the guest room. I can sleep on the couch tonight,” I said.

“Zaira I want to sleep with you,” JJ said.

“Me too,” Alexis said. I just look down at JJ and Alexis as they look up at me. I can tell they are hurt by all of this.

“Ok I can do that,” I said while smiling a bit.

“Here are your bags babies, go put on your pajamas,” Karen said. Karen hands JJ and Alexis their bags and they go into me and Julian’s bedroom. I go into the guest room with Karen and we make up the bed together. We talk for a bit and then I leave the room closing the door behind me. I go into my bedroom and I see JJ and Alexis sitting up in the bed watching television. I smile a bit and I go over to the bed and I sit next to JJ.

“Babies lie down. It’s getting late,” I said. JJ and Alexis nod their heads and they get under the covers and lie down. I go into the bathroom and I put on my pajamas. I then come back out to the bedroom and I notice a picture that Julian must have placed on the dresser. It’s a picture of me, him, JJ and Alexis. I pick it up and I smile. I just hope Julian can make it through this. I would not know what to do if I lost him. I need him and so do JJ and Alexis. I set down the picture and I sit on the bed and JJ and Alexis look at me.

“Zaira you ok?,” JJ asked.

“Yeah JJ I’m ok. How about you sweetheart? Are you ok?,” I asked.

“Yeah I’m ok too,” JJ said.

“What about you baby girl?,” I asked Alexis.

“I’m ok too....let’s say a prayer for Juju,” Alexis said. I nod my head and I grab JJ and Alexis’ hand and we say a prayer that Julian will be just fine. After that, I lie down in the bed between JJ and Alexis and they both cuddle close to me. I kiss the both of their foreheads and I gently rub both of their arms as we watch television.

“I want you two to try and get some sleep. We are going to see Julian early in the morning,” I said.

“I love you Zaira,” JJ said.

“I love you too Zaira,” Alexis said.

“I love you both too. I love you two so much,” I said as tears filled my eyes. I kiss their cheeks and they both turns in towards me and they close their eyes. I just admire them as they drift off to sleep. They are both just so beautiful to me. But they have both been hurt so much. They have both lost a parent that they were close to and I know they could not stand to lose Julian too. That would break their little hearts and I could not stand to watch that. I have to think positive though. I have to think positive for myself and for JJ and Alexis. They have to know that Julian will be ok. I have faith that Julian will be just fine. I turn my head and I look at the picture on the dresser and I can’t help but smile. We all look completely happy in that picture and I know once Julian gets better, not if he gets better, but when he gets better, we will go back to that happiness.

Run it

Zaria should have at least asked Julian how he felt instead of doing it behind his back...
Ugh I hope Julian is alright :)

Dammit things we're going swell for them. Nicole Im mad lol. But really tho Zaira should have told Julian about her corresponding with Travis. I mean it's cool to forgive but she shouldve left it at that. Not kept writing him behind Julians back. Aww I hope they make up. s*** they just moved in together there suppose to be christianing the apt not fighting over Travis lame ass. Now Julian done got into an accident Omg is he gonna be okay please let him be okay. Dang Nicole when it rains it pours. RUN IT

i agree with julian that travis intentions may not be pure
but this was a agruement blown out of proportion
i hope julian makes it out alive :/

run it

Aww nooo

OMGGGGG, I hope he's okay... their argument was stupid, Zaira was completely wrong but Julian didn't have to spazz like that... RUN IT!

OMGGGGG, I hope he's okay... their argument was stupid, Zaira was completely wrong but Julian didn't have to spazz like that... RUN IT!

And This Silent Reader SPEAKS

Good things DO last forever if you work to fix them when they break!!!
I swear I will be so angry with you if Julian doesn't come out of this alive!!! I know he's hurt and I Know Travis does not have good intentions with these letters. Zaira is way too naive! I also have a big heart and i forgive just as easily but I'm not stupid and I guard my heart! Zaira has heart fully exposed right now and she really is being stupid love makes you do crazy things but at some ppoint your head MAKES your heart listen!

Do NOT do this to me! My heart will be broken!


Run It...

Nooo!! I hope he comes out ok. I knew something bad was goin to happen but not this. Hopefully they can move past this

That was a lot. And I figured him going for a drive would have led to an accident.
That's quite upsetting, hope they can grow stronger from this hiccup.