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I Have an Announcement!

Hello everyone.

I wanted to let everyone know I am currently 3 months pregnant!

I know crazy right!

But yes I went to the doctor earlier today!

And she said Im Three months!

I started crying like a b****!

And as for my Boyfriend...he's nervous!

So yeah I wanted to let my sisters to know!


u will do just fine.
u know right from wrong
u know what you have always wanted your child to amount to
which means u will be able to raise your son or daughter well

Im scared cause!

What if I don't raise him or her right!

And Thanks Girls!

Yayyy ! Congrats thickems ! (:

Y u scared hun?

Aww Congrats.

I had a feeling it was about fish lol. But my congrats to you :D

Run iT! <3


Congratulations :)

Thanks y'all!
Im so scared about it though!


awww my baby having a baby
congrats sweetie

And Yes Toya this is real!


say what to the what what?!
are u being forreal?!

AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Your gonna have a little me!! Lol, tell ol' dude to back back, your mine! Lol Jk. Congratulations Boo!

Congratulations :)