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Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013

Made a new post kus my phone take to long to scroll dwn n reply then it b turnin off on its own and s*** tuh anywho whose is as excited for new years as i am im tryna b so drunk that i dnt even kno my own name lik all wanna do is get drunk have sex get drunk sum more n act a fool ") lik wats ur fav. Memory frm this year


How so?

Hm, now thats a different situation.

I didnt. This a guy I used to talk to. And we had an arguement today about how I wasnt there for him and I was his girl.

But he never asked me to be his girl. He never really told me how he felt. So now Im like wtf.Thats why I asked.

Nani, check your messages.

And next time i WILL message you on EC, but you best respond!

Lmao Lexi.


You could've sent me a message on EC
I'm always on there
&& If you want you can

Lexxi go sit in the corner lol

Candace don't assume that because you might be wrong
Ask him . . . . Close mouths don't get fed.

Kandy, hmm never assume hun because if you think y'all are together and he doesnt, you'll look like the fool.

Nani, you havent been on, but if you want i'll tell you :)

All i see is $ all i all i see is $ d*** on my mind d*** d*** on my mind lmfao

Say you spend alot of time with a guy but he never ever tells you how he feels about you are you just supposed to assume that you guys are together?

Well ya know you don't tell me nun no more
You replaced my asx

It was in the heat of the moment, but I stopped it from happening.

When I explained it to Bree she said it was kinda funny.

It's not a monster it's a friend
But yo lil asx don't need to be doing that anyway you gon have
a lil Kingston forreal keep on

Wassup Kandy Kane?

Nani, more like i been getting head and I almost let the monster in the hole.

Bree, stfu!

You are NOT innocent bish! Ugh liar!

No what??
That you get head && been f***ing
Naaaaah been knew that Hun

Lexxi ima drink but tht smoking s***
kinda weak && for the yungins lol

Hey everybody, I have a dilemma

b****, I am innocent. f*** you mean? Lol

Dany TRIES to play innocent but I know better lol.

Ha! I loved me some Chatzy... That's my b**** right there lol.

*gasp* Bree, I dont think Lexi and Nani know.

@ana no smh u suppose to kiss at 12 the bust nuts the rest of the night lmao. @dany yeeess *high five* i mite smoke a lil just to bring in the new year too @nani u suck u betta atleast drink. My favorite memories is s***llely that still brings me to tears.Chatzy & gettin rid of some of the rodents that was on here

Swear I think dany is nastier than all of us

Bree ik but still lol

Nope ... You got it from Trey lol.

And Nani, I mean yeah but that was kinda drama-fied and s*** lol.

Oh wait! Receiving head for the first time this year was my best memory ;)

Wha Bree tf almost marrying me wasn't
good for you lol

got it from bree

I don't have a favorite moment.

And y'all just nasty lol.

I got a little bit of athletic asthma but that only on hot ass day when im playing soccer other than that....

Funny thing is, I just picked up smoking again recenlty. I was going strong for a few months.

I don't do smoking
I got asthma real bad && I got lil man i think it's ratchet to smoke weed
with a baby . . . . The ratchet girl in me don't do that lol

I'm juuuust gonna f u c k in the new year

I wanna be lit as hell at midnight, so I can start the new year high as f***!

doesn't it just seem so awesome
that way if you fail in a way you still won lol