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Simply Beautiful

I held a firm grip on the can of gold paint and began to move my wrist in swift upward motions repeatedly until one of the areas of my new piece was completed to my satisfaction. It had been in my head for days. Forming itself, putting its own pieces together. It took me about two hours to get it out on paper. It was a beautiful work of art. One of my favorites.

Al Green was blasting through my earphones. I always listened to music while I created something, it kept me from getting easily distracted, I flowed with the rhythm of the music and that was sure to get me through the entire process. I grinned as I finished up the last bit of it. I released a breath and stood back, removing the scarf that I used to avoid inhaling the fumes, from around my face and allowed the chilly fall day's fresh air to finally hit my face after two hours.

The longer I stared at it the more I fell in love with it. It felt like I had created it for a reason that remained unknown. Nonetheless its perfect, and I can feel myself becoming inspired again. I took a look to my left at some other artist's painting that had caught my eye when I got here. It was breathtaking..alluring. It was something surprisingly similar to what I had came here to paint today. I had to stop and marvel at it, like I did every other day with their art. Whoever 'Breezy' is, he is surely talented. I would have to keep my eye out for him or her. For as long as I've been coming here I have never seen who the spot beside mine belonged to. All I knew was that everyday I was here, another one of their stunning murals were too.

I decided to do something daring today and join my art with his. Though I'm most likely gonna get told off for crossing some lines doing so, who would I be not to take a risk? I'm an artist, its what I do on a daily basis.

"Simply beautiful.." I said to nothing in particular.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and snapped a quick picture of it. I then closed the camera application in my iPhone and glanced at the time. It read, 9:45AM. I had a solid 45 minutes to get to work. I bent over and hastily gathered all of the paint cans, tossing them into my duffel bag, then grabbed my backpack that contained my work clothes and cleared out from the alley.

"Be back later" i said to the walls as i strolled by them. All of a sudden having a strange gut feeling that today would be one to remember.


The ending was sooo perfect!!! Absolutely beautifully written story!! I loved every moment of it. I'm happy their daughters got to see where it all started and how creative their parents were. Sadie and Alayah are the perfect combination of their parents too!! Wow. Amazing!!

Thank you guys SO MUCH! I enjoyed writing this story. I can't even imagine not have writing it lmao Tyson and Chris are the beginning of my author chapter LOL . I don't know if I'm completely done with the two yet though....hmm...but regardless I appreciate you all and I'm glad to know you all enjoys the story so much and were able to learn new things whether it was music or morals. I hope you take whatever it is from this story and grow from it!

Much love ALWAYS!

thoughts ;p

THAT WAS AWESOME!!! that ending has got to be my favorite scene!! i loved how sadie and alayah were just a younger version of their parents and shared the same interests. When she told them to paint over her mural I got really nervous because I was like goodness that spot has shared so many memories I dont want them to paint over it..but when they were done I was relieved because they enhanced the painting and it turned out great!

I loved your story and "In Transition" is also a really good story!!!

that ending was so good it mad me cry but I loved this story Im sad to see it end.

Most saddest moment was when Kelly died and when Paige and Mackenzie got shot

Favorite moment: The wedding when Tyson saw her father, Kelly and brother. I liked when Mackenzie got a chance to talk to her brother and when Tyson did also those moments were beautiful to me.I loved when she took Chris back again

Favortie cry: was when Tyson saw Kelly again as he stood looking in from the diner while she was with Chris. When Mackenize was about to wake up as the music began to play. I got so many cry's like I could go on all day. But the best cry I had was when Tyson saw her dad, brother and Kelly as they cheered her on from the sideline it was beautiful moment.

OK I finally caught up! This story is amazing!!! It had me in tears towards the end. I love it! U ended it perfectly! Can't wait to read ur new story!!!!!

this was a very good story

I just hate you man....why you gotta make me cry so much huh?

The story...was...absolutely amazing...beautiful....nothing else to really describe it.

In the end, my favorite part was the flashback Tyson had about meeting Christian. I'm tearing up thinking about it because who would've known the man she was searching for artistically was the man of her dreams. Her soulmate. The man who's rib she has (like Adam and Eve). Ugh! I'm a sap but I love that part.

My favorite cry...when she finally took Chris back after he told her that he would take care of her! Agh! Tears! Loved that part. It was like Kelly was helping him find the words to make it all better.

When he risked his life for Tyson and then was going through it while everyone was in the hospital is my favorite worst moment.

Overall, I'm really sad to see this go. I fell in love with this story, with the friendships, and with these relationships. It's an amazing story! You have so much talent! Ugh! I really don't want this to end.

This story is beautiful!!!!!!!!
Wonderful ending, you are an amazing writer. Continue to write, because your writing is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!
I think my favorite part was...well there were too many. But my favorite would have to be the proposal..... that was amazing! Love, love, love your stories.

That ending was perfect!! To end it just the way it began. Just beautiful!

Ok...... Please forgive me for rambling in advance!

My favorite moments? Man. There are so freaking many. I loved Kelly and Tyson's relationship in the beginning. Even with their past, they were really good friends and you could see that. And it was cute the way Kelly low key already knew Chris and Tyson would fall for eachother, even while he was alive! The first worst moment was when he died. And Tyson was depressed for like... EVER! And we got to meet Mackenzie's character and then Paige. Meeting them was real cool. And when she began allowing Chris back in the picture and how he was helping her heal.

The interaction you created for Chris and Tyson was perfect. It seemed so real and natural the way they would communicate. It was adorable! Buuuttt I didn't like when they were first 'dating' and Chris met Rihanna. I already knew some foul s*** was going to come from that. Ugh *will get to that later*

Oh, the first time things got a little hot in the bathroom...that scene was sexy!! I loved the way you wrote that! I felt all of those emotions.

I LOVED the day she was in the rain all day, and she told Chris she loved him after she f***ed up and lied to him the night before. That moment she had with kelly was soooo freaking dope and much needed. And then the sex they had after that! Man whew.

Ok, when Chris got in the music industry, I was not feeling that...not ONE bit. I knew trouble was gonna come. And when she caught him cheating? My heart literally broke to pieces because Chris wasn't that person man. He was so good to Tyson before all that. And they were just falling in love then that happened? I expected more from him, and was disappointed when he fell short.

But the journey for them to reconnect was sweet and cute. How she would play him off and he would keep trying to prove to her. All while pregnant. I loved that you showed how it took time and patience. But the love was still the same.

Daneil was a b**** ass nigga and I couldn't stand when he would pop up. Someone always ended up hurt. I was so happy when she killed him. But when she talked to Bryce in Heaven, I loved that part! It was soo sweet to finally meet him and see how they interacted. And to see Chris by her side the whole time.

The moment when they got back together and Chris said the magic words! loved that part. And all the lil fights they would have while she was pregnant and seeing Chris show attitude with hers, lol I thought those were so real and relatable.

The night their daughter was born, LOVED those adds. And the way Chris and Tyson were acting was hilarious. Her visit to Toronto and Chris setting it all up to propose!! Soooo sweet! Loved that she had a good memory and settled her demons there.

I almost wanted to kill you for that car crash scene. Thank goodness it was just a dream. I was going to die if it wasn't. The cute moments leading up to the wedding and of course the wedding was by far one of my favorite adds!! You captured their love beautifully and even made me envious like it was real lol.

All in all you did an AMAZING job with this story! And I agree, you should never give up writing because your talent is crazy! I almost want you to edit my book because you're soo good with words!

I will definitely be going back to read this entire thing again from start to finish in the near future!!! And thanks for telling us your name, HARLEY!! :)

im so sad this story over i am truly gona miss tyson and chris relationship and everything else. It seems like they did well with there children and mags and columbus are too cute
tray? as in his bestie? aww chocolate lover
ima miss his funny self
this story was amazing
i remember tryna get my friends to read after kelly died i thought the way you brought mags out of her grieving was such a great message
i had every emotion you had portraying in the story i felt like i was just in the background watching the events take place
ima have to re-read this!
thank you for delivering such a great story :)

That was a perfect ending to a perfect story. I'm sad to see this story end cuz it was sooooo good. To many things I loved about this story for me to name all of them. You are a great writer! :)

I don't even know where to start to say how much I deeply appreciate this a way this story helped me find some things out about myself that I couldn't or probably would have never figured out.

My best cry: When she spent the day with Kelly...I honestly "became undone" reading that...especially when he asked her all those questions and the emotional answers she spit out were amazing to me. Literally felt that in my heart for days.

My worst cry: Chris ignoring/cheating on killed me when Chris was constantly ignoring Tyson but then that "911" scene when she found them in bed together just about killed me.

Nerve wrecking moment: The night in the alley when Kelly died and when Daniel came back. Omg my nerves were a mess during both times...I thought after Kelly we would lose more people.

My favorite people: Of course I loved Chris and Tyson but Paige and Jay take the cake for me. Their care free spirit draws me to them. Paige is my age and her "just tryna survive" attitude attracts me to her and I love Jays voice of reason. And Mack and Mike sigh love them.

Harley...girl you have a gift in writing and please use it until God takes it away from you. I loved this story and thank you so much for writing it.

run it!!!

AUTHORS NOTE: So basically I've made the soundtrack for this last chapter "You're All I Need" by Marvin Gaye. Please give it a listen as you read :) I appreciate it.

Closing my note, I just want to say thank you ALL for EVERYTHING. Your support, your words, your love and your attendance. It truly meant a lot to me while creating this story. THIS IS MY BABY and I feel like she's fully grown now! Tell me what you loved the most, like your favorite moments! Your favorite cry! Your favorite worst moment! Anything you have to say I really want to hear. Just spill. I'm open to conversing with you all :) I'll miss Chris and Tyson.

Please, let this not be the last time I hear from you guys, obviously I'll be expecting you all to turn to my new story "In Transition" on this board. Okay enough from me you all know I love you!

Mwuah! Much love,



<strong>Years Later..</strong>

"Where you goin' lil girl? You on punishment remember? What you think you can vandalize the girls bathroom at school and you gon' walk free?" I heard Chris ask from the living room. I went to answer the door and in stepped Mackenzie's little girl, <a href="">Sadie</a>.

"Hi Aunt Tyson!" she reached up to peck my cheek. I smiled warmly at her.

"Hi baby. Layah's in the livingroom." I told her while shoving on shoes and grabbing Indigo's leash. Her Kodak camera hung securely from her neck and her smile too bright for a Wednesday morning, she was definitely Mackenzie's daughter.

"Thanks!" She strolled into the room disappearing from my sight.

"I know dad, but I'm goin' out with mom. She wants to go for a walk somewhere and I promised her I'd spend some time with her since I've been busy with track and blowing her off to hang with Sadie a lot..and vandalizing." Answered Alayah. I smiled at her smart mouth. She truly had my personality.

"Mags!" He called out for me. I walked into the living room after shoving on my last shoe.

"Columbus! You're too loud man. What's wrong?" I answered still a bit tired. His face had a pout and his eyebrows sunk into the middle causing the creases in his forehead to show. The sight was truly amusing.

"How come you ain't told me y'all was hangin' out today? Where's my invite?" He sulked.

"Dad, I always spend time with you though! You help coach the track team!" Exclaimed his eldest child.

"Today I want it to be just us girls, okay?" She said softly with a smirk that showed off her dimple; one that reminded me all too much of her fathers. Chris pretended to weigh out the situation in his head.

"Promise to bring you back something nice Uncle Chris!" Grinned Sadie. Chris smiled at his goddaughter and sighed.

"Well then in that case y'all can take <a href="">Junior</a> with you then. Me and ya uncle Tray trynna have a mans day--"

"Daddy, nooo we can't. Junior's too young to hang he'll only hold us back! Unc tell him!" Whined <a href="">Alayah</a> as she stomped her feet. Tray laughed and held his hand up and kept one wrapped around Junior's waist as he sat on his lap. He looked over to me and waved and I couldn't stop the grin from forming on my face. I blew my son, Christian Jr. a sweet kiss.

"Don't be stompin' those feet in my house, lil girl." Warned Chris. Alayah straightened up and sighed. I chuckled under my breath watching the whole scene. She never dared to disrespect Chris, she feared his wrath.

"Sorry.." Muttered my daughter.

"I don't know who you think I am sometimes. You aint that grown." Said Chris.

"I'm seventeen pops." Said Alayah with a dry voice. Chris smacked his lips.

"Cut that teenage dream s*** out. Where y'all goin' anyway? It's 7:00am." He asked confused. I smirked.

"It's a secret. We'll be back soon, baby." I spoke for the first time in minutes. I went to the door and opened it, waiting for Alayah and Sadie to exit first. Alayah ran over to her father, uncle and baby brother, leaving them with kisses. Sadie followed closely behind her.

"Bye baby, behave yourselves!" Spoke Chris as he pecked his daughters forehead twice.

"Love you!" She said as she ran out the house ahead of me. I eyed Chris with a smile.

"What you lookin' at girl?" He asked with a smirk. I playfully rolled my eyes and walked over to him while he lay in the couch and placed a tiny <a href="">peck</a> on his lips before getting up and making my way back to the door to leave, but before leaving I turned around and stuck my tongue out killing the sweet moment.

"Bye Chris." I smirked.

"Imma beat that ass when you get back!" He yelled.

"Later T!" Yelled Tray.

"Bye Tray! Junior needs a bath Christian!" I said before I stepped out of the house.

"And I need to know where y'all are goin' but we can't all get what we want now can we?!" I heard him yell before I shut the door. I laughed and turned to walk down the steps behind a waiting Alayah.

"My dad be trippin' sometimes. I wish he wasn't so strict, like Uncle Mike." She said shaking her head.

"My dad isn't any better. They're best friends for a reason." Spoke Sadie with the roll of her eyes. I laughed as I listened.

"He's just mad cause he wasn't invited. You brought your paint right? Come on." I said leading the way down the street. Indigo walked behind me with Alayah and Sadie as I held the leash. She walked calmly by their sides like she had done every morning, as a guardian should.

"Where we going ma?" Asked Alayah. I smiled shrugging my shoulders.

"You said you wanted to find a new place to tag right?" I asked. She rushed to fall into step with me.

"Yeah and Sadie brought her camera too like you said." She repeated boredly.

"Good cause you're gonna want pictures of this place. Believe me." I smiled.

"Can you give us a hint Aunt Tyson?" Asked Sadie. She was much more level headed than Alayah.

"Right there." I pointed to the opening of the alleyway and the girls never hesitated to run ahead of me. With indigo now moving to my side I watched as the girls were stunned into silence and awe at the place around them. The way the morning light peaked into each end of the tunnel made the place look truly beautiful.

"Keep going! I'll tell you when to stop!" I instructed. Sadie was quick to snap pictures of the different murals. Alayah kept walking.

"Stop! Right there in front of you." I told her. She stopped on command and I finally reached them coming to a stop myself. I smiled once I came face to face with the cartoon mural of Chris, Kelly and I.

I had come back to this place every other day to paint over it and keep it fresh, just so that the memory could stay with me forever. It was still just as beautiful as the first day it was created. Sadie smiled in awe.

"Is that Uncle Kelly?" She asked me.

"Yeah..he, Chris and I painted this the day before he died. Me or your uncle Jeremiah or Chris come here every other day to paint over it to--"

"To keep the memory alive?" Finished Alayah looking over to my sad eyes. I wore a smile nonetheless, glad that I could share this moment with these girls.

"You used to tag mom?" Asked Alayah somewhat surprised.

"I was a rebel. I used to get into all kinds of trouble when I was younger. Me and your Uncle Kelly." I smiled as the me pried sped by in my mind.

"Uncle Kelly must have been a cool dude.." Said Alayah. The bright flash from Sadie's camera disappeared as fast as it appeared and Alayah moved to sweep her hands over the painting.

"He was. He's the reason for your existence, and my happiness. Probably would have never gotten with your father had it not been for Kelly." I sat cross legged on the ground next to Indigo and rubbed behind her ears.

"Really?" They asked in unison.

"Really...I want you guys to paint over it." I said breaking the moment. Alayah's eyes flashed over to me in surprise.

"What-mom no, this has been here for like as long as we've been alive I can't--"

"You can and you will." I smiled.

"Think of it as your punishment. Instead of vandalizing school property you can just come here. Take mine and your fathers spot. I want you to." I spoke softly. Alayah's hands brushed over her fathers name. Sadie was quick to snap another picture.

"Promise it's okay?" She smiled.

"Promise, but you gotta hurry cause I gotta drop you both to school in an hour." I returned sternly. They nodded and Alayah rested her bag down and pulled out a can of pair for her and Sadie.

"We'll make it dope for you Aunt Tyson." Said Sadie. I smiled widely trying my hardest to keep the tears in. Her eyes were the perfect combination of Mackenzie and Michaels, turning her beautiful. You could see bits and pieces of Michael in her, but she was the splitting image of her mother.

An hour later, the girls had finished their mural and I couldn't be more in love with what they made. There in front of me in the place of Chris', Kelly's and my mural was a cartoon version of Alayah and Sadie. They drew themselves in a stopped position posing along with a cartoon version of Kelly, Chris and myself who stood behind them with poses of our own, for what could have been a camera.

My hand reached up to cover my mouth in hopes of stopping the tears from coming, but it did nothing to stop them. I smiled overly content in the moment.

"You like it?" Asked Alayah. I nodded and sniffed.

"I love it." I cried.

"Come on, time for school." I ushered them forward. Sadie was first to move with indigo leading the way. I watched Alayah linger and admire her work, and as she walked she brushed her fingers along the wall.

"Be back later.." She whispered to the alley. The moment was truly mind boggling. She was the splitting image of me in my younger days. Using the same words I would use whenever I would leave the alley behind me.

Wiping the tear from my eye, I grabbed her backpack from her and tossed it over my shoulder and followed her out of the alley.

I tossed a look over my shoulder one last time. I tried to describe the place I had come to treasure over the years. Stumbling upon a couple words in my mind I knew I had the right description in mind.

"..Simply beautiful." I whispered.

"What ma?" Asked Alayah turning to look at me. I looked back at her and smiled.

"Nothing baby." I smiled. Turning back again I grinned.

"Be back later." I said to the walls as I strolled by them.

<em>"You're all I need to get by!.."</em>

<em><strong>The End <3</strong></em>

Love is in the air, that's beautiful! If I could wish the beauty of this relationship on everyone and it came true, that'd be amazing. RUN IT!

<em>"You're all I need to get by.."</em>

Marvin Gaye's "You're All I Need" came on and I immediately felt my spirit rise. I loved this song.

"Ahh! Love this song!" I cried looking upward with my eyes shut in complete and utter content. My life was finally okay, sporting the needed ingredients I had to have in order to survive; happiness, love and peace.

Everything inside of me was whole.

I looked over to my left and caught the eyes of my flame, who stood only a few steps away from me in the middle of the dancing crowd of close friends and family, staring at me with all of the love in the world. My knees went weak and my heart rate sped up in excitement. Looking at him was so much more to me now than ever before. He was now mine forever and together we belonged to God, as one whole.

I could never forget the day he walked right into my life.

<em>"Nice voice." I felt my heart leap out of my chest when I looked over to my right to find a man sitting against the wall next to me looking straight ahead.</em>

<em>"AH!" I clutched my chest with all of my might as if I were trying to grip my actual heart in my hand, trying to calm down. I nearly dropped the blunt while doing so. He wasn't at all affected by my reaction and kept his gaze straight ahead.</em>

<Em>I focused on my breathing for a minute and before I knew it, it had slowed back down to its normal rate. Paranoia is another thing that's amplified with me when high.</em>

<em>"Dude." I said slightly breathless, looking up at him. He payed me no mind. He was beautiful from what I could see. Caramel chocolate skin tone, with blonde hair that I can tell right off the bat, was dyed though most of it was covered underneath the snapback he had on. Jaw and cheek bones that I swore could cut through glass and tiny freckles spread across his nose. I then moved down to his neck when his tattoos caught my eye. He seemed to have his whole upper body tattooed, it was a beautiful sight. I moved back up to his face passing over his chin hairs and mustache. He had a scruffy look going on that I didn't mind at all. Good look I applauded in my mind.</em>

<em>"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you I just.." he paused, He had a raspy tone to his voice. I liked it though, fit him. I followed his gaze to the painting and felt worms in my belly. Either his guy really loved Breezy and I's painting, or he hated it.</em>

<em>"Like what you see?" I asked normally. I didn't want him to catch on that I was involved in this mural. He looked all over it.</em>

<em>"It's.. It's dope." he finally turned to face me. I looked up into his eyes. I couldn't read them.</em>

<em>"Yeah, I think so too..."</em>

Chris strolled over to me with a slyness in his steps and a smirk to match.

<em>"Good lookin' out..uh?--"</em>

<em>"Tyson.. Kindle." I said telling him my name. There was no hand shake, no dap, no nothing, just our words.</em>

<em>"Tyson. Suits you." I shrugged nonchalant. A lot of people thought my name was different, or too masculine for a woman to own, so I never really cared for comments after introducing myself.</em>

<em>"Thanks, and no problem..uh?--" he chuckled at my mockery.</em>

<em>"Chris. Chris Brown." he said pulling from the blunt once more. I watched him sort of mesmerized. I knew I was staring so hard, but I couldn't bring myself to look away.</em>

<em>"You paint?" I asked making conversation.</em>

<em>"Yeah. You?" He asked looking down at me probably because he could feel me burning holes into his face. I ignored the question.</em>

<em>"What? I got something on my face?" he asked calmly with a smirk on his face.</em>

<em>"No. You're good. Just taking you in." he paused not saying anything. Just looking me straight in my face. I began to feel self conscious, feeling all over my face for anything.</em>

<em>"Do I?" he began to chuckle at me and I stopped what I was doing realizing how stupid I was behaving.</em>

<em>"You're so high..."</em>

I smiled at the memory. I would have never guessed that one day would define my entire life the way that day did. I didn't regret a thing. Chris came closer and I watched as the dimple appeared in his left cheek and his hand stretched out to take mine. I took hold almost immediately and he slowly brought me into his waiting embrace.

Together we swayed back and forth to Marvin's music, just enjoying one another.

Chris looked down into my eyes, catching mine.

"How you feelin' Mags?" He smiled causing my heart to flip. I looked at him, counting the freckles that ran over his nose and around his cheeks and zoned in on the way his front tooth overlapped the other. My favorite feature about him.

"Fully restored.." I sighed in bliss, the smile set on my face.

"You stuck with me now you know that right?" He asked, his voice calmer than I've ever heard it before.

"I'm aware of that, yes." I giggled. He bent down to peck my lips softly.

"I can't imagine standing here..with a family, a daughter..a life..with anyone else. You are my heart. You are everything..and imma love you everyday until my heart gives, girl." Spoke Chris. I came undone in the middle of the dance floor.

"I love you." I said as I continued to look at my Romeo, the tear fell over.

I followed Chris' lead as we continued to dance the night away.

<em>"You're all I need! You're all I need!..You're all I get by.."</em>

I shed a few tears. I wish I could've known what Chris thought when he first saw Tyson. That's my favorite part of the wedding. The groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time is priceless. I do love that her beauty brought him to tears, though. The song was perfect. Everything was perfect.

I shed a few tears. I wish I could've known what Chris thought when he first saw Tyson. That's my favorite part of the wedding. The groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time is priceless. I do love that her beauty brought him to tears, though. The song was perfect. Everything was perfect.

I kept tearing up and at the end I cried a bit. That was so touching ahhhh I love their relationship! !! I want a love like that!!!
Run it!!!!!

Run it...


that was so emotional over here getting teary eyed! the song was so perfect and i just love the way they are and they way you wrote it was perfect
now time for the reception! party! lol
run it

Well that had me in tears lol..the part when she saw Kelly, her dad, and her brother really got me


Count me in attendance at the wedding too cause I saw and felt every emotion...whew that wedding was powerful like beyond wow...I need love like shows that their love is pure and beyond raw and real...whew! *wipes eyes*

Run it!

Gurl you had me cryin. Listening to the song and what her cuzin did for her. Her dad, bro, and Kellz being there. I'm still emotional as I type this.

Yo, listening to that song while reading this...really made me tear up. Smh. I'm such a punk. But this song was perfect! And their wedding was beautiful! And it was so special that Kelly, Bryce and her father were all there basking in that moment with her. Just true and pure love.

You're such an amazing writer!! Loved that add! One of my favorites!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: alright y'all, open up your YouTube channels and search for "This Time" by John Legend! You're gonna need the music to feel the moment. Love you all for your support and kind words. This isn't the end of the story yet so stay tuned for more!

Much love.

thoughts ;p

<strong>Wedding Day</strong>

A shaky breath left me as my fingers ran down the lacy texture of my wedding gown. It was beautiful, the way it clung to every curve necessary, the way the train draped around my feet and flowed freely behind me.

My <a href="">mother</a> stood behind me, fixing and straightening the back of the dress. I felt her hand run over the healing tattoo over my shoulder of a cartoon angel with big feathery wings, a blonde fohawk, a tatted chest with an anarchy symbol over his navel, tight skinny jeans and black chucks to match. I thought back to having Chris tattoo it on me.

<em>"It's..." I struggled to form tears, feeling the tear form in my eyes instead as I looked into the reflection of my back through the mirror Chris held behind me to show me his finished work.</em>

<em>"It's Kelz in the same cartoon version as himself that he always use to draw. He'll always have your back, he's your angel. Imma get the same one done soon." Replied Chris softly. I spun on my heels and captured him in a kiss.</em>

<em>"I love it baby..he'd love it." I cried softly, feeling Chris lay a kiss on the crown of my head.</em>

I looked to my mother in the mirror.

"When'd you get this one?" She asked softly. I smiled.

"Chris did it for me a few days ago. It's a cartoon angel version of Kelly." I replied, my voice not sounding like my own for some reason. It sounded different leaving my lips.

"It's beautiful baby." Smiled my mother. I grinned my thank you as I stood in the mirror, ready for one of the biggest moments in my life. I was sure all of me was ready.

"You're all set." Said my mother grabbing my shoulders gently grabbing my attention. I turned to face her.

"You look stunning! I've waited for this day for so long." My mom cried, trying hard not at the same time. The look on her face had me coming undone from the inside out.

My nerves were beginning to work their way to the surface.

"Oh, baby don't be nervous." She smiled knowingly. I breathed trying to relax myself.

"Ty-Marie?" Called my Aunty.

"I'm, I'm getting married." I said, chest heaving slightly. Glancing around the room, my eyes fell on Mackenzie who looked worriedly back at me. I backed away from my mother until I was at the bathroom door of the room inside of the church.

"Ty! Honey?" Called my mother. Turning quickly and pulling it open I tried to run in and conceal myself between those four walls, but the soft yet firm grip on my wrist told me that I was too late. I turned around only to come face to face with Mackenzie who had plastered a frown on her face.

"Ty.." She spoke sympathetically to me. I watched her hand that gripped my wrist softly.

"I'm, what if this is a mistake what if we screw it all up! I don't want to, I don't want to lose Chris--"

"Stop it. Stop it. No one is losing anyone. Chris loves you way too much, you hear me?" She said sternly. I brought myself to nod.

"You know that." She said earning another nod.

"You don't need to be afraid to make him yours forever. There's nothing wrong and nothing's going to be wrong with this marriage. Do you understand me?" She spoke slowly enough for the words to take their time and sink in.

I exhaled softly, noting where I had gone crazy for a moment. I caught my breath and the loud hammering in my chest seemed to die down returning my heartbeat to normal.

"I know..I know." I repeated.

"You want this right?" Asked Mackenzie taking my hands. This moment feeling all too familiar but opposite. I remembered when I had to keep her from being a runaway bride. I smirked and looked up at her trying my hardest not to ruin my makeup with tears that threatened to fall.

"More than anything." I replied. She grinned.

"Than you go downstairs and you marry that man, and show him that this is what you want." She spoke softly. I gripped her hands, squeezing mine.

"Okay.." I smiled back. With another heavy exhale. I was ready to go.

My eyes searched the room for my mother and soon my gaze met with hers.

"You gonna be okay? I have to get down there with Alayah and to my seat now." Asked my mother who held my daughter with worry tracing her features. I smiled after a moment. Sure of myself that this was right.

"Yeah ma. You can go, I'll see you guys down there." I smiled earning one from her in return. I looked to Alayah, sad that she wasn't ready enough to walk down the isle with the rings. She was too shy at rehearsals, so Chris and I decided to give the rings to one of his men.

"Okay baby." She said marching up to me with Aunt Cameron behind her to kiss my cheek lovingly and wish me luck. She soon disappeared from the room with my Aunt behind her.

I looked around the room to Brooke, Paige, Daya, and Jessica who posed as my bridesmaids, to my flower girl, Analee, and then to Mackenzie, my maid of honor.

"This is it!" I laughed breaking the quiet in the room. The girls all cheered for me and in a single file, they exited the room ready to start the ceremony. Mackenzie being the last to leave, stood behind me ready to lift my train.

"You got my vows Kenz?" I questioned making sure I didn't forget anything. She chuckled.

"Got em!" She replied and with that being said we left the room.

<em>"Ran into you yesterday, memories rushed through my brain.."</em>

I stood behind the wide open shiny aged and wooden door of the chapel. On the inside waited Chris, our family and friends, and the priest who would join us together. I exhaled for the billionth time that day as Mackenzie took her mark with her tiny bouquet in hand, ready to leave me there with beautiful baby pink, baby blue and lilac flowers in my hand. She looked over to me one last time and threw me a wink.

I nodded and smiled deeply at her moving figure until she disappeared inside the chapel.

<em>"It's so crystal clear now, that I need you here now. Gotta get you back today!.."</em>

And then it was my turn. To my side came my cousin <a href="">Derek</a> who had volunteered to walk me down the aisle. I never hesitated to say no, knowing that this was something he was serious about doing. I remembered back when the two of us were close and after my father and brother died, he walked up to me while I sat on my porch steps and kneeled in front of me and told me that he would gladly be the one to walk me down the aisle, as a promise to my father if he never lived long enough to see the day.

Looking at him with love and appreciation, I softly grabbed hold of his suited bicep and smiled up at him as he peered down at me.

"I didn't think you'd keep your promise." I smirked.

"I never break my promises. I will always be there for you, no matter how far apart we drift." He said before placing a gentle kiss on my forehead.

"Our turn." He straightened up. I breathed readying myself as the music for the bride started.

"Ready?" Asked Derek quickly.

<em>"Is there someone new now, what can I do now, cause I need you back by my side!.."</em>

"I'm ready." I returned with a confident smile.

Before I knew it we were walking step by step, down the aisle.

<em>"This time I want it all, this time I want it all.."</em>

I noticed some people in the crowd, my eyes fell on Aubrey's, he smiled back at me with that big grin of his that I had come to love. Taking my eyes off of him my eyes then fell on my Uncle Devan. The man who reminded me so much of my father smiled back at me lovingly. I grinned happily, and tore my eyes off of him to find my Nona standing near the aisle with my mother, aunt, and Joyce. They stared back at me in awe and happiness. I mouthed "hi" to them and they broke out into toothy grins, happy for me.

It was when I nearly reached the front that I noticed a few familiar heads in the middle of the crowd to my left. My heart picked up when they smiled lovingly back at me. I chuckled when one of them threw their hand up and shaped their fingers into a rock and roll sign while sticking their tongue out.

<em>"Last time I wasn't sure, this time I will give you more.."</em>

Kelly looked back at me with a proudness, a love so strong I could feel it in the depths of my chest.

"Congratulations!" He yelled over the music.

"I'm proud of you baby!" Screamed my father as he clapped his hands. I let a tear fall from my eye.

"I love you sis!" Bellowed Bryce as he joined my father with his clapping. He blew me a kiss and I closed my eyes for a second before opening them and finding them all gone.

A lightness spread throughout my heart and a peace fell over me in that moment. The feeling only intensified once I laid my eyes on <a href="">Chris</a>, who stood at the alter dressed in white from head to toe looking like somewhat of an angel waiting for me to take me to his kingdom. I smiled teary eyed when I noticed him sniff back his own tears and wipe one away.

Derek and I had finally made it to our destination. He pulled back my veil that held onto my hair that had added extensions all thanks to my Aunt Cameron, and with one peck on the cheek, he handed me over to Chris, who gladly took the reigns and led me up the steps to meet the priest.

I eyed Chris the entire time, never taking my gaze off of him and he did the same.

"We are gathered here today.." Started the priest. Chris mouthed the words "I love you" and made a kissy face. I giggled silently and mouthed the same words back.

<em>"Lying alone in this room.."</em>

"Tyson.." Called Chris as he began his vows. He hadn't written any and decided to speak straight from his heart and off the top of his brain. I smiled at his use of my full name, it sounded so angelic leaving his lips.

Chris' POV

"From day one, I knew there was something were sitting in an alley literally waiting for me to show up and when I finally did and I saw you for the first time I thought "man, I have to know her." I made it a point to figure you out and get to know you, because in my heart, in my soul I could feel that you were put into my life for a reason. You. We're meant to be my wife, you were meant to be the mother of my children, you were meant to be the love of my life.."

<em>"This time I want it all!.."</em>

Tyson's POV

"Christian.." I read off of my paper that Mackenzie had handed to me. I was a crying mess at this point but suffered through it.

"I realized from the moment I found you, that not only were you the one I was searching for as an artist, but you were the one I was searching for as a soulmate. I can't imagine a day where I don't know you. I can't live this life without a trace of you near me somewhere.."

Chris' POV

"You've been there for me through everything. You've been my ride or die through every obstacle and for that I only want to love you endlessly in this life. You..are my stone, strength.." I cried licking my lips. Tyson let a tear race down her cheek. I had never seen such a beautiful sight before.

<em>"This time I'll be your man!.."</em>

Tyson's POV

"You are my soul, my spirit, you are my best friend..." I sobbed trying to get through the last few sentences.

Chris' POV

"You are the one that I want to share this life with. Twenty-eight years and I ain't never been so sure about anything, but this. I promise to love you for richer or for poorer..." I continued ready to seal this deal in front of God.

Tyson's POV

"In sickness and in health..." I spoke.

Chris' POV

"Till the day that I die, Mags.." I stressed.

<em>"This time it's all on me.."</em>

Tyson's POV

<em>"All on me.."</em>

"I do." I vowed.

Chris' POV

"I do." I promised.

<em>"Yeahh ouhhh-ouhoooouhh.."</em>

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