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We as Americans get so caught up in the media and others personal lives that we forget everyone deserves happines "Chris and Rihanna" are both individuals with hearts. They were born to live a life that would bring happiness as well as challenges. No one really knows the the events of everything that happened that night so let these young adults figure out their own lives. That role model (bs) the media continues to use as profile is just that. Myself, I pray if they are happy within with their decisions who here on earth have the right to judge. It's shameful how a life of solidarty is so hard to have.


I truly believe in this. I can't stand the media and the way that they treat people. There are two lives within a celebrity. The one that is famous and the one that we know for their talents that they shared with us, and the one that only a few really knows. The one that lives everyday normal life just like us. The media and the papparazi have spent so much time in their private and personal lives that it has crossed over into their glamorous lives and so people don't really know what to believe. But they still interfere with the personal life. I guess that all i'm really trying to say is that people are not really as interested in the talent part but more interested in the personal part of a celebrity. I don't really care about what they are going through in a sense that it's not any of my business so i'm not going to make it any of my buisness but I do care enough to say that I pray that things get better and better for them and I hope that they continue to get blessed.

an impotent in death as a wife to satan

that is very true people need to learn how to mind their own buisness and leave them alone!!!