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Learning to Love

<a href= >I</a> was getting ready in my room waiting for my friends to show up. We were going to the club to party. It was birthday and I just turned 21 so what better way than to party and drink.... legally. As I was putting my fitting black dress on I heard my door open.
"Taijah!!!" I heard Amy yell
"Up here" I yelled back
<a href=>Amy</a> came in dressed to impress.
"Well damn, if I knew you were gonna pull the little black dress look then I would've done it up" she said
"Shut the hell up girl you look fine."
"Oh I know..." she said sitting on my bed on her phone.
"Oh my gosh guess who is making an appearance at Rocky's tonight while we are there..."
"Who Amy?"
"Chris Brizzle, A$AP, Tyga.. every the f*** body."
"Ok and..." I said trying to play like I wasn't excited
"And.. it's your birthday so tonight I will make it my mission to get us in the VIP section."
"And how exactly are you gonna do that?" I said turning around after finishing with my makeup.
"Well I always heard A$AP had a little vanilla fetish in him.. so"
"Girl... most niggas have a little vanilla fetish in them" I said cutting her off
"Well damn... just play me. Either way we will be up there girl"
"Yea... sure, you ready?" I asked
"No.. I was waiting for you to dive in... yes b**** I'm ready.. let's go." she said getting up.
"Girl let me walk in front...your ass makes me wish mine was bigger so I'd rather not look at it" I said hurrying out the door with her behind me laughing

As soon as we got to the club we saw it was packed. I guess everybody read the same thing Amy read because Rocky's usually is never this packed. I was about to go to the back of the line when Amy gripped my arm up and pulled me to the front where this big burly man was standing.
"Ladies" he said in a husky voice as he opened the rope.
I followed Amy in surprised that that just happened,
"Umm.. what the hell..." I said looking at Amy
"What? Don't give me that look, you know I know everybody."
"Yea.. either that or you f***ed them..." I mumbled
"I heard that slut..." she said making her way to the bar
"Just kidding..." I said following her
After getting our drinks I was dancing with Amy grinding her big ass on me. We get wild when we party.. so this is a usual thing. We switched it up with me twerking on her. Haha.. we play too much.
"Girl... I will be right back..." Amy said
"Wait.. where are you going?"
"Don't worry about it... here," she said looking around and pulling a guy away from some girl who was dancing on him "Dance with him k? I will be back" she said leaving me with him. I will be honest he wasn't bad looking but I didn't know his ass
"Whatsup... so we gonna dance or not?" he said pushing up on me..
Oh hell no... " Umm haha, I fake laughed" I will be right back" I am not drunk enough for that s*** I thought as I went to look for Amy. Where the f*** is this trick at?
Just then a big burly guy came behind me and picked me
"What the f***... put me down.." I said hitting him
"What the f*** is wrong with you"
About 2 minutes later he put me down and I was so mad I didn't realize he led me to the V.I.P. section. I looked aroung confused as to why I was up here until I saw Amy and A$AP chatting on a couch. I walked up to her
"You sneaky b****..."
Amy looked at me laughing.. "You were scared weren't you?"
A$AP started laughing next to her, "Don't worry Ron won't hurt a fly, unless he has to." he said
"Oh s***... I'm sorry Mr. Rocky Sir.. I totally didn't mean to disrespect you.
<a href=> He</a> looked at me like I was crazy, then looked at Amy and started busting out laughing.
"Yo calm down.. call me Rocky" he said holding out his hand. "You are too funny" he said still chuckling and shaking his head.
"Uhhh thanks.. sorry I was just getting over the fact that my best friend had me get hauled over the shoulder by the Hulk in order to get me up here. I mean normal friends just come get you." I said staring at her
"And that's why Im your BEST friend b****. Anyways enjoy yourself. Get to talkin with Tyga, and Chris. They are pretty cool." she said nodding her head to the left where <a href=>they</a> stood.
I stood there staring a little starstruck.
"OMG I see this is gonna be a problem.. come on." Amy said standing up and taking my arm leading me towards them with A$AP behind us, most likely looking at Big Booty Judy over here. We stopped in front of them and they looked up. A$AP dapped them, "Wassup yaw, this is Amy and I'm sorry I didn't get your name?" he said looking at me.
"Just call me Taj"
"And Taj.. they came to chill with us, it's Taj's birthday so show her a good time." he said grabbing Amy back from me and leading her somewhere.
I turned back to see them staring at me.
"Umm hey..." I whispered
"Why you actin so shy... god damn girl" Tyga said
I laughed..." I m sorry I just gotta get used to you or maybe get a little alcohol in my system and you will see the true me." I said to him
"I heard that... bring some more bottles" Tyga said
Chris was still staring at me and honestly I didn't mind... I mean who would?
The bottles came and Chris broke out of his trance.
"So how old you turn today?" he said looking me in my eyes
"21... I'm legal baby.." I said taking a bottle and chugging straight from it.
"Woah... slow your roll.. you gonna be faded before the night even ends"Tyga said taking the bottle back
"Thanks but I have been drinking for awhile.. I can hold it" I said taking the bottle back.
"I like her" Chris said lowly... making it seem like he had a double meaning.
"I will be right back" Tyga said walking over somewhere else.
I laughed and chugged more as Chris stared at me.
"Are you okay?" I said
"What... no.. yea.. I am just lost in thought."
"Okay..." I say turning around and hearing Bring It Back by Travis Porter come on.
"Oh s***... " I said turning back around, "Dance with me" I said grabbing Chris and putting down the bottle..
"Now I didn't know you had a speech problem but I know your ass can dance.. so come on"
I push up on the rail to the V.I. P. section and began twerking on him bringing it back as much as I could.
After awhile I felt his hands being placed on my hips
"God damn" I heard him say under his breathe.
I chuckled slightly and continued putting my torso leveled with my waist bending over even more
All of a sudden I felt a slap on my ass. Oh hell no.I turned around looking at him like he was crazy.
"Why you stop? What happened?" he said looking at me like I was crazy
"Your hand happened..." I said giving him a duh look.
"But you..." he tried to get out
"But I'm not a hoe..."
"I never said you was..." he said
"Umm look only hoes get slapped on they asses at the club"
"And where did you hear that?"
"I don't have to hear it, I know from experience." I said quietly
"Wait wait wait... did you used to be one of those girls?"
"Maybe" I said quickly smirking
"Oh really? Was you one of those hoes who knew how to twerk to every song? Cause to be honest not every song was a twerk song."
"Ummm yes.. every song can be a twerk song, you just gotta find the right hoe..."
"Well how about you? he said
"What? I ain't no hoe"
"No.. no I mean you said you used to... nm"
I started laughing "Im just kidding calm down. Fine I will show you how every song is a twerk song, or you can try and find a girl here who you think can do so"
"I will go with the second option cause I really don't believe you can do it..." he said smiling
"Oh really... okay.. well pick" I said looking out into the crowd
"Okay.. " he said turning around and looking out towards the crowd
"I choose..."



run it!


I think she should not have forgiven Amy so quickly but Chris was trying to protect her even when he hardly knew her. Even though Amy knew Taj longer it was deeper because she witness how her brother was hurting Taj for years and didn't do a damn thing about it. Amy should not be protecting her brother because he is grown enough to suffer the consequences for his actions and she still is lying to protect her brother.

Run it
P.s can you check out my new story called all because of him(socialite stalker) to get feedback on it

I will have a long add tomorrow, I haven't been updating like I was supposed to but hopefully this will hold you over til then.

BTW Do you think Taj should have forgiven Chris and Amy so quick or easily? Comments...

Chris' P.O.V.

Really? What the f*** is wrong with this girl? Always falling... I got no right to be talking but damn...
I didn't call the ambulance or nothing but just brought her up to her bed seeing as she woke up awhile after she fell.
"Why?" she whispered
I looked at her to see her laying up in bed staring at me with tears rolling down her eyes
"Why what?" I whispered
"Why the f*** would you keep s*** like that from me..." she said looking down
"I..." she remembered?
"WHY THE f*** WOULD YOU KEEP s*** LIKE THAT FROM ME?" she screamed staring straight at me
"Taj calm down.." I said pushing her back down on the bed
"Why would she do that to me..." she said seeming to calm down as she laid back into the pillow
"Taj.. I know I can't ask you to forgive me but I did it because I didn't want to see you hurt.. I figured, you lost your memory and it was a great time for you to forget the past and start over. So Amy came up with this plan told me not to tell you about s*** saying that it would only confuse you and make you more depressed. I agreed because could I not? It seemed like a good plan at the time, all we had to do was keep you away from Blake... I just wanted to protect you, I know I don't know you but I felt the need to..." I was cut off by her finger being put on my mouth. She smiled at me tears still streaming down her eyes and kissing me.

Taj's P.O.V.

It was pretty easy for me to forgive him, I mean he shouldv'e told me but it made sense why he didn't. Plus I kind of had a crush on him anyways so knowing that he was just trying to look out for me won me over. So I kissed him

The kiss lasted for a minute until I pulled away looking at his face. To see the most adorable <a href=>smile</a> on his face.
"What was that for.." he asked still grinning "Don't get me wrong I loved it.. but I just.."
"Just accept it Chris." I said getting annoyed with all the questions.
Even though Chris and I resolved our issues, I can't forget that I have an even bigger issue to deal with.. Amy and Blake.
Chris mustv'e noticed my change in mood because he took my hand in his and squeezed it slightly.
"You know you gotta talk to her right..." he whispered looking at me with a worried expression
I looked up at him confused, "No.. I don't gotta talk to her. She lied to me for years, how do I forgive someone like that?"
"I'm not saying what she did was right, but look at it from her point of view, how would you look asking someone to choose between their family and their best friend?" he said questioning me
"I.." I didn't have a come back
"Exactly.. you'd not only look careless but also selfish"
"Look she brought that on herself...."
"But it is worth ruining years worth of friendship over?I mean if A$AP did some crazy s*** like that, I'd just punch him and then forgive him and tell him if he does that s*** happens that we done. But that's how guys are..." he kept rambling on

Taj's P.O.V.

Couple days later

So you know how Chris said to just punch the person twice and then forgive them, well that's exactly what I did.
Amy had just finished explaining her side and I was still pissed but not as much. I still needed to relieve the anger though so as soon as she stood up I mugged her right in her face. She fell back her nose bleeding.
I was about to walk over to her and give her another but I decided not to and forgave her right after.
She understood after looking at her black eye that she deserved that s***. And if she didn't understand I wouldv'e done it again.
We walked downstairs into the living room and saw Chris and A$AP turn around on the couch.
A$AP immedietely got up, "What the f*** happened to you?!!!!" he said looking at her face
"Don't worry about it." she said as I looked at Chris who was currently on the couch, his mouth wide open in shock.
Chris looked at me and chuckled a little still shaking his head as I walked over to him, "When I was telling you about that I said that's what men do, it wasn't meant so you could go punch the s*** outta her."
I mushed him in his face laughing "shut up you ain't a man, you a little ass boy."
"Oh.. that's how you feel?" he said getting in my face
"Yes..." I said giving him the "no s*** sherlock" face

Amy's P.O.V.

<a href=>Rocky</a> and I were in the kitchen and he was still questioning as to why my face looked the way it did.
Wasn't it obvious... Taj decked me, I know I deserved it but she ain't have to punch me that hard.
I felt really guilty though, I still do especially knowing my brother is still running around god knows where even though I told her the exact opposite. I just can't put him back in that place though, he is my only brother, no matter how old he is, I have to protect him. The only thing I can do is protect Taj and make sure she doesn't find out.
I walked into the living room to see Taj and Chris laughing on the couch, A$AP right on my tail still asking questions.
"Chris.." I called out as I sat on the opposite couch, A$AP sitting next to me.
He stopped laughing and looked at me, "What up?"
"Don't you still gotta go back on tour?"
"Yea.." he said confused as to why I am asking
I looked at Taj and then back at him trying to hint to him what I was saying but he just kept looking at me confused as ever.
I looked at Taj, "Well now that we know Chris won't object" I said a shouting a little at object while looking at Chris, "you wanna come along on the tour, it's really fun, and we would love to have you.." I said practically begging her
"Ok Amy.. I will come." she shouted looking at me like I was crazy
"Really...." Chris said smiling at her
"Yea" she said smiling back
They are so cute, hopefully by the time we come back Taj and Chris will be together.
At least this will buy some time for Blake...

Dat was crazy Taj like spazzed out on them. That girl need some wii fitness in her life for some balance. I wonder watz abt to happen now. RUN IT!!!


Run it!!!


Whatttttttttttt? RUN IT!

I'm mad she keep getting hurt smh. She's definitely accident prone lol. This is good drama. Makes u wanna read more.

Run it!

Wow cnt belive thats her bro n u let him beat yo bestie all that time smh run it

This add was CRAZY smh I cant believe amy wouldnt tell taj that run it

Taj's P.O.V.

"What is this?" I asked both of them as they were looking at my phone.

"We have to tell yo.."Chris was about to say when Amy cut him off, "Nothing" she yelled

I looked at her curiously, "Then why is my phone in your hand?"

"I just wanted to show Chris.. this picture I took of you when you were asleep, it is too funny." she said giggling at the end with Chris looking at her like she was crazy

I know she is hiding something and the fact that she won't tell me is not only pissing me off but it cuts deep.

"Chris?" I said asking him instead. He shot his head towards me
"What is this about?" I asked with my hand on my hip
"Huh? Oh... um we.. uh" he said stuttering over my words
"It's like I said" Amy said jumping in again
I looked at her with my eyes narrowed, "I didn't ask you" I said lowly and she gulped shrinking down

Amy's P.O.V.

I know I should tell her but I just can't. I will just try to keep her away from him as much as I can, that's all I can't do. I just know I can't tell her the truth.

"Chris?" she asked again
I looked at him begging him not to say anything
"I'm sorry Taj but Blake.. he.."
s*** s*** s***...
"He has a kid and a wife..." I screamed in her face
She seemed taken a back and I thought that would work
"I know he told me he had a kid, but he doesn't have a wife, his baby's mom and him are not together" she said
"Yea.. but what if they are working on there relationship? Huh? How do you know he is not playing you? How do you know..." I said being cut off my Chris
"Amy shut the f*** up!!" Chris screamed shaking his head.
"What kind of friend are you? Huh? Why can't you just tell her the truth?" he yelled in my face
Taj came stepping in between us facing Chris, "What are you talking about?" she said but he was still focused on me giving me the death glare
"Chris what are you talking about?!" Taj yelled
"Ask Amy!!" he yelled in her face
"Don't yell at her you piece of s***!!!" I yelled pushing him back
"Oh I'm the piece of s***?!!!! I'm not the best friend who refuses to tell her friend about her abusive ex!!!!" he said revealing it all
"What?!" Taj turned to Amy, "What is he talking about?"
"Don't lie to me!" she yelled getting closer to me
"Ok... you wanna know the truth... " I screamed as I felt my body
"Blake... he... he used to abuse you" I said dropping to the ground and crying

Taj's P.O.V.

That can't be true... I wouldv'e remembered something like that..
"Chris... is that true?" I said turning to him
He looked at me then looked down ashamed
I looked back at her as she sat on the floor crying
"What the f*** are you crying for huh?!!!" I yelled as tears started streaming down my eyes.
She looked up at me confused, "Because.."
"Because what?!!! Huh? " I screamed at her again kicking her leg in the process
"WHY THE f*** ARE YOU CRYING?!!!!!" I asked more tears rolling down my eyes as I pushed her head back so she could look up at me
She got up off the ground and pushed me back, "Because..."
"BECAUSE WHAT!!!!!!" I yelled back pushing her sending her into the wall
She got up and pushed me back, "BECAUSE... BECAUSE OF ME MY BROTHER MIGHT BE GOING TO JAIL.... THAT'S WHY... OKAY?!!!!"
"Brother..." I whispered not believing her
"Yes brother..." she said as she wiped her eyes
"No.. I would have known, I have known you since middle school... I would have known if you had a brother..." I said staring at her in disbelief
"Well no one knew about him, he was sent away to Florida.... no one knew" she said looking at me the tears streaming down her face even more
"Why didn't you tell me!!!?" I screamed at her getting angrier by the second
"I couldn't.. I was ashamed" she said looking down
"So for years you let me get beat up by your brother... for years you let me.."
"It's not like tha.." she was about to say but I cut her off with a punch to her face
"f*** YOU!!!" I yelled as I did so
"f*** me!!????" she screamed pushing me back into Chris
"YEA f*** YOU!!!" I screamed tackling her to the ground
"f*** YOU! You can't be mad at me," She said catching me off guard and mugging me in my face as she rolled us around so she was on top of me
"Why couldn't I be mad at you, YOU LIED!!!!" I yelled getting in a couple more hits as I felt someone pull her off of me. I got up seeing it was A$AP, as I went charging for her getting in some more punches until I felt Chris pulling me back
"You can't be mad at me...." she kept repeating, "You have to understand.."
"f*** YOU... YOU ARE A LOUSY FRIEND...." I screamed still trying to get out of his hold as I felt my face becoming wet with tears
She looked up at me mad, "I TRIED TO PROTECT YOU!!!"
" YEA... But first you had to protect your family huh?!" I said looking at her shaking my head, not even angry anymore, more hurt than anything
"You can let me go Chris..." I said as I stopped struggling he put me down
"Or hold me back.." I said getting angry again and running up punching her dead in her nose feeling Chris restrain me again as A$AP pulled Amy out of the kitchen screaming for me to f*** myself. I stayed limp in Chris' arms thinking it through. Every time I would try to go to the police, she said that everything would get better, or that I should just leave him. i thought she cared about me but in the back of her head she was protecting her crazy ass brother.

Why kind of world do we live in where friends don't tell you things like that? What kind of friend watches someone she known for years get abused everyday by their brother.

Chris' P.O.V.

As I tried to calm down Taj all I could think about was how f***ed up this situation was. Amy told me in the hospital that she tried taking Taj to the police. If she lied to Taj all these years I'm sure that one lie wasn't as hard for her to say.
Taj was seething in the corner as I was rubbing her back.
She looked up at me and shook her head as tears streamed down her face. She looked so broken.
"You knew.." she whispered
"No... I didn't.. I mean I did but not all.." I was cut off by a slap to my cheek
"All of you can get the f*** out of my life... don't talk to me.. don't call me, don't do s***" she whispered shaking her head and walking back towards the stairs
"Taj..." I said noticing her getting closer to the stairs that led to the living room .
She didn't pay attention as she kept walking back looking at me with hurt etched in her eyes
"Taj.." I said walking closer
"Don't you f***ing come near me..." she turning around, the heel of her foot no catching on to the lowered stair.
I watched in slow motion as she fell backwards. I watched as her head bounced against the ground.



Ok I just wanted to say something. So.. DRAMA... I love drama so why wouldn't I add a whole bunch more? At first this story had no plot, I didn't know where I was going to take it but this chapter helped me come up with a new and maybe even better plot than what I had in mind.
Anyways hopefully you enjoyed this chapter, I don't know if it's too short but hopefully it keeps you satisfied until I update next.
Tell me what you think...
Love, Lana

@Harlee'- Thank you, that means a lot.

**It's not really the type of story I meant to say (sorry)

You do an amazing job at writing, considering this is your first story :) .. Very visual and detailed out when it needs to be.

It's really the type of stories I like, when I mean that.. I like the patiently built up ones, I`m weird like that lol..

But its a good story, and you`ve done it it well!!


I will update later tonight

Omg run it

Omg run it

Tell her pleaseeeeee, RUN IT!


Run it?

Run it!

I hope she believes chris run it

Taj's P.O.V.

I texted Blake to tell him I am on my way. I was walking down the stairs and passed Amy and A$AP on the couch. Awww how cute. They were sitting on the couch <a href=>laughing</a> away. I didn't want Amy to catch me so I tip toed past them, but of course my phone just had to ring. Anyway Interlude started <a href=>playing</a> and Amy stopped mid laugh turning around.
"Where you sneaking off to?" she asked me with a questioning look
"Who? ME? I'm not sneaking off anywhere. Just going to the mall" I said smiling
"Oh well lemme put my shoes on and I will be ready in a second." she said getting up
"No.. no, sit back down, hang with your boo.." I said smiling and rushing out the door
I got in my car and saw it was Blake who called me so I called back
"Hey" he picked up
"Hey, I just got in the car, I am on my way" I said staring my engine
"Okay, just tell me when you're here, I am down at the beach"


Once I got there I texted him telling him I was in the park
"Taj!!!" I heard and turned around. What I saw was not what I expected. <a href=>goodness</a> gracious Blake grew up. I know I can't remember much, but I am sure I would have remembered if he had abs like this is high school.
He came up to me and hugged me.
"Hey" he said kissing my cheek
"Hey... wow" I said looking down at his abs "You look.. great"

Blake's P.O.V.

I knew being shirtless would already draw her in, damn I'm way too smart for my own good.
"Thanks.." I said staring her body down "So do you"
"Thank you" she said smiling at me. No matter how much I beat up on her, I still loved the moments when she smiled at me.
"So... why the sudden urge to talk to me out of the blue?" I asked playing on her memory loss.
"Oh.. well I just.. i don't know. I had recently lost my memory and I know we were close in high school so I just wanted to check up on you and see how you were doing. I missed you I guess you could say." she said looking down shyly
"If you don't mind me asking how did you lose your memory?"
"Well they told me I got jumped and some damage went to my head which unfortunatley affected my memory." she said shrugging it off
Is that what these dumb f***s were telling her?
"I'm sorry to hear that.. anyways why don't we go get something to eat and then hang out of the beach to catch up." I suggested
"Sure" she smiled and followed me to the little pizza store on the corner
"Pizza cool" I asked looking behind me

Taj's P.O.V.

I was too busy staring at his perfect bum to realize he was talking to me. I looked up to see him smirking at me and I blushed

"Pizza fine?" he asked
We got seated with our food after awhile and started talking

"So.. Blake what happened after prom?"
"You don't remember that either?"
I shook my head no
"Damn.. Im surprised you remembered me" he chuckled. Damn his laugh is gorgeous
"Well we went out to dinner because you said you didn't want to go to the after party. Once we were done we went back to the hotel everybody else was staying at. After that let's just said I experienced the best night of my life." he said looking into my eyes the whole time
"Really?" I said turning bright red "So we had sex?"
"No..." he took my hand in his looking at me, "We made love" he smiled
I don't know what came over me but I pulled his face close to mine and kissed his lips slowly

Blake's P.O.V.

Ding ding ding ding ding.... that was way too easy.
I pulled away and looked down pretending to be shy. Then looked back up biting my lip.
She was smiling at me, "What happened to us?" she asked
"Well I don't know we went out for awhile and then you got more and more into your job and started spending less time with me and we grew apart I guess." I said looking down pretending to be sad
She looked hurt and shocked that she would do that, "Im so sorry..." she said grabbing my face and bringing it up so she could look at me
"If..." she stuttered biting the bottom of her lip

Taj's P.O.V.

I probably shouldn't be doing this, but I feel rekindling with Blake was the best thing that came out of this whole amnesia thing.
"If..." I stuttered scared to say what I was thinking
"If what?" he said in a deep sexy voice
"If I promise not to stray away from you again will you give me another chance?" I said hesitating.
He smiled "Of course..." he said standing up and pulling me with him
"There is just one thing I need to tell you..." he said stopping at the pier railing outlooking the ocean

Blake's P.O.V.

I know I was already pretty much in, but I had to seal the deal with something.
"Well I have a little girl, Annabelle."
"Really... is that going to mess this up? Cause I would never ask you to choose between me and her, even the mom" she said
"Oh no.. no... I just figured I should tell you, I mean she is the love of my life, so of course she comes first" I said actually genuinley meaning it
"But what about the her mom?"
I looked down rolling my eyes then looked back up at her smiling
"Her and I are not together, never will be actually. She cheated on me and I can't see myself forgiving her anytime soon."
"Blake... Im so sorry..." she said stepping up to me and rapping her hands around my shoulders
"It's cool baby... are you okay with the situation though?"
She thought for awhile, "Yes... yes I am.. are you sure you can forgive me for before and we can move on?" she asked
Oh my god.. she is already starting to anger me, all these damn questions. I smiled and shook my head yes then kissed her fearing I might just curse her the f*** out for questioning me. I can't show her that side though... not for awhile at least.


Amy's P.O.V.

Chris was at the house talking to my baby. I was waiting for Taj to come back, I wondered why she didn't want me to come to the mall with her.

Taj came walking in the door smiling brightly.What the f***..

I walked in front of her stopping her mid stride, "Taj... you okay babe?" I said giggling a little, she looked like a love struck teenager
She looked at me smiling, "Of course, why wouldn't I be?" she said walking into the kitchen greeting Chris and A$AP who were looking at her strangley too.
I followed her "Well what's got you in such a good mood?"
"I saw this dress... it was exactly what I have been looking for."
I look around for any bags but saw none
"Well... where's it at? Let me see it" I said getting suspicious
"Oh.. here's the thing, it was so expensive, but luckily the lady said she could hold it for a couple of days, until... Sunday to be exact." she said not even sounding quite sure herself
I narrowed my eyes at her, if this was a lie.... I couldn't tell, and I usually could is what scared me
"Okay..." I said getting off her case as she was texting somebody
"I will be back" she said putting her phone in her purse that was on the counter and walking out.
I know I shouldn't but something was up. I ran over to the purse with Chris and A$AP looking at me like I was crazy.
I took her phone out of her purse.
"Yo.. Amy you shoudln't do that... " Chris said shaking his head
"Babe what are you doing?" A$AP asked
"Something smelt fishy.." I said unlocked her phone hearing the boys chuckling in the background
"Babe... i hate to say it but you sound crazy, let the girl live, you ain't her mom." he said to me
I looked up at him giving him a warning look and he raised his hands in surrender walking out of the kitchen with Chris standing there laughing his ass off at something that was beyond me.
I looked back down at her phone and saw it was a text message she was writing
"I lov..." it said. I pressed the back button to see who she was texting.
b**** has guys on the side I don't know about huh?
When I pressed the back button my heart dropped into the bottom of my stomach.
"C...Chris.." I whispered
He stopped laughing and looked at me
I could only cover my mouth trying not to cry as I handed him the phone.
"Hey guys do you know where the..." Taj said stopping when she saw what was in Chris' hand. was worth it though. I guess i should tell her about Blake. This will probably be the worst moment in my life. Wait no.. that would be me introducing her to the motherf***er int he first place...
She looked at me with her arms crossed, I guess now is as good a time as ever...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, heck no! RUN IT!


THey need to tell her the truth before she end up back in a coma fooling with that crazy man.

I hope she doesn't meet up with that fool. Hopefully she remembers what the hell she's been through with him.