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Lonely Heart.

Reina's the new girl in town. What town? None other than Los Angeles, California. She and her sister moved up from Miami when her parents divorced. She begins to attend school, in which she meets the handsome teacher Mr. Neverson and the school nerd, Christopher Brown. She falls for them both, and vice versa. Who will end up with her heart? Or will she be forced to stay alone? Read to find out!

Hi, guys. I'm completely new to this. It's my first story. I hope you like it!


*New Reader

Run It!

Mr. Neverson...this should be interesting
Chris Brown...him being shy is soooo cute
Drake...b**** ass nigga who is like ly to get his ass whooped by a female
Ka(however you spell the rest of her name)...she aint ready for it

Reina:i love her attitude towards school, not accepting anything lower than an a. i also love how she stuck up for chris. now this thing with mr neverson i will just have to read more to really get a feel for it.

Ashely: seems like she has the same attitude as her sister cant wait to find out more about her.

run it

“Reina! Will you please hurry your lil’ grown ass up?!” I rolled my eyes at my younger sister, Ashley. I threw the covers off of me and walked straight to my closet. I grabbed my khaki skinnies, white V-neck, and my red chucks. I threw them on my bed and went into the bathroom to do my hygiene s***. Today was the first day of my senior year. Great, huh? Sike. I was not looking forward to this. I was in a new town, with new people. I don’t like people. Oh f***ing well. 20 minutes later I was downstairs dressed, as my medium length straight black hair cascaded on my back. I walked out the door with my keys and got into my 2007 Honda Accord. I unlocked the door for my sister to get in and then sped off towards Hell.
I pulled up twenty minutes later and parked at the nearest parking space. I got my bag walked out with my sister and locked the doors. She was just beginning her junior year, but she was just as pissed about moving as I was. We looked at each other and shrugged as we made our way to the schools entrance. We had already gotten a tour and our schedules so we were set. We just chilled in the hallway for a little before class started. “I wish we never moved...” mumbled my sister as she looked down at her phone. I just sighed and nodded in agreement. We moved against our will, due to the fact that I was still 17 and she was 16.The bell rang as we made our way towards our class. Ashley was smart, so she had all my senior classes with me. We made our way towards the very back of our Liberal Arts class and sat down next to each other. We had already taken this class, so it didn’t really matter if we passed or not, we were just waiting on our transcripts to arrive. 5 minutes later, the late bell ring clarifying that all students should be in class.
“Hello, students. I’m professor Neverson.” I looked up from my phone and saw the most amazing looking human being on this planet. He was about 6 feet, caramel skin, and a perfect smile, and those lips, my God, those lips. I was hypnotized until he called on my name. “Reina Cruz?” I put my hand up in the air as we made eye contact. I felt my cheeks get to a warm temperature as he smiled in my direction. “I need to see you after class, please.” I nodded my head, and I put my hand down. I looked back down at my phone quickly without making any more eye contact with anyone. Ashley noticed my face and smirked, she knew me all too well.

Professor Neverson P.O.V
30 minutes later my students filed out of the class. This was my first year teaching; I graduated from WVU last year at 22. I was young, but I was intelligent as hell. I sat down at my desk as the last student walked out. My head snapped up as Reina came up to my desk. She was a bit far away, so I couldn’t really see her facial features. But I wish I hadn’t looked so up close. This girl was a goddess in all terms. She had these piercing green eyes, one dimple on her right cheek, and a killer smile. Her long black hair captured my attention the most; I loved girls with long hair. She cleared her throat snapping me out of my thoughts. “Play it cool, Trey.” I said to myself in my head. “So, Reina, I see you don’t need to take this class? Why are you in here?” She put her head down in somewhat embarrassment, and then slowly looked back up. “Well, I wasn’t satisfied with my B from last year, so I wanted to retake it to get an A.” she said quietly. I looked at this girl in amazement; she really cared about her studies. I nodded my head in understanding as a slight chuckle escaped from my lips. “My class won’t be easy, Ms. Cruz.” She smirked at my words and shrugged, “It should be to me. Throw me whatever you want, I bet I’ll get an A.” she said slickly as she placed her arms across her chest, with a raised eyebrow. I had to fight the urge to bite my lip as I scanned her body. She had a tiny waist, nice coca cola shape form, full breasts and a**. Everything was just too good. I quickly shook some thoughts out of my head as I continued the conversation. I stood up and towered over her, “What would you like to bet, Reina?” I looked down at her, with a serious expression. She shrugged and turned around walking out as her hips switched. God damn. “I’ll let you know, bye Mr. Neverson.” She said with a seductive smile. She closed the door as I bit down on my lip. Damn, Reina Cruz.
Reina’s P.O.V
I walked out of Mr. Neverson’s classroom with a smile on my face. That man was too damn sexy. I was too busy in my thoughts to realize someone was walking towards me. We bumped into each other causing me to drop all my books. “F**K! Watch where you going, n**ga.” I exclaimed bending down to pick them up. “My bad.” Said a very low voice, I immediately looked up to come across these hazel eyes. I scanned his face and took in all his features. He had freckles scattered over his face, these cute dimples on both sides of his cheeks, and he wore glasses, but they looked cute on him. “I’m Reina.” I said politely as he handed me my books. A blush arose to his cheeks as he looked down. “Chris.” He said, even lower if it was possible. I scrunched my eyebrows, bringing my hand to meet his chin, lifting his head up. “I’m up here, Chris.” I said with a slight smile. He stood up, as I did and he began walking away. I bit my bottom lip and went after him, “Hey, what class do you have?” I asked him, hoping we had the same class. “AP English 3.” He mumbled looking down once again. Why does he continue to do that? I wondered. I smiled at him, regardless as I nodded. “Cool, me too.” The rest of the way we didn’t talk, up until we walked into the classroom. “Hey, idiot.” I thought someone was talking to me until this guy came up out of nowhere knocking everything out of Chris’ hands. He just sighed, putting his head down and picking them up; without a word. Oh HELL no. “Aye, b**ch n**ga. Come pick his stuff up. I know damn right you ain’t stupid enough to just leave his sh*t there.” I growled at the guy. He looked up at me with furrowed eyebrows as him and his crew broke out into laughter. “Who the f**k she thing she is?” said this Asian looking female. I walked up to her, as I got in her face, pushing her forehead back. “I’m the wrong one. Don’t think just cause I’m new I won’t whoop some dog lookin’ female’s a** up.” I sized her up and down, rolling my eyes as I figured she wasn’t bout it. She looked spooked. I went back up to Chris as I helped him get his things took his hand and led him to the back of the classroom to sit with me. Dog ass bi**hes.
Chris’ P.O.V.
Wow, she just stuck up for me. That had never happened before, especially not by a really beautiful girl. I had to thank her, I just didn’t know how. I looked over at her and noticed she was fuming. I can’t believe she stood up to Drake and Karrueche, especially not for me. I tapped her shoulder shyly as her green eyes met mine, “Thank you, Reina.” She smiled warmly as she leaned over and kissed my cheek gently. “No worries, Chris.” Once again... wow.