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Beautiful Love: A New Story

"O.M.G SABRINA!!!!!!!!!" My best friend Ashley yelled from my bedroom. I rushed up the stairs from the kitchen to see what she wanted.
"What heffa? Why you screaming?" I asked out of breath.
She turned around and let out another scream.
"Guess who coming to town for they concert!" I gave her a 'b**** just tell me' look and she rolled her eyes. "Ho you no fun. But Chris mutha f***in Brown! He gone be here next week. We should go." She said looking at me for confirmation.
"Girl you know I work and don't have time for a damn Chris Brown concert." I said rolling my eyes and walking away.
"Well too bad miss sour puss, we going and I'm getting us backstage passes. No ifs ands or buts about it." She said while turning back to the computer to purchase the tickets.
"Whatever, you're waisting your money Ash. I'm NOT goin!"

"How in the hell did I allow you to talk me into this?" I asked Ashley as we looked through the racks of this upscale boutique called Que. We were shopping for our fits for the concert tomorrow night.
"Because you love me. And the fact that I was able to allow yo pussy ass boss Nick to give you tomorrow and Saturday off, means you owe me." She sassed with a smirk.
"Whatever. Nothing here is sticking out to me. I swear I'm bout to take my ass to JCP and call it a day." I said as I let out an irritated sigh.
"Girl JCP will not due. We have backstage passes to see Chris Brown, yo normal girl next door attire won't impress him. And you damn sure aint gone stick out."
"That's the thing. Why stick out when I wont feel comfy in my clothes? That's just going to make me self conscious." I stated.
"Fine do you. I'm buying this here dress and I'm gone be turning heads. Trust!"
I rolled my eyes at her and waited patiently while she purchased her item. We walked out of the boutique and got inside my car. We blasted the radio as Rihanna and Future's song Love and Affection played.
"I got to say for a b**** that f***ed up Chris's career, this one hell of a song. I'm feeling this!" She yelled over the music as I nodded my head to the beat.
we pulled up to her apartment and got out. I walked inside and plopped down on the couch. "Whew I'm tired."
"Tired? You aint did nothin to be tired slut." She said handing me a bottle of water. "I'm excited for tomorrow. We have to be there by 8pm to get our passes. Concert starts at 9pm."
"Ma'am yes ma'am." I saluted causing her to shove me and giggle.
"I can't believe your actually leaving me to join the army. Imma miss you big head." I said looking over at her.
"Me too. We been through everything together. From slapping the lil b**** that aint wanna get off the swings when we were 4 to fighting biches that were jealous of us in high school. Damn we were some bad asses." She sighed.
"Hell we still are!" I laughed, "But seriously don't be acting wild just cause you gettin yo own gun. That don;t mean you can threaten to shoot people with it."I grinned.
"The only person imma shoot with it is Malcolm. I dare his ass to try me after my 6 weeks of basic training. I'm puttin a bullet straight through his head...Hey you wanna paint each other toes?" I nodded yeah and followed her up to her room.

I laid on the floor as I allowed my newly painted toes to air dry. I scrolled through my timeline on facebook and updated my status:
All a woman need is newly painted feet ;). I then added the picture of my feet. I sat upright as I closed out of the app.
"Do yu think we'll actually get to meet Chris?" I asked Ashley who was placing her total ensemble together.
"Umm honestly idk. There's gonna be A LOT of thirsty b****es backstage." She said as she looked up from what she was doing.
I sighed as I stood up and placed back on my sandals. "I'm gonna go. Its bout that time I hit them sheets." I said as I stretched.
"Ok. Drive safe and remember to pick me up no later than 7pm."
Ok. I will." I gave her a hug and left. Once I pulled up to my apartment I headed straight to the bathroom and took a steamy hot shower. I got out and put on some boy shorts and an oversized tee and crawled into bed.