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Salute that s*** ♥

Grrr. f***ing Grrr. f***ing s*** Goddamn Dammit RAWR.
Im a dinosaur who gets high off microwave smoke.
My flipphone is my hoe & my dream job is to dance on poles.
Just got kicked out of my moms house, I really don't give a f***.

Might hit up the liquor store & dry hump a drunk.
My life sucks, cause I don't have friends.

The only time I get close to sex is when I use my hand.
Might rob a store, & take them for all that got.
Ah yes, the mexican corner store, they ALWAYS have alot.

Anyways, this prove im forever alone & can't even get love from a whore.
Simply, because Im a f***ing s*** Goddamn Dammit Dinosaur.


Anyways.. wassup everyone? :3


@Bree so, you clean up after me? Kolas are not loud animals. We live the quiet thuglife.

@Dany Ikr! Then she all on twitter, talking about she "famous" & bashing Arianna Grande & GloZell's careers. Then everyone has the nerve to feed into her stupid bulls*** & make her trending. Like the b**** has no since whatsoever.

YES! That b**** is trife as f***! Like are you that thirsy for attention and fame you had to do that?

Nice try. Very cute but I'm not a monkey, I'm the zookeeper. I'm in charge of your ass. Keep it down.

@Dany Trying to figure out what planet it is I need to move to to get away from these coocoo people in 2013. Did you see the video of that girl sucking her bloody tampon. What about the one with the guy commiting sucide? Its crazy yo.

@Bree So I guess when I visit the zoo I cant throw food at you anymore? :3

Don't feed the monkeys.

Nothing just getting ready for my morning run.


I got OD bored excuse my weirdness. Wassup though?

*nicki minaj blink*