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Chris' New Documentary 'Home'

Chris' New Documentary 'Home'
Home is a brilliant introduction to Chris Brown's 6th incredibly mind-blowing album. This documentary driving video travels with Chris as he tours the world inspiring people to be themselves and create limitless possibilities. This video shows how hard work and dedication allows everyone to achieve their dreams!

Chris Brown "Home" from Riveting Entertainment on Vimeo.

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  • big up and bless up every time yu good.
    by FLAT BELLY on Apr 5, 2013 nachmittags30 4:04nachmittags
  • i love chris's music and the album fortune and i would love go see him ,he a inspiration to me ,I LOVE YOU CHRIS <3
    by nicolehughes on Mär 16, 2013 nachmittags31 3:03nachmittags
  • Chris's music gets better and better. This song is pretty much everything, i cant wait to see this documentary, it will give me so much inspiration. I LOVE YOU CHRIS<3
    by zara_bey on Mär 14, 2013 vormittags31 4:04vormittags
  • Chris I would love if you came to the UK or to Portugal ... I really want to see you again. I love you songs and you dance moves, you are an inspiration for many teenagers.
    by Riicaaa2 on Mär 12, 2013 nachmittags31 3:03nachmittags
  • Chris I gotta say this man you are my inspiration man...I swear if get a chance to meet you again (coz I met u on the carpe diem tour in durban) 2nd time I c you ill bow,I woship you man
    by praisewell phakathi on Mär 6, 2013 vormittags31 7:07vormittags