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Chris x Slick

Chris x Slick
Watch Chris’ latest masterpiece come to life from start to finish in this video, courtesy of Mechanical Dummy, below!

Chris Brown X SLICK from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

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  • you are just perfect on everything boo boo<3 loving it.
    by female itumelen... on Mai 17, 2013 vormittags31 3:03vormittags
  • dangg he is really talented!! keep up the good work!! and is it true he is gonna release a new cd in july??!! :o
    by melissabrown01 on Apr 2, 2013 nachmittags30 9:09nachmittags
  • love it when he articulates himself with art !!
    by ¢няιѕвяσωиωσяℓ∂ on Apr 1, 2013 nachmittags30 11:11nachmittags
    by gre24 on Mär 30, 2013 nachmittags31 2:02nachmittags
  • This was dope..! I love #BreezyArt!
    by MercedezHEARTSBreezy on Mär 27, 2013 nachmittags31 2:02nachmittags
  • Your artwork is tight, Chris Brown. I love the overlap of the characters. Its like looking into the mind of an artist...U never know what ur gonna see. I like the boldness of the teeth they really standout. From one artist to another, ur pretty good.
    by Summer_Blues on Mär 26, 2013 nachmittags31 6:06nachmittags