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International Lover Returns

As tears slid down my eyes I said, "what time do you want me to be there?"
The record executive said "7am, no street clothes, just buisness attire, your press kit and don't be late. We look forward to doing business with you!"
"And I look forward to doing business with you also" I dried my eyes as I hung up my cell phone. I laid it on the counter and I gazed off into the dismal space. "I don't even know how I'm supposed to get to New York right now, I don't have a car!" I said.
My cellphone buzzed and i grabbed it slowly, I looked and it was my fiance, Daniel. "How are you?" the text said.
"I'm fine now that you're here :)" I texted.
"I just bet you are. Do you miss me?" he texted.
20 minutes went by as I looked at my phone.
"How was the mixer?" he texted.
10 more minutes...
"How was LA?"
10 more minutes...
"Did you have fun? Did you meet anybody famous?" he texted.
"Yea" i finally responded.
"Who?" he texted.
"Chris Brown"
"How'd it go?" he texted.
"there's nothing much to say about it."
30 minutes later I picked up the phone and called Daniel. "Hey" I said.
"Wasup?" he said smoothly, a smile in his voice.
"nothing, just wanted to hear your voice." I said as I cried.
"what's wrong?" he asked
"what makes you think that something's wrong?" I said
"I can hear it in your voice. Tell me" he said.
"Chris..... Chris is a jerk." i said as I cried.
"What did he do?" he asked
"I don't wanna talk about it!" I yelled melodramatically.
"Baby, don't tell me that mu*$#@ka put his hands on you! I will whop his a$$!"
"Baby, don't get involved. He's a little tall for you darl'in."
"Oh, so it's like that, you rank'in on my height now" a smile in his voice.
"That's why I love you" I said.
"Why?" He spoke thoughtfully.
"You always seem to.... to understand. You get it. I just... I feel like you understand me. I love you, you are my rock. No man on the face of this earth could ever replace you. Many have tried but none can hold a candle to your love. you hear me?" I cried.
"I hear you and I just want you to know that if whatever happened goes any further, you can always call me. I will handle him. I may only be 5' 7" but I will cut that 6 foot giant to knee level. You know better than anybody else that I'll do whatever you want me too, whatever you need I will do, get and be. Don't forget that girl, you are my wife to be and I wouldn't have it any other way."
"Daniel I gotta get going, I just wanted to hear your voice."
"that's good babe, it was nice to hear from you. I been worried about you since you left"
"Don't worry" I said"
"Bye sexy" he said.
"good night big daddy" I cooed.
As soon as I hung up I recieved an incoming call from new york. I answered, 'hello?" I said.
"Hellow beautiful, did you miss me?" he said.
"Who is this?" I said.
"girl don't act like you don't know who i am. I felt your wetness on my tongue and you dripped so sweetly. I know you remember how we touched, how we kissed and how I caressed your entire body with my tongue."
"I can't do this no more Chris!" I cried.
"I want you, alright. he can't even drive you to a nice place to eat. And tell me when's the last time he took you out?"
"he's never"
"when's the last time he laced you up and iced you down? when's the last time he undressed you with his eyes and you just lost control over your body and gave it to him?"
"exactly. I'm in Ohio, I'm downtown chill'in with a couple of artsy friends. I need someth'in soft on my arm." he said.
"Chris, my fiance...!" i began.
he interupted "When my tongue made love to your precious flower were you married?"
"was he even a thought?"
"Not really"
"I'll be round your way at about mmm.. 10." he said
"Okay" i said.
"Put your birthday suit on" he said swavely.
I slid into a form fitting sequin blue dress and I wore some 2 inch heels. My hair was styled low and curly. I chose an elegant matching blue purse. I exited my apartment and as i exited the doors I saw there, Chris standing in front of his lamborgini. I rubbed my arms as the chill of the summer night air hit me. Chris walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my stomach and whispered in my ear, "You look stunning in that dress babe" I looked down at the ground. he lifted my chin and met my eyes "I mean it" he turned towards the car and opened the door for me and I eased into the car. he closed the door and quickly hopped in the driver's seat. "Can I get 1 for the go?"
"what do you mean" I asked.
"Can I get some lip for the go?" he said.
I leaned over into him and he caressed my hair and wielded my weist. I gasped for air, "that was..."
I looked out of the window. "That was..."
a tear slid from my eye, "incredible" tears raced down my face. Chris slowly creeped over the stiring wheel and kissed me again, this time he licked my neck and I could feel the heat of his body bring forth sweat in me. I laid my hands on his chest and I said, "we need to stop"
"before what? before I beat that p^%$##@ up, huh?" he kissed my neck. "before I make you scream my name?" he pulled out my breast and sucked vigorously, "Before I make you see stars in my backseat and feel butterflies in your stomach?" He pulled up my dress and I strived to pull it down but quickly his hand crept between my legs and I felt a circular motion on my clitoris.I felt a thumb on my clitoris and a finger inside of me. I moaned perfusely as he sucked my nipple and moaned. he released his fingers from my flower and he said, "damn baby, that p&^%%$* wet as F*&^%$#$! I can't take it no more, f&*^%$^ him. I'm bouta get this p^%$#$%@#%!"
"Chris, wait, no...!"
I felt his rod of steel enter my tunnel of love. I felt my walls expound as he pulverised my pelvis and tears streamed down my face as he growled and looked into my eyes. he lifted my legs above my head and the window in the backseat mirror fogged and all that was seen was arms and legs. I felt him accelerate and soon a surge of power pounded my flower and I felt a hot cream ooze inside of my walls and he kiss me on the forehead and sat in the front seat. I laid in the back seat with my hair standing on end. we both breathed intensely as we intensely stared into each other's eyes.
"You think we should turn in?" I said.
"Hell nah, I just had to have that p&^^%$$&. But I do think we should get cleaned up."
"Okay" I stepped out of his car and he followed me into my apartment. as soon s we walked into the door of my studio apartment he plunged for my body and I walked backwards trying to escape his lust but instead I gave in, walked him to my bed and divided myself for him, he mounted me with a smile and said, "You thought we was finished? Oh, baye I'm just get'in started"


Lol run it

Omg lol this is intense.
Run it!