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Love Has No Age .

Chapter 1**
it was Sunday night the beginning of the week which meant another boring 5 days of pure torture and irrelevant lectures Im never here for. I just finished my studying for my college prep tests I'll be entering hopefully Julliard in N.Y. for dance cause UCLA is not for me I have nothing against them I just don't feel it would be the right fit. I get a call from non other than le drama queen Teyana. Although we are 4 yrs apart we relate to each other on different levels. She's one of the first people I met when I got to L.A. i always visited my daddy for the holidays but permenate terms middle last year. teyana and i met at a dance studio and she questioned my style asking where I was from I said Queens learning quickly it was a huge mistake taking she's from the all and "powerful Harlem". "Watsup shortie? " "hey girlie! " I said trying to sound perky instead of exhausted. "B don't get all in mushy on me " "I'm sorry I'm just tired I've been studying since Friday evening! " "girl tests not even until may chill ,matter of fact come chill with me and my trill niggas at Grey Stone!" "I ca--" "Be ready in a hour rae!" (rae she called me for short or my half of my many middle names,) a hour " she didn't even give me time to put in my input. Its not like i havent been to clubs with her before cause i have . They always fail to check my I.d. cause they would Be too busy flirting I just laugh and go along as long as I get in this club we can get our flirt on. I put my iPhone on the charger as I began to get ready my daddy was gone til Tuesday so I had no problem going out.
I get a call from my nigga mijo just as i was watching reruns of criminal minds saying to meet him at greystone I sigh and said okay I mean I missed chilling with my niggas especially Teyana, she was like us but still classy. I've been busy working to get my multi plaza off the ground that includes a art,music,recording, dance,and photography studio. I got a call telling me I'll have to sub a Eng course I can't complain the money will help for sure I would have been appreciated more if it was art or music .I started to get ready while thinking tonight was gonna be a short night as I thought about them youngsters I'll be subbing tomorrow.

Ria*-(RAE-YUH )
I exited the shower putting on Victoria secrets pure seduction all over and then some red spandex shorts,a black fitted long sleeve top that showed my belly button as well as my butterfly tattoo that complimented it along was my milky way skin tone. I put on some dorthy red bottoms and red lipstick i took a pic on instagram and closed it before the swarm of likes ,and just as I walked downstairs my daddy called me."I know you're not a little girl anymore but you're still my little girl, I'm just calling to say if you need any thing call me or Candice" it's been 4yrs and I still don't trust her it's just that something feeling "sure ill call you" making sure to put emphasis on You. "Babygirl " my name ever since diapers. "Daddyyy she's irrelevant I don't associate with irrelevants you know that" he just chuckled "alright I'll check on you in the morning " "Kay daddy love you " "love you too " by now Teyana was blowing her loud horn.
"Uh why do you have to bring the Hood with you everywhere you go?" "Hello to you too beautiful " she said smiling while examining me head to toe.
We arrived at greystone and got up to the bouncer he was new but didnt flirt like the others I think his name was pat he was scary looking. As we walked in Dance for you was playing and everyone was slowing down and we made our way to v.I.p. where her friends i have seen but never introduced to were. "Wassam!" "Teyana!" The group screamed. "Hello, my name is keesis but you can call Me your husband" he said while kissing my hand. 'Boy, stop!' "Everyone this is my down chick Ria!" They all looked at me and waved or nodded. "Don't be shy beautiful " a Asian but more black fine looking one said with tattoos said while licking his lips.he was cute but not my type. "I'm ty but you can call me Michael " "Ty friendly then a mudda! " "I'm mijo " "nigga but you call me friendly! " ty said walking away, "um do you have a birthname I can call you by? " I asked rhetorical but serious. He licked his lips before he answered me."yea barry " "oh okay barry fits you" "one more question?" "Shoot" "did that piercing hurt?" I said referring to the one that looks like what bulls wear. He chuckled "nope not at all I'm a painfreak" he said while licking his lips. I just turned the other way. He was too darn cute with his chubby self. I was introduced later to trell, Hood was crazy we could hang,Austin this Chris person cousin just then Teyana comes out of no where screaming and jumping she saw "Chris" my daddy called so I stepped outside. I guess I won't be meeting Chris tonight , I texted Teyana telling her to not to forget i had school in the morning . I especially hate my eng class i can never deal .


like seriously..what went down in that room..hope chris aint do nothing stupid..and why ria didn't get suspicious after he had been gone for like 2 hours smh!..and ty dont start no mess! lol

what happened in thsat room????
run it!

Awww s*** ty dnt start bro run it

we got to the beach and ria was putting some tan lotion on Traci. thats the s*** i like... "ria dont be putting lotion my baby!give it to me." ria looked up at mijo like he was stupid before she responded. "nope. i'm done with her its my turn now." i stood up as trac was about to lotion ria. "aye, come here rae so i can put some lotion on ya body!" she scrucnched up her face . "nope." "girl come here!" she laughed getting up from her indian style position on the beach towel with trac and walked over to me talking off her daisy dukes and v-neck. i just licked my lips. her body was so f***ing right! she turned around sitting indian style between my legs with her back facing me. her ass was sitting up up and phat. i squeezed some of the lotion on my hand and put it on her arms first and them massaging it her small waist , sides, and lower back. "i wanna go to a water park." traci blurted out. "me too. i havent been to one since my freshman year ." i seen what looked like a tattoo this morning on her lower back but wasnt sure "untamed huh?" she got up facing me "this is why i didnt want you putting on my lotion." i laughed. "sit back down so i can do that sexy stomach." she rolled her eyes sitting down between my legs indian style again but facing me this time. "you want me to tame you." "shut up chris!" "oh. chris you seen ria's little tramp stamp she got when she was fourteen?" "mmm. what you know about being untamed at fourteen anyways." i asked her as i finished her stomach. "i was young, i was dumb. " "still is." traci added . " you wanna go there?" she asked pulling her shades over her eyes. "nope. come on mijo lets go walk." traci said as her and mijo left. she got up stretching as i admired her whole body but more her ass . "lets take a picture rae." teyana said walking over to us. "can you take it please?" "i guess." teyna and rae both bent over then, rae looked towards the water with her beautiful curls blowing in the wind while teyana looked the opposite way , and the last one rae laid on her stomach in the chair as teyana grabbed rae's ass. "thank you so much chris!" "mhm," ria walked to the shore and i followed her wrapping my arms around her waist. "awe, let me take yall a picture with yall cute asses!" teyana said walking up to us with rae's phone. "ho whats yo code." "my birthday." teyana was like -__ - . "really teyana you dont know my birthday?" "6-5-95" i answered . "thank you chris." teyana snapped our pictures walking away. "now whats my birthday?" "may 5th." i smirked year, day, time ?" "89, and i dont know the other two." i laughed . "s***tt! ion even know!" "fool ass!" i looked at her in her beautiful hazel eyes as i knelt down and kissed her . she was so little with out any shoes on. "damn rae, you making me hurt my back! short ass!" "nigga aint my fault you a giant!" "get on your tip-toes. it'll be easier." she stood on her tip-toes and was still short but i could work with it. i smirked against her lips. "we have paparazzi." we both looked at teyana snapping away. "go somewhere!" ria squealed. "where?" "anywhere!" i need me a drink so i guess i'll leave." "now where were we?" i asked facing her again. "you were about to get something to eat." "you hungry?" "no. i'm full . we skipped breakfast and them snacks aint cutting." "thats why your ass fat now!" "nope. my booty is my body is in shape." she said walking back to our spot as traci and mijo came up and keeis with some girl with one side of her head shaved i just shook my head. "aye where yall going?" "food." "oh hell yea! we gone roll. exuse me this is cassie. cassie this is my cousin chris. or breezy whatever you wanna call him." "nice to meet you breezy ." she said smiling . she was fine as f*** but i'm falling for rae i aint gone do nothing to f*** this up. " same to you." i said walking to the truck getting in the drivers seat as rae was on her phone. hood ass was already in the truck waiting , tey ,trac, and mijo was looking at me through the rear view mirror as cassie and keeis got in. this is going to be a long lunch .
i dont know who this girl was that was with keeis but she looked like she was up to no good. the whole time at this crawfish place she's been eyeing chris down and mugging ria. like b**** you the one who is unknown. chris and rae is all cuddled up and chris keep playing with her hair and telling jokes it was cute he had his arm around her and everything ."baby what you thinking about? you okay?" mijo asked me , when i think i look pissed. "oh, nothing, just thinking." "about what?" "you dont even wanna know." ria looked at me as i pulled out my phone and texted her.
Me: Why b****es keep mugging you like they got a issue? they gon make alanta come out up in here!
R: rr.
"exuce us." ria said as we got up from the table towards the restroom. "whats up trac?" "you dont see that girl keeis with keep looking at chris like he's a piece of steak?" "i dont eat steak." "i was being serious ria . i let one dude get away from you cause of a ho and i'll be damned if another one do!" "trac, its not your fault aubrey cheated on me. i should have picked my friends wisely . and its not the ho you have to sweat over its your man." i sighed she was right. like always. " youre right. but let that chick step out of aint mad?" "no, i'm well aware. you see i have him already and he aint paying her no mind so whos boo-boo the fool?" "girl, lets go eat i'm starved!" we arived back at the table . "everything alright baby?" "rae you good?" mijo and chris asked us at the same time. "we good. just a little misunderstanding that was put under control." ria answered. "i might be tipsy but yall could have informed a b**** or sum." teyana drunk ass said a our food came and everybody ate.
that breezy is too fine ! even fine wasnt the word. i wonder what he's doing with little miss perfect. she looked like she was high maintence and stuck up. i peeped game on their little shade the tall one with chris brother kept mugging me i guess she caught me mugging her friend so what? if i wanted something i was going to have it and that included breezy ...
this ho i found at the beach was fine then a b****! i'm bout to f*** her brains out and she probably wont be able to walk again hahaha but otc i've been peeping how she been looking at my bro or rae. i know she said she got down like that but rae dont and chris well he loves threesomes and girl on girl action if cassie down then i'm down . i aint never did a three some with my bro but s***t its a first time for everything right?
we got back to the hotel room and i wanted to ask trac about what went down at restaurant. "baby." i called out as she got out the shower with one of my t-shirts i couldnt help but smile. "i'm sorry i really like this shirt." "its cool you look good in it. Uh, what happened in the restroom between you and ria?" “oh, nothing. Just girl talk.” “if its just girl talk why cant I know?” she sighed. “its that girl keeis brought to lunch . she kept looking at chris like a piece of meat and mugging ria. That s*** was disrespectful!” I laughed I’ve never seen her like this before. “mijoo I’m serious.” “I know you are baby. But, chris aint gone f*** up.” She gave me a ice cube look. “okay. Well atleast not while ria’s around.” “so, youre saying if she’s not around he’ll f*** up?” I sighed while grabbing her body close to mine as I sat on the bed. “baby. You have nothing to worry about. Me and chris already discussed this.” “discussed what?” I chuckled, ”how he feels about ria. “ “how exactly does he feel about my sister?” “well, he really, really, really likes her . a lot.” She smiled. “that what I like to see, my baby smiling .” “only you can make me feel this way.” “since you’re right here, how bout giving me a lap dance?” “tuh! nigga please!”
man that cassie girl keeis met at the beach cant keep her eyes off of me . she came to the hotel with keeis after lunch and joined us for dinner , ria has been quiet I dint know if I should ask her whats up or not?
Ria had just got out the shower while I was on the bed chilling she sat on the bed putting her hair up in bun then reading a book . I laughed aloud as she whipped her head around to look at me. “oh,I’m sorry. Was I interrupting you?” she rolled her eyes smirking. “why are you reading? This is suppose to be spring break .let go. Get crazy. Relax.” I said pulling on her. “chris if you don’t stop pulling on me!” “rae-rae , I wanna play.” She busted out laughing so hard she could’ve peed on herself and she was crying. “whats so funny?” “you nigga! now Leave me alone.” “leave you alone?” “yes.” I got on top of her throwing her book to the side as I kissed her neck. “chriss.” she tried to yell but turned into moaning. “no.” I whispered in her neck. “please. Chris. Stop. We .gon.fight.” she started kissing me back and biting my lip as I sucked hers . “I need to ask you something.” “mhm..” “foreal.” I said getting from on top of her sitting at the edge of the bed . “um, you and traci weren’t talking about that cassie girl today when we came from the beach right?” “yea. We were. Why?” “just wanted to know” “mhm. She kept mugging me and staring at you like you were the last dude on earth.” I smirked. “you jealous?” “of who? You must not know my name or have seen me. Tuh! Aint none got nothing on me.” “its funny cause you not even conceited or flaunt your stuff.” “don’t have to. My momma always told me that a pretty girls appearance speaks for them . “ I was just thinking how we haven’t met each others parents yet. “ I would like to meet your mom.” “I don’t stay with her .” “duh. I know that.” “next time she’s coming out here is for my graduation. “ “and what’s that suppose to mean?” I read her face. “this isn’t a game Rae.” “what isn’t.” “you . us. I really lo-like you and I want to still be with you in the long run. Youre just not some fantasy or sideline. I want us to be together and I don’t care what nobody has to say about it .” we just stared at each other for awhile. “but, Chris , I know all of that sounds good but.. its hard not talking to you or interacting with you at school. Its crazy like, I feel like our relationship shouldn’t be a secret but society is going to judge regardless and my parents are so over protective and their not going to accept it but at this point I don’t even care anymore. I just want to be with you and not give two phucks about what the other person thinks or says. “ I smiled so hard. “chris you are really creeping me out !” “ well, “ I said pausing and scratching the back of my curls. “ will you be my girlfriend?” I sounded so corny as ria busted out laughing on her back . “rae. Really ? I’m serious.” “Christopher yes I will be your girlfriend.” “oh s***!” “chris calm the f*** down!” “I’m so happy right now. Baby you don’t understand.can I call you baby now?” “I guess.” She said picking up her book. “baby. Youre so sexy, you fine as Ion know what and girl .. come here.” She put her book on the night stand as she straddled me. I looked at her in shock as she tried to un straddle me I stopped her. “no. I didn’t know you were gonna straddle me.” “shut up and kiss me.” She said as we kissed so intensely I rested my hands on her ass as I was about to take off her top my phone rang and ria broke the kiss. “its cool. Let it ring. I’m with my baby.” We started back as the phone stopped ringing and started back up she looked at me and tilted her head towards the phone. “damn. Messing up a nigga groove and s***.” I looked at the phone and it was keeis don’t he suppose to be f***ing? “what nigga? “ I answered. “ypu sound like I was interrupting something.” I smirked at ria bending over to put her phone on the charger. “you kinda was.” I said as she turned around flipping the bird. “aye. Um could you come over right quick?” “why nigga?” “don’t ask no questions. I need to talk to you about sum.” “nigga. Tell me over the phone. I aint coming to your room alone.” “breezy. Ria gon be good. You only gon be here for a minute.” “ight.” I said hanging up. “ I’m going over to keeis . he need help with something.” She looked at me strange. “with what?” “chill.” “mhm.. bromance. I heard about them dl brothers on oprah.” “yea whatever. You might be gay for all I know.” “what you mean?!” I looked at her. “I aint a virgin chris.” “couldn’t have fooled me.” “twice.” “what? ohh..” “yea. Hurry up and leave your boyfriend waiting on you.” I picked up one of the pillows on the bed throwing it at her. I left going to keeis room wondering if ria ever did it with that nigga who cheated on her . I knocked on keeis door and cassie answered with bra and panties . “hey breezy.” Wtf did I just get myself into ?
All I could do was smile, smile, and more smile. I didn’t when chris was in here cause that would have been a sign of weakness. I was happy I was finally truly getting over Aubrey . chris is so sweet and I could tell we were going to be good minus the Hos . I turned off the lamp and light smiling. I’m officially Mrs. Breezy now …
Next Day****
I woke up early cause I can never fully sleep through the night .. I looked at the digital clock and it read 12:00 a.m. I’ve only been sleep for two and a half hours . I decided to go outside the room downstairs when I see chris coming from keeis room. “have a good night.” That girl from the beach yelled out and shut the door as chris eyes met my gaze and he walked towards me. “look trac its not what you think. I promise.” “how do you know what I’m thinking?” “please, uh youre not going to tell ria right?” “what am I going to tell her? I saw you coming out of your cousins room with a ho?” “we didn’t do anything I promise.” “how long were you in there?” “uh, a hour or two.” “really? And not one thing happened?” “yes.” I kissed my teeth walking back to my room as he grabbed my arm . “trac. You gotta believe me.” “that’s not my call.” I said as I went into my room and laid back down on the bed . how was I going to keep this away from ria? Then again I don’t know what really happened in there …
I woke up and chris was laying on the side of me so cute. He had his right hand behind his head and his left hand over his bare chest. I was propped up on my elbow . “take a picture it’ll last you longer.” He said startling me. I smiled. “boy, you aint cute!” I yelled going to the bathroom to start off my day.
“damn, rae! I’m bout to piss in a cup.” He said as I exited the bathroom. “not my problem.” “what you be doing? Playing with yourself?” “na. I got somebody for that already.” “who?” his loud ass answered . “my boy.” He started smiling. “I didn’t say a name why you getting all excited.” “bet.” He said going into the bathroom. A hour later he came out as I was on my laptop. “and you say I take all d-“ I stopped to admire his beautiful body . he only had on a towel wrapped around his waist. I studied his torso , tattoos, and the remaining water droplets . I stopped when I heard him chuckling I looked at him. “you need some water? You looking kinda thirsty over there.” “aint no body stuttin you!” “mhm..” he said walking over to the left side of the bed. “I’m bout to dress you might wanna turn your head.” “you aint got nothing I never seen before.” “you sure?” “yea.” “turn around cj is shy.” “cj? He must be small.” I said turning around.
Today all of us were going to go to ride . I wore some black swimming trunks and a plain white v-neck with black and white chucks and ria wore some black Levi shorts and a white v-neck with some white chucks . “we twins.” I told ria as she put her laptop back inside her bag. “uhhh, no!” “you always downing a nigga! Show a real nigga some love!” “chris lets go. Please. “ she said as we left out the room locking the door. “oh. Keeis driving today.” “he still with that girl?” “na. she went back to her place.” “she stay out here?” I shook my head yes. As we made it down to the lobby . “nigga we always missing breakfast . we slippin.” I said to mijo walking up to him and traci and traci left to Talk to ria. “s***tt. I don’t.” he said licking his lips. “nigga I do not wanna know what yall be doing.” “whatever.” “where we eating at?” hood came out the breakfast area . “nigga you just ate.” “that s*** didn’t fill me up.” “ihop.” Ria shouted out. “waffle house.” Teyana said. “ihop it is.” “f*** you chris! Remember who was here first.” Teyana yelled. “I love yew tey.” Ria teased. “ion love you hoes!”
Breakfast was good and it was eleven something when we got to the beach. Everyone put on tan lotion as the girls took pictures in they bathing suits. “no chris! I am not getting on that thing!” she said looking at the jetski I was about to rent. “YOLO nigga!” keeis said renting one. “I guess.” She finally gave in. we got on the jetski as she held on to my torso tightly. “damn a nigga cant breath.” I said turning around . “sorry. Don’t go too fast.” She said quietly. I thought about how it would be when we finally make love. “you scared? Na. cant be.” “shut up chris ! i mean I’m sorry.” “mhm.” I said taking off.
“lets go again chris!” ria screamed out loud. “no Rae. I’m tired we went twenty times already.” She pouted. “awe. Little baby can’t get what she wants. She so sad right now.” I said pecking her lips. “breeezzayy!” I turned around and saw my nigga Ty. “my nigga! You made it.” :hell yea. I wasn’t gone miss out.” I saw him looking someplace else and met his gaze. He was staring at ria. “damn . that’s you?” “nigga! You know that’s me!” “s***tt.. she got any friends?” “yea. Traci but her and mijo booed up.” “damn. But introduce a nigga!” he said as we walked over to ria. This nigga was a fool and ria was too . I wonder how this would go. ..
Me and chris walked to my baby ria . damn its been a few days since I last saw her . it seems like each time I see her she gets more and more beautiful . “baby. You remember my nigga ty or mike ?” baby? “yea. of course . um hi.” She said smiling and I felt butterflies go through my whole body. “yall together now?” I asked . “yea nigga I just told you back there.” He said grabbing her by the waist smiling and kissing her . “save that s*** for later.” I said but on the inside I was pissed, hurt, and angry. They both laughed. “Michael. Are you staying for the rest of the week?” she asked me sounding like a angel and I just stared at her . “I’m sorry. Would you like me to call you ty or tyga?” “no. no. Michael is fine. And yea I’m staying for the rest of the week.” “good. The more the merrier .” “rae come on lets go get a drink!” teyana called out to her. “how are you going to get a drink?” I asked her. “easy. Somebody legal buys it for me and I drink it.” “they can get in trouble for that.” She smirked. “how bought you buy me one.” I looked at chris and he nodded. “alright.” “come on Michael.” She said grabbing my hand and I almost came. We made it to the bar as she just sat and looked at the beach . “here’s your two drinks sir” the bartender said as we received our drinks and I watched her as she sipped hers. I licked my lips at her perfectly shaped ones and how after sip she would lick them . she looked up at me grinning. “what?” “why do you keep staring at me?” “I’m sorry. am I creeping you out?” she nodded her head. That’s the last thing I wanted to do . “I’m sorry. I’ll try not to stare.” She got up as she finished her drink placing it on the counter and walked away as I never took my eyes off her perfectly shaped ass. I wanted her. I needed her . and I was going to have her …



updating sometime this week cause ... my next update wont be until august :/

run it

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lmao, RUN IT!

lol cute..RUN IT

They so silly and cute at the same damn time lol I wondering how long it will last before someone tries to mess it up
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"miami, how ya feelin?its springbreak so i'm ya'll feelin alll righttt! our next song coming from Bruno Mars Locked out of heaven. oH YEA,YEA,OH YEA, YEA,YEA,YEAA. NEVER HAD MUCH FAITH IN LOVE OR-" Man turn that s*** off!" chris said pushing the digitnal clock off of the dresser. i pushed myself up from his chest sleepily. "where you going nigga?" "i gotta pee! do i need your permission?" but my shorts and panties were on the carpet.. i looked over my shoulder at chris who was just cheesing like a chester cat. "gone head and go pee" it was dark in the room when we had our little 'session' so he didnt really 'see-see me'. "i'm naked.close your eyes." "no, duh. and nope, i didnt getto see last night so you owe me a view." ugh! i got up bending over to pick them both up. "" i looked at chris who was shaking his and licking his lips then tucked his bottom lip in between his teeth. "chrisss stop it!" "how can i with a body like that?" "well.." i said pausing and running my hands over my body, "dancing does pays off." "sure has." i laughed ."i'm going to take a shower." "i'll join you." he said jumping up. i walked into the bathroom first. "i need to pee!" he yelled at me. "i need to pee first then you can." "you can pee in the shower rae its all going down the same drain." i got in the shower as he pissed . "dont try to look at him." chris yelled through the glass shower door at me. "at who?" "my big man? "dont you mean little man?" "nah. cause he's big." "leave and stop tryna steal glances at me!" "girl aint no body watching you . if i wanted to look i could just do this." he said opening the shower door as my back was turned to him ."chrisss! get out now!" "i gotta brush my grill." "oh my god!how did i get stuck with you?" "welp. theres no turning back now."
Chris and i had taken our showers and now we were about to go to the beach . "you ready?" chris asked me walking into the bathroom. i closed the instagram app . "yep." "girl , i dont know who told you , you were cute but they lied." i brushed past him. "boy, i know you not talking with yooo, bean head,charlie brown look-a-like, wanna be mj looking ass!" he smirked "come here." "nope.its time to go remember?" "he grabbed me pinning me against the wall with my arms above my bed. "you gone get enough of talking to me like that." i laughed out loud . "who you pose to be?my daddy?" "yep." "tuh!" "girl.." he said kissing me passionately . as i heard someone clear their throat, "uh, its time to go love birds." traci said as she walked out shaking her head. "why was the door open?" "i was getting some air nigga!" i slapped him upside his head playfully. "i aint you nigga!" "stopp!" he said laughing and gasping for air. "ghetto doesnt become you." i walked out with my two piece high waist pink and white polka-dot bikini, a hat and my beige sandals. "girl you cute." chris said looking at me up and down. "aww.. and youre ugly."


run it

Omg that was good and update please i hope he tells her soon cause them too is cute:) RUNNNNN ITTTT

updating tomorrow ...

Autty ;)

well damn that was cray cray put her butt to sleep! love it thou
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"stop chrisss!" i snatched the covers from her small body as she grabbed them back half moaning and half sleep. "uh,uh. you hogging the covers i'm cold!" "i'm not chriss!" "yes you are!" "fine! take them i dont even care!" she said throwing the covers over my face. all what was expoed was her toned thighs and phat ass in them little ass shorts. i just licked my lips and slapped her on the ass. she turned around, "CHRIS WTF? I WAS SLEEPING! SLAPPING ME ALL ON MY ASS!YOU KNOW WHAT?GTF OUT!GO SLEEP ON THE COUCH!" she said serious all i could do was laugh cause her little creole accent and small voice. "i dont find anything funny." i could tell she wasg grilling me now. "chrisss. i'm sorry i just want some cover i so sleepy." "nope. you gone have to beg for it." i said biting my lip like she could see me. "i aint begging for s***!i'll call room service and tell them to bring me some co-" before she could finish her sentence while grabbing the phone i grabbed her gently but roughly putting her back on her back she was rabbling bs but i just kissed her and she kissed me back/ it was so intense and she started to rub under my v-neck and i lifted over my head as she playe dwith the brim of my shorts. "you not ready yet baby girl" i whispered in her ear. i felt her smirk against my lips as i started to suck and lick on her bototm lip as she bit mine and found a spot on her neck which caused he rto give out. i just continued to suck and lick, bite,and kiss. "oh,god baby chrisss." "mhmmm, you like that?" "yess."i kissed her one last time on her neck being sure to leave my love mark . i trailed my tongue down to her perfectly sized D breasts kissing each one and swiling my tongue around the nipple and played with it to it hardened i kissed down to the center of her chest and belly tracing her butterfly tattoo and ring. i nibbled on the inside of her thighs .i stopped for a moment after i pulled off hershorts and inhaled her sweet scent. i kissed her through her lace vickies. "mhm, baby dont tease me!" she moaned geting annoyed. i took my time pulling off her panties with my teeth and threw them to the side. first i inserted my index finger anf=d middle finger "aah chris baby.." she moaned moane dsweetly in my ear. i began to to stroke her faster and harder then inserted a thrid finger as i felt her clit getting swollen. "babbbyy! i'm bout to c-" "no youre not!not yet.." i kissed her "lips" and parted them with my tongue "mmm" heared he rmoan softly. as i parte dher lips began french kissing her prize and fingered her as i felt her getting wet as i kissed the juices running down her thighs. "baby-omg-chris-dont-f***ing-stop-please-baby-oooh!" she moaned tugging on my curls that s*** turned me on and i started to nibble and bite her 'girl' softly and smack on it like it wa sthe last meal on earth. "chriss" she moaned and screamed sounding like music to my ears as i adjusted her legs around my neck to began grinding and bouncing on my face. i held her by her hips and waist caus ei wanted to be the one in control. "s***ttt! ooh damn chris ---" she screamed as she arched her back i felt he rhand tightened in my curls and her legs shake uncontrollby as he rtoes curled. "i'm bout to c- omfg chris!" she came all over my face as she squirted in my mouth and i slurped it all up like it was the last meal on earth, i can devour her all day.she was still shaking from our previus session a si laid down on the side of her and she laid on my chest as i pulled the covers over her. "really chris?" she asked giggling. "what?" "now you want to share the covers?" "yea . you my baby.anything for you." "good night chris" she whispered reaching up pecking me on the lips. "goodnight rae." i whispered as i kissed her on the fore head. the time will come for me when i'll tell her i love her but , i'll just enjoy this moment right now in life ....

They are too cute.
Run It

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Twenty minutes of brushing teeth? They must be whales or sharks or something -.-

Run it


run it