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Sucka For Love

First Chapter coming soon
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he needs to be put in jail! RUN IT

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make sure y'all check out my new story "Thug Love"

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Run It!!

about dang old time somebody said something!! He needs to be locked up!!
Run it !!!

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Chris sat on a chair in his kitchen as ciara grabbed some tissue peroxide and began to clean the gash on his lip.

"ahh" he said wincing in pain.
"it's gonna burn a little but you have to clean it or it'll get infected" she told him as he stood still and let her clean it. She went on to clean the cut around his eye and then put a band aid on it.
"you're not gonna kiss my boo boo?" he asked with a puppy dog face.
"aww, i kiss you boo boo" she said kissing over his band aid."better?" she asked.

"yuup" he said nodding his head and laughed. Ciara sat down in another chair and looked down at the floor silently."whats wrong?" he asked her.
"i'm sorry" she spoke."it's my fault this happened to you, i pulled you in the middle of my issues" she went on and on until chris stopped her.
"i'm fine ciara, come here" he said pulling her up and seating her om his lap.

"you wouldn't be all cut up if you never met me" she spoke.
"i'm glad i met you" he said putting his hand on her chin and making her look at him."if i knew all this would happen before i introduced myself to you, i would still introduce myself to you" he spoke.
"well than you're stupid" she joked.
"i might be" he said with a laugh as she laid her head on his shoulder.

A hour passed and chris and ciara were chilling in his living room when he heard a knock at him door. He stood up and opened the door to see two cops on the other side.

"are you Christopher Brown?" one of the officers asked.
"yeah thats me" he answered.
"we got a call from a woman named amy saying something about a violent dispute" the female officer spoke.
"ummm i had a little scuffle with another man" chris spoke.
"don't look like a little scuffle to me" the man spoke looking at chris's lips.

"do you mind coming with us, Mr Brown?" the female asked as ciara walked up.
"uhh sure" he agreed.
"is he under arrest?" ciara asked.
"no ma'am we just need to get both sides of the story before we go any further " the female officer spoke.

"just wait here for me, i'll be back" chris spoke as ciara nodded her head. She watched as chris walked away with the officers and got in the back of their cruiser. She closed the door and watched around his apartment not knowing what to do with herself.

she sat down on the couch and took out her phone to call amy. Amy picked up on the 4th ring and ciara heard her tell her boyfriend to shut up.

"hello?" amy spoke.
"you called the cops?" ciara asked.
"yeah i had to, he needs to be stopped" amy spoke.
"this is just gonna piss him off even more" ciara said shaking her leg and putting her head in her hand.
"not if we make sure he goes away for a long time" amy spoke."don't worry ciara it'll be over soon, alright?" she spoke.

"yeah" she spoke a little above a whisper.
"tell her she needs to find a place to stay" she heard amy's boyfriend say in the background."shut up, she can stay as long as she want" amy told him.
"look i don't wanna be a problem" ciara spoke.
"it's not a problem" amy spoke.

"amy it's okay, i'll be fine" ciara spoke.
"where are you gonna stay ciara?" amy asked.
"i guess i could stay at chris's, i'm sure he won't mind" ciara spoke looking around chris house.
"are you sure?" amy spoke.
"positive" ciara spoke."thanks though" she added.
"no problem, if you need anything call me" she spoke.
"i will, bye" ciara said as they both hung up.

Hours passed Chris still hadn't returned. Ciara looked at the time to see it was almost 10pm. She pulled out her phone to call him but soon realized his phone was sitting on the table in the living room and ended the call. She walked into chris room and laid down on his bed falling asleep soon after.

"hey sleeping beauty" she heard chris's voice and opened her eyes."she's alive!" he said with a smile as he laid next to her.
"where have you been?" she asked.
"they wouldn't let me leave, they were convinced since david was a cop that i was lying, they believe his story over mine basically" he told her.
"what made them reconsider?" she asked.

"apparently david's story changed by the end of the night after i told them he abuse you" he told her honestly.
"so, whats going to happen now?" ciara asked."is he going away?" she added.
"i have no clue they have him in custody and they let me go" he told her."i have no clue whats going on with his half of the situation" he added.

"well i hope they put him away for a long time" she said laying her head on his chest.
"ditto" he said as he head his head and closed his eyes.

(i'm kinda coming to a road block with this story but i promise i will have something good coming into this story, just give me a couple of days)

ugh stupid david!!! jealous ass..all he know how to do is fight people! such a coward..smh..anyways so glad that her and chris are gonna be together RUN IT

david got some nerve like on the real amy could of reported him and that alone can ruin his career as a cop
and im glad chris aint give up on her
that fight tho like seriously ? david u immature and need serious help
run it

I was a silent reader for awhile but I have to say that David is a punk/b*tch he beat on her and expect her to stay? No buddy it don't work like that I'm glad she told Chris what she has been holding in.
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Run It!!!

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Ciara went back to work once the bruises and swelling went away. It had been almost a month since she talk to chris and she was still staying with amy at her house. which cause a few arguments between amy and her boyfriend.

"thanks girl" ciara's clients said standing up from her chair and giving ciara a 10 dollar tip.
"no problme" ciara said with a smile.

Ciara's smile soon faded as she looked over at the door to see david walking in. She looked quickly over at amy who rushed to her side immediately.

"can we help you?" amy asked.
"what are you a bodyguard?" he asked her.
"i might be" she responded.
"i came to get my hair cut" he said looking at ciara."can i get my hair cut?" he asked her as she looked at amy.
"sit down" she told him at he did what he was told.

Ciara put the apron over him and tied it around the back of him neck. She plugged in the clippers and turned them on and went to work. She looked into the mirror at him to see him staring at her.

"i'm sorry" he spoke."i want you to come back home" he added as ciara ignored him and continued to cut his hair.

The door opened a few minutes after and ciara looked over to see chris walk in. 's***' she said to herself as she looked at kevin through the mirror who looked up at her hearing her reaction.

"when you're done can i talk to you?" chris walked up to her and asked.
"uh sure" ciara nodded as he walked away to sit with the waiting customers.
"who is that?" david asked with frustration written across his face.
"i'll be right back" ciara said seeing his facial expression and trying to walk away but he grabbed her hand tightly.

"you ain't going nowhere" david spoke lowly but loud enough for her to hear him.
"please david, not here, not now" she whispered as chris looked up from his phone to see a different facial expression on ciara's face.

"is this him?" chris asked standing up.
"who the f*** are you?" david asked turning to look at chris still holding onto ciara's hand tightly.
"please don't" ciara said to chris putting her hand on his chest.
"this your man now or something?" david asked standing up and pulling her away from him.

"look this is not about to go down, not here, not now you need to go" amy said to david as the customer that was waiting witnessed it all.
"not here, not now? alright, i don't want any trouble" he said letting ciara go."watch your back homie" david said to chris as he walked out.
"i could have handled it myself" ciara said walking through the door into the back of the salon.

"can i go back?" chris asked amy.
"go ahead" amy said frustrated as chris followed behind ciara.

He walked toward the back of salon to see ciara pacing back and forth in the storage room. She looked over at him walking in and sucked her teeth.

"why are you back here?" she asked."why did you even come here?" she added.
"i just wanted to make sure you were okay" he told her.
"why do you care so much? like really?" she asked.
"i don't know, i just care about you" he told her."i don't know how to explain it but you're literally all i think about" he spoke as she just stood there listening.

"you haven't answered my calls or text and i came here to make sure you were still alive and breathing" he old her honestly.
"well i am" she responded.
"if you want me to stop calling, texting and coming around i will just say the word" he said looking at her eye to eye.

She sighed and ran her hands through her hair. and started pacing again.

"i'm seriously confused" she spoke.
"lets talk about it" he said sitting on one of the bins.
"i'm in this situation that i don't want to drag you into but i think...." she trailed off. and looked at him."i think i like you" she finished.
"you think?" he asked.

"i like you" she said fixing her statement.
"then who gives a f*** about anything else, i got you" he said grabbing her hand softly and pulling her closer to him."you trust me?" he asked as she nodded.

She looked at him lips as her body leaned into his. Her lips moved closer to his and just as they were about to kiss amy walked in.

"we're closing" amy said.
"umm okay" ciara said moving away from him quickly.
"did i interrupt something here?" amy asked.
"no" ciara said quickly as amy and chris both smiled.
"alright well imma start locking up" amy said with a laugh as she walked back out.

Ciara and chris both laughed as chris stood up. Ciara walked towards the door but was stood when chris wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. She turned around quickly and kissed him on his lips.

"i seriously wanted to do that for awhile" she said laughing at herself for that that.
"me too" he said laughing as they both walked out.

Chris. ciara and amy walked out the salon together. Chris helped them pull down the gate and lock in. Just as they were about to walk away chris felt somebody tap him on his shoulder. He turned around and was punched in the face.

"david what are you doing!" ciara yelled. Chris charged him as they began a full out brawl. After going blow for blow chris got the upper hand and punched him making him fall to the ground.

"chris come on" ciara said pulling him by his shirt as he looked down as david who was wiping his face and trying to stand up.
"get in the car" amy said to ciara and chris as they got inside her car and pulled off.
"take us to his house" ciara said as she sat in the back seat with chris who was laying his head on her lap and bleeding, alot.

run it

RUN IT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so glad she was able to get away! hopefully she doesn't go back tho..

ive missed this story run it!


Run It!!!

run it!!!

just now reading this and as always im pleased lol
david is crazy and its said that it took that for her to
finally get the courage to leave I just hope she doesn't
go back though.
I love chris though, he barely knows her yet he is so
willing to go out his way for her to make sure she's safe.
I hope they get together.

run it.!!!

Run it


After taking a shower ciara out on one of chris's t-shirt and Basketball shorts. She wrapped her hair into and bun and climbed into the bed getting settled under the covers. When she woke up the next morning around 11am she was in more pain then when she went to sleep. She opened her eyes to see chris standing in front of his mirror putting on a shirt. He looked behind him through the mirror and seen she was awake.

"did i wake you up? my bad" he spoke.
"no this pain woke me up" she said sitting up.
"you want some pain killers?" he asked.
"yes, please" she spoke as he walked out the room quickly.

He came back into the room with a bottle of water and pills. He sat on the corner of the bed and handed them both to her.

"i think you should take 2" he told her as he watched her take the pills and swallow them down with water.
"thank you" she said putting the stuff down on the nightstand.
"no problem" he spoke."uh i have to go into work, i have lunch duty today but you can stay here, if you want" he told her.
"no, i don't want to over stay my welcome" she said moving the blanket from over her.

"okay, do you need me to drive you somewhere?" he asked.
"no thats okay" she said struggling to stand up but couldn't.
"come on" he said standing up and holding his hand out to help her up.

Chris walked out to his living room as ciara put back on the clothes she was wearing from last night. She walked out to the living too and leaned up against the wall.

"i'm gonna call my friend, she'll pick me up" ciara told him.
"alright, talk to you later?" he asked about to walk out his door.
"sure" she answered."...thank you" she added.
"no problem" he said walking out the door.

Ciara sat on his couch and called Amy explaining everything that happened and where she was so she could come pick her up.

"i'm on my way" amy spoke.
"alight, talk to you when you get here" ciara spoke as she hung up and waited for amy to come and pick her up.

Her pain started to fade away as the pills began to kick in. She stood up from the couch and decided to look around his house. A few minutes later ciara jumped hearing a knock at the door as she stood in the kitchen. She walked over to the door and looked out the peep hole to see amy so she opened the door.

"oh my god, look at your face" amy said looking at the bruises and butted lip."how do you feel?" she asked.
"i'm fine now, chris gave me some pain killers" ciara told her as she walked out the door and closed it behind her.
"thank god for him" amy spoke as they hopped into her car and pulled off.

The whole ride over to amy's house ciara's phone kept ringing and each and every time it rang it was David calling.

"don't even think about picking up that phone" amy said looking over at ciara who was looking down at her phone.
"he's probably going crazy" ciara spoke.
"good" amy responded."you need to start listening to me cici i told this would happen and you went back anyway, i warned you" amy spoke.

"i don't need you to keep giving me the 'i told you so' speech" ciara snapped.
"i'm sorry" amy spoke as she parked in front of her house.

They walked into amy's apartment where her boyfriend mike was in the kitchen. Ciara sat down on the couch as mike looked up from what he was doing and looked over at amy.

"i'll be right back" amy said to ciara as she walked over to the kitchen."room" she said to mike as he followed her.
"who is that?" mike asked.
"my friend that i told you about, it got really bad and she needs a place to stay" amy spoke.
"make her a reservation at a hotel" he spoke.

"what? this is my best friend, if it was your friend i would have no problem with it" she told him.
"she has drama that i don't want knocking on my door" he spoke.
"i can promise you that no drama will be brought here" she said trying to persuade him.
"1 week, thats it amy" he spoke.

"thank you baby" she said pecking his lips and walking out the room. He walked out behind her and bagged whatever it was he was making and took it to go. He left out the door without another word spoken.

"i hope i'm not causing any trouble" ciara said.
"no, not at all" amy assured her."you can stay here for as long as you need to" she said disregarding everything mike had told her.
"thank you" ciara told her."chris told me i could stay at his house but i didn't want him to feel like he had to take care of me" she added.
"thats understandable" amy said as a silence filled the room.

"i kissed him" ciara shot out."thats the real reason i don't want to stay there, it would be awkward" she added.
"it would only be awkward if you make it that way" amy spoke.
"i think i like me" she said as if she was asking herself.

Run it!!!!!!

Ciara finally left David sorry ass. am happy now lol.

Run it!

i need more runs!

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