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Rihanna and Chris brown

Ok so do you think that it was right for what Chris brown did to Rihanna? So I think that what Chris brown did to rihanna was not right but I think that their is a point in which u can push someone to a certain level and then after that things happen but I don't see why people had to hang it over his head for the longest time like it's not like that type of stuff doesn't happen to women because it happens and why do the media have to be all up in their business like come on now they have a life they are old enough to make their own decisions if Rihanna wants to go back with Chris then that's her decision and then again we don't know what took place that night it could have been just a misunderstanding and he said sorry on TV with a thousand people watching I just think people should give him a chance to shine rather than focus on the past let it stay in the past just like when that interview on Good Morning America when the lady asked about Chris brown and Rihanna rather than talking about his F.A.M.E album he went off I mean I would have to if someone keep telling me over and over again about the same thing like it happen and you should just let it go he is a person he is going to make mistakes in life we all do but you also learn from the mistakes you make so I think that if people really love Chris Brown and you are his true fans you should be happy for him in whatever he does in his life as a star I am pretty sure life can be hard the money yea that's a good thing to always have but money isn't everything so life can be pretty hard for him at sometimes just like him loving Rihanna and karrueche tran at the same time no it was not right but he didn't want to hurt them both and I think that the way rihanna beefs on Twitter with Karrueche is stupid make her look stupid because she be the adult in the situation and I don't see why people call Rihanna a hoe can someone please explain that one two me???? I just think that the media should get out their business I mean hey they already made a song together called nobody's business and I just think that if you are a true Chris brown fan you would be happy for whatever decisions he makes with Rihanna and or Karrueche Thank You I Hope you guys like my opinion make sure to put a comment please Thank You Love, Peace, Hope Always Be Happy With Life :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)