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Forbidden Love

Hi im Rachel, im new to the forum and i wanted to post this story i wrote awhile back so i hope you guys like it

chapter 1 coming soon.

Forbidden love…

His touch, his smell, he was something that I couldn’t have. Every night he left my bed leaving me wanting a little bit more of him. You maybe wondering who “He” is well he’s my step-brother….he’s my FORBIDDEN LOVE..


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omg i just notice i never updated this story sorry...Updated Coming in a bit.

i wish she just tell the man wats goin on she will feel alot better. her parents will be more than upset when they find out the truth though. how do you tell your child their uncle is their father??? Run it

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I'm glad he came back and tried to make peace. I think she need to tell him wassup frfr
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she needs to tell him before things get it!!!!!

Yeah she need to just tell him & stop playin games .
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Aww I Feel Bad 4 Her...
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man just tell him.. he i gonna be even madder when he finds out its really his baby..RUN IT

she making it more difficult then it has to be with chris. run it


I was sitting on the couch getting grilled by my parents I wanted to beat chris ass for telling him I was pregnant but this was all my fault I should’ve told chris everything instead of letting drake control me.

“harmony how can u be so stupid you have your whole life ahead of you why would you get yourself knocked up” my mom asked.

I didn’t know what to say I needed chris to be here with me.

“im sorry ok it was a mistake I didn’t know how to tell u guys cause I knew u would be mad” I cried they both hugged me.

“im so scared I don’t know what to do” I cried even harder.

Me and my mom talked about it all night but the only thing that
was on my mind was where was chris.

Later that night I felt somebody get into my bed and wrapped their arms around me.

i turnt around to see him looking at me with the most hurt look on his face.

Right then and there I wanted to tell him everything but I knew I couldn’t too much was at stake I couldn’t risk anybody finding out about me and chris.

“why harmz” he asked.

“chris it’s hard to explain right now but baby I promise I will tell u everything when its time trust me” I said.

He looked me in the eyes I knew he could sense something wasn’t right.

“I love you harmony and I’ll do anything to protect you” he said while pulling me closer.

“I know and I love u too” I said. That night he held me so close it seemed like he didn’t wanna let go.

Drake is an ass and Chris shoulda whooped him some more. Drake gon get his.
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Awwww Damn ! So now since Drake got his ass beat he abt to snitch & s*** about the baby not being his . Smh mess !
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ilogged in just so i could post a comment lol . but run it! you cant stop there . where is chris going to go? i dont drake. and i really hope harmz woman up and express her feelingsto chris dump drake and be honest to everyone about this whole ordeal whether they except it or not .

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Girl u Better Run It... That Was 2 Good...
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not sure how im feeling about that now... :) this is good though run it!


I cried so hard just thinking about everything that’s been going on these pass 2 months made me sick to my stomach.

I heard my door close and felt drake come lay beside me, I moved over not wanting to be bothered by his crazy ass.

I wanted and needed Chris so bad.


Something wasn’t feeling right so i headed back to the house, I walked in the house an made my way up the stairs when I got to harmony room I heard her crying.

“harmony are you ok” I asked but she didn’t reply I tried to open the door but it was locked. “harmony please open the door” I begged.

The door opened but it wasn’t harmony.

“wtf are you doing here” I asked drake.

nigga I came to see my girl” he said with a smirk on his face. I looked at harmony and she turned her head.

“harmony wtf is he talking about” I was getting madder by the minute.

“he’s my friend chris nothing else” she said with tears coming down her face.

“if im just a friend then why are you pregnant with my baby” drake said.

He was standing in her face at this point.

I didn’t know what the f*** was going on I felt like I was in the twilight zone I couldn’t believe that she would have a baby by this nigga.

I walked over to harmony, “is this true, are u pregnant by this nigga” I asked.

She walked over to me and grabbed my hand.

“chris its complicated i..”

“no f*** that harmony and f*** you and this wack ass nigga”

I had so much hurt and hate in my heart I didn’t know what to do so I turned around and punched his ass in the face.

I couldn’t stop punching him all I could hear was harmony screaming for me to stop but I couldn’t I wanted this nigga dead

I felt myself getting pulled off him I realized it was my dad he was asking what was going on but I was to zoned out to even answer him.

“chris what’s going on” my dad asked. I looked over at harmony.

“why don’t you ask her she the one that’s pregnant by this nigga” I said pushing past him.

I needed to leave fast.

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update coming later!! keep the runs coming!!