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Dusk Before Dawn.

I sat quietly in the living room, on the floor, listening to the walls sway in our strangled apartment complex. I looked at the clock near the couch. Almost four. I should finish dinner. I stood up, and headed toward the kitchen, catching a glimpse of myself in the reflection of a photograph hanging on the wall. I stopped and stared for a moment, putting my finger to my lip. My eyes swelled, but I made the tears retreat back to their hiding places. There was no room for them here. I went into the kitchen and discovered another leak beneath the sink. I scurried to find another empty pot to catch the water. I’d tell him. But I couldn’t. He’d blame it on me. I closed the cabinet and went into the refrigerator, retrieving the steaks I’d let marinate throughout the day, while I cleaned the apartment ruthlessly. Not a speck on the carpet. I moved quickly, placing the steaks in to broil and heating up the mashed potatoes. I went to the table and put our plates down. I shined the forks and knives with my t-shirt and placed them parallel to the plates. I looked at the clock. 4:24. My heartbeat quickened. I took another look at the living room before I scurried down the hall to the bedroom to make sure that everything was in its place.

I went back into the living room, just as I heard the door click and saw the knob turn. He entered the house and his eyes fell upon mine. My breath scurried away and I smiled a little, hoping he was in a good mood. He shut the door behind him, ignoring me, and began to take off his shoes. I should say something. Ask him how his day is. Do it!

“H-how was your day, babe?” I asked.

“Dinner ready?” He responded, loosening his tie.

“The steaks are in the oven right now. Mashed potatoes and broccoli is done.” I said quickly.

He stared at me for a moment before he walked past me. I exhaled and stood there, before I felt a blow to my lower back. I fell to my knees – asking God, “Why?” the entire way down.


omg did that really just happen... please tell me he gets his memory back cuz they were doing so good for it to end this way

Where is everyone? :(


I sat with him everyday for the next week, watching his vitals rise and fall, wiping dried tears and holding his hand as the sun went down. He woke up on Saturday, while I was signing my release paperwork. Larry held Bubba in his arms, and my mom carried my small bag of things. I saw a nurse walking down the hall toward Tru’s room and looked at the clock on the wall. It wasn’t time for his rounds.

“Excuse me,” I said to my mom and Larry, before I walked across the hall to Tru’s room.

I smiled when I saw him sitting up in bed, checking his arm and studying the nurse as she wrote down notes on his file. When I entered the room, they both looked at me. Tru stared blankly at me, and then at the nurse.

“Hi,” He said then.

“Hi,” I said, smiling and standing still.

I wanted him to remember the night before. Remember that he loved me. The nurse smiled at me and looked at Tru.

“How’s your head?” She asked.

“Uh, cloudy.” He responded, half-shrugging. He looked at me again.

The way that his eyes curled around me hurt a little, and I didn’t know why then. I was the victim of that stare for a few moments before I could identify what it was and why it hurt. He didn’t know who I was. The nurse finished up and left, and I stayed put.

“I’m happy to see you awake.” I said, smiling.

“…Oh yeah?” He asked, looking around the room. “That’s cool. Say, uh, where can I get some chocolate?”

I smiled and dug in my purse. I handed him a Hershey’s bar I’d bought for Bubba earlier that day. He smiled graciously and took it from me. I sat down and he looked over at me, as he took a bite of it.

“Strange.” He said.

“What is?” I asked, my heart racing with uncertainty of what this conversation was and who I was speaking with.

“You being so kind to a stranger,” He said, smiling and studying me.

He stuck out his hand, “I’m Tru.”

My eyes watered and I exhaled a little, “Joy.” I said, shaking his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you.” He said, taking another bite of his chocolate.

Tru sat on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor, reading what I’d written him. He turned and looked at me now.

“…You’ve never told me any of this,” He whispered.

“I know.” I said, searching his eyes. “…Does this scare you?”

He looked back at the paper and exhaled, before he folded it up and put it on the nightstand. “Yes,”

“Why?” I asked, sitting up now.

“Have you…worked through this? I mean…how can I help? I don’t think I can help, Joy.” He said.

“You already have,” I said, smiling at him.

“Well what about those moments where you retreat and there’s nothing I can say to make you come back? How do we deal with those?” He asked.

Tru looked at me fearfully and I dropped my hand from his and shrugged.

“Well…I guess we’d both have to be willing to deal, right?” I asked.

He swallowed, “I guess we do.” He said.

“I know I’ve been through a lot but…I’m trying to be better and it starts with you and being here with a man that I love, and if you’re too afraid to be here for me, then let me know now because I can’t love alone.” I said.

Tru sat quietly before a small smile hit his lips, “You mean it?”

“Mean what?” I asked, my eyes glossed over.

“That you love me…” He said softly.

“…I’m sorry.” I said, my eyes falling to the bed.

He took his index finger and lifted my chin, “Don’t apologize.” He said, smiling. “I think I love you too, lady. And that’s…why I’m willing to deal with those moments where you’re stuck in your head, or in your past. I have to be here for you ‘cause I need you here for me.”

I smiled and put my hand on his cheek. He shut his eyes and puckered his lips. I smiled and pecked them.

“I love you Tru…” I whispered.

I had a dream once. I lied on the sidewalk, staring directly up into the sun – feeling it sear my countenance, as my eyelids grew into vapored goodbyes. I lied there, hands pressed into the concrete, attempting to move but finding a stiff neck, confining me to the immovable floor. Paralyzed, my body filled with warm panic and my mouth belted out muted cries. I swallowed then, as tears rolled down my melted face. Please, somebody, help me.

I stirred awake, and stared blankly at the fluorescent light above me. I looked to my left and found an empty nightstand. I looked to my right and found monitors, beeping softly. My breathing quickened and I sat up, perspiration staining the cotton sleeper I lied in. The door opened, revealing my mom’s face. She was holding coffee. She smiled when she saw me and shut the door. Still in a dreamlike state, I greeted her smile with tears.

“Mommy.” I started.

“Hi, shh shh shh.” She said, walking toward me and rubbing my head. “You’re okay sweetheart, you’re okay.” She said, kissing my cheek repeatedly and pulling me into her arms.

My eyes searched the room, “Tru. Where’s Tru?” I asked, pulling back and looking up at her.

She parted her lips but shut them. She took me down the hall to where Tru lie limply in his bed. There was a breathing tube in his mouth and wires hooked up to his arms. My mom stood behind me, with her arms wrapped around me. She looked at me and then at Tru.

“…He gonna be okay?” I whispered.

“We’re waiting on him to wake up. His brain damage appears to be worse than yours, from what the doctors have said. He was driving during the accident.” She said.

I looked at her now, “What accident? What happened?” I asked, confused.

“You guys were on your way to meet us in Raleigh. We’ve all been waiting for you to wake up to put the pieces of what happened that day together. We just don’t know right now.” She said.

I looked back at Tru, wondering how we’d gotten here. I didn’t remember anything but the night before.

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Avery is so mean to her!!!! oh and shes too nice but I really like this!!!

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Aww Tru!! I feel so bad for the both of them. But I'm glad they have each other. They are so good together. They have to be strong for each other. Run it!!!!

I love it....I love that Tru feels comfortable enough with her to share something like that....and I love that she WANTS to be able to do the same with him.

*New reader* This story is everything . Lots of emotions . I love Tru! He's def a keeper!! Took me a little minute to read it all but I love it ! Run it !!!

You are a very deep writer, I love it!


run please.

They both have been through so glad they are together.. RUNIT

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He is so patient with her.. RUN IT!!!

Damn..Run It!!


I dried my face with my hands when Tru finished his recollection. He looked at me finally and smiled a little.

“But now she’s…away from all of the pain, y’know? Can finally get some rest.” He said.

I pecked his lips, “I’m sorry.” I whispered.

He shook his head, “I’m cool, Joy. I’m cool. I’m more worried about you.” He said.

“…Was just going through some things with my mom. That’s all.” I said.

“Things like what?” He asked.

I sat quietly and Tru sat up and looked me in the face. “Joy I can’t be there for you if you don’t tell me which way to go.”

“I want you to know,” I said. “But…it’s so hard to tell you it all.”

I figured he’d be angry. After he disclosed his past, I knew he’d want the same from me. Something I simply could not do right then.

“Will you write it?” He asked, catching me off guard.

I parted my lips to speak but shrugged instead. “…Like what?”

“In a letter. In a big ass paragraph. I don’t care. I’m just ready to read you.” He said.

I looked down at the floor and then at him, “…Okay.” I said.


<a href=>Tru</a> signed the visitors list and looked at the receptionist.

“How is she today?” He asked softly.

“She’ll be happy to see you.” She said, smiling.

He walked around the desk and went down the hall, holding onto her bouquet of flowers. He went to her room and knocked softly on the door. When he entered, she was sitting near the window, with her stories on.

“Hey Ma,” He said, entering.

She looked at him then and her face fell into a smile, “Trupayne,” She said, her voice hoarse.

Tru handed her the flowers and she smiled and took them from him. He took note of her frail, thin hands and how they struggled to grip the flowers. He kissed her forehead and sat down across from her.

“You okay?” He asked her.

She nodded, smiling slightly. “I’m fine boy. How are you? Huh?” She asked.

“I’m fine. Graduation is in a month…Mr. Jenkins and Karen been helpin’ out a lot.” He said.

Karen was Tru’s school counselor. Once she found out about his mother being in a rehabilitation center, she took him under her wing and helped out the best she could.

“Graduation…” She said absently. “My boy going to college.”

Tru nodded, “Yeah I am.” He said softly. “I’d like you to come, Momma.” He said.

“I’ll be dere.” She said.

Tru smiled and sat quietly, watching her as she studied the flowers.

“Know why I named you Trupayne?” She asked.

He met her eyes, “…I can guess.” He whispered.

“I knew I’d hurt you.” She said, studying him. “Knew you’d know pain. Real, true pain. I ain’t good for nobody. Not even myself. Look at where I’m at.” She said, chuckling a little. “But I’m proud of you…” She said, her eyes watering. “I’m proud of you…”


Tru’s mother put a cigarette to her lips, taking a drag and watching her <a href=>son</a> sit at the table, eating oatmeal and finishing his math homework. He took a bite of his toast and scribbled to finish the last problem.

“Gonna be late to school again, with ya dumb ass. Why didn’t you finish this s*** last night?” She said.

Tru wanted to answer but he didn’t. He didn’t want to be hit. He had to work after school at the store yesterday and help Mr. Jenkins close, to get enough money to pay rent for the month. Momma’s check didn’t cover it all.

“And ya ass better not be failing nothing. Can’t have no remedial ass kid.” She said, her cigarette down to the butt now.

“Where’s my got damn rent money.” She said, getting up and going to the couch.

Tru watched as she opened the box. She counted it. She hadn’t ever noticed the money he put in to add to the rent money. He hadn’t ever told her. She pulled it out and stuffed it in her bra, before he saw her take the small bag from the box as well. Every time he put money in, he imagined himself throwing her drugs into the trashcan and watching her look for it furiously…but he always knew that she’d hit him anyway. He finished is breakfast and looked at the clock.

“Bus coming, Momma.” He said, standing up and going to the kitchen.

He drank the rest of his milk and stuffed his homework in his backpack, before he grabbed his jacket and headed into the living room. His mother sat on the couch, waiting for him to leave.

“I love you boy.” She said softly.

Tru stopped at the door and swallowed hard, before he looked over his shoulder. “…I love you too, Ma.” He said, before he left the apartment.

I kissed Tru’s lips and smiled as he lied on his back on the famous brown couch that I adored. He ran his finger across my lips, before he kissed them, sticking his tongue in softly. I slid my body up and pressed myself up against him. He pulled back and kissed my nose, before he studied me. I lied my head on his chest, my mind going elsewhere.

“You’ve been quiet,” He said softly.

I didn’t want to tell Tru about what was going on at home. I didn’t want to ruin our time together, where I was safe to be someone else – not the Joy diluted with pain.

“I’m sorry,” I responded, looking up at him.

“It’s okay. I just hope you’re doing alright,” He said, wrapping his arms around me.

“How’d the interview go?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Really good.” He said, smiling. “They offered me the job. I’m starting at 80.”

I raised my eyebrows. Life of a mechanical engineer.

“Never seen that much money,” I said, searching his face. “How does it feel?”

He shrugged, “I guess we’ll see,” He said, chuckling. “But know that I got you. Whatever you need.”

“I don’t need anything. Just you.” I said, smiling.

Tru ran his finger beneath my eyes. “Why do you do that?” I asked.

“What?” He asked.

“Use your fingers that way,” I asked him.

“For memory.” He responded. “Your face is telling me something right now but…we don’t know each other enough for me to understand. I will one day.”

“…I’m pretty melancholic.” I said.

“Is there a reason why?” He asked.

“…Yes,” I whispered. “But I don’t want to be that way with you.”

“How can I help?” He asked.

I shook my head and smiled a little, “Why’s your name Trupayne?” I asked again, changing the subject.

“Huh,” He sighed, shutting his eyes and covering them with his hand.

I moved it and waited for him to open his eyes. “Guess I have to answer eventually anyway.” He said.

He opened his eyes now and looked at up at the ceiling. “My mom…gave birth to me…in rehab.”


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