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<em><strong>Authors' Note::;</em></strong>
<em>This is a collaboration story between me and Love.Isis(Nani). We wrote a different part to this but it was lost when all those stories got deleted...but you won't get lost. Have any questions leave them in your comment! Enjoy!</em>
Nani Pov

As <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo securedownload_zps9b8a7510.jpg"/>I</a> look around my den at all my loved ones and friends I reflect I how my life has changed in the last year and a half. Went from being single, working and living with my sister in Chicago to being engaged, a soon to be housewife and living in Los Angeles. I am not complaining at all; I love my fiancée and I wouldn't have it any other way. "There you are. I thought you'd ran away." Smiling, I shake my head, "I don't think I could get away from you if I wanted to<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo Dwight_zpse62263f4.png"/>Dwight</a>." He laughs and grabs my hand leading me out of my little corner, "There's an important announcement I need to make and I don't think I could do it without you, beautiful." My face flushes as he flashes a bright smile at me. It amazes me that he can still give me butterflies after all this time.

Standing in front of the fireplace Dwight calls for everyone's attention and the large group forms a semi circle around us; Derrick, my sister, Gabby and Dwight's parents in the front. "I'm sure all of you are wondering why we've brought you here to LA and asked you to get all dressed up," he glances down at me and kisses my forehead making the crowd croon with awes, "Well, that reason is because she said yes." A wave of confusion passes over the crowd making us giggle; I pull my right arm from around his waist and held it out in front of me. "We're getting married!" They all gush as they erupt in applauds; my sister rushes to me before anyone else can and pulls me off to the side while everyone else bombards Dwight with congratulations and questions.

"What," I ask giggling at her expression. "You know what. Why didn't you tell me? You invited us to this party a month ago." "Because you ma'am have a big mouth. If I would've told you people in Cuba would've know by now. I wanted to tell everybody at one time to make it special," I explain playing with my ring. I look up to find her staring at me wi an angry face but I still sole because I know she's going to smile any second. <em>Boom!</em> like clockwork she bursts into tears and laughter then pulls me into a tight hug,"I'm so happy for you, honey!" "Thank you, Gabby. But I just want to tell you this, you won't know anything else except the day were getting married. No one will!" She goes into full on pout mode, like if someone was to see this they would swear I was the older sister. "Oh put your lip back in your mouth. You will be just fine not knowing!" "Fine but I don't like it. But before anyone comes over here I got a question?" "I'm listening," I say wondering what's about to come out of her mouth."Have you told Lisa yet?" "Nope," I say shaking my head repeatedly, "And I don't plan on telling her. She will find out when she gets her invite." Gabby nods as she moves to stand next to me; I know that we're staring in the same direction at the same two people. "What do you think they would do if they found out?" I glance at her momentarily then back at them, laughing and so happy. It would crush them probably but that's furthest from my mind. "Nope because I do not plan on that happening," I say grabbing her hand, "Come on. There's a party being thrown halfway in my honor, let's enjoy this moment right here. Forget about work."

Gabby’s Pov

A couple days after the wedding, <a href=" ">I’m</a> at home watching television when suddenly I hear the doorbell ring. I pause the tv get up to see my sister standing at the door waving. "Oh my God! What are you doing here?" She greets me with a big hug "Well, Dwight is out of town for a game and I had nothing else to do." I laugh, "Oh so I'm the last resort huh?" She stops walking and puts her bag down. "No, no, you're not. Is it wrong for me to come visit my sister?" I sigh as I grab her a water out of the fridge,"No, its not. I'm actually glad you're here Lisa wanted to talk to us." She takes a sip of water and stands up, "Okay. What are we waiting for then?" "Not so fast. She wanted me to Skype her instead of coming in." She plops back down and stretches out as I turn on the flat screen and sign into my skype account. Before we know it, Lisa is on the screen. "Hey ladies." We both greet her in unison "Let's get down to business. We have some new numbers, they are high profile ballers and are looking for some fun. You alls files should be to you in a hour. Good luck and remember tell no one." "Got it," I say as I look at Nani. "Yeah, got it." "Alright. Love you two. Bye." I exit off the screen and we look at one another. "Back to work for us." She shrugs, "I know what that mean. Shopping!" we laugh as we grab our purses and leave the house.

We hit up some shops and end up buying alot of things. We decide to sit down and take a break at the food court. "What did D say when he found out you were escorting?" I take a deep breath, "He was really upset that I was doing it but he said as long as I stopped and love him the way I say I do then everything would be good." She nods. "So I think that if he find out, he might leave me. But I want him to understand that I have to make a living, too. I don't like staying at home with nothing to do. I need an outlet." Nani nods in agreement. "Well, I'm tired and we've bought everything we need. Time to go." I laugh and pick up my bags.

As are pulling up we see this white boy leaning up against a white Lamborghini. We got out struggling with our bags. He notices and comes to helps us. "What's up, sexy ladies?" He walks in front of us and I stop walking. "Justin is that you?" He takes off his sunglasses and smiles. "Oh my god!!" I run up to him and hug him tight. "Its been a while I know I missed you two especially missed the big tips I would get." He smiles as he hands us our bags and files. Of course we had to give him a big tip it was only right. "Thanks ladies! I'm glad y'all are back. See y'all around." We wave him off and go inside so we could get ready.