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Without You *Chris Brown and Kayla Anderson

Chapter 1
Chris: Baby come her( in the studio)

Kayla: what( wobbling in the studio)

Chris: check this beat out

Kayla: Chris did i really come all the way down here to listen to a beat(putting her hands on her hip)

Chris: well actually i wanted MY SON to hear it(rubbing her stomach)

Kayla: well actually i was about to feed ME and YOUR what now(laughing)

Chris Pov: OKAY PAUSE so i know yall wondering who Kayla is well she is my girlfriend who makes me happy point blank period. she is the reason i breathe if it wasnt for i wouldnt be where i am now. she keeps me in place. honestly if anything ever happen between us i would be f*cked up. i mean i can live without money and fame i just cant live without her. i no idea things would go down the way its about to but imma make sure i make sure she know i love her and aint trying to lose her honestly. i just pray we can hold it down and that i can be the man she wants and needs me to be.

Chris: well i can feed you something(looking down)

Kayla: umm no thats how we got this one(laughing ) bae im bout to go upstaiirs

Chris: wait let me help you(coming up behind her)

Kayla:well thanks boo

Chris: have you talked to your mom

Kayla: nope

Chris: why

Kayla: she keep ignoring my calls

Chris: oh bae it will be okay

Kayla: she is mad because i didnt wait to get pregnant and its your dad said he was coming over to help to fix the room ( upstairs now and going to the kitchen)

Chris: aww well maybe he can help me play some ball you know

Kayla: okay big kid, ouchh

Chris: what

Kayla: your son just kicked me hard

Chris: he dont like you talking bout his daddy(laughing)

Kayla: shut up

Chris: you know im right

Kayla: whatever(baby kicking again) ugh he did it again(laughing)

Chris: what you making daddy to eat

Kayla" umm im not making nothing for daddy but as for mommy and baby we eating some pancakes, eggs, and bacon with some orange juice

Chris: oh okay well i guess daddy just gonna have to make himself useful

Kayla: of course, i was thinking about going to church this Sunday

Chris: okay well ill go with you

Kayla: okay great bae

Chris: i think your mom is going to be shocked to see us together

Kayla: i know(laughing and someone phones ringing) ummm Chris i think thats you

Chris: yea hold on imma be back(walking to the studio) hello..what you want..soo what that got to do with aint mines...look ill meet you somewhere tonight....i guess your house is fine.....whatever bye(going back upstairs)

Kayla: so who was that

Chris: one of the producer well he new and wanted to know how to work the music

Kayla: oh okay well im tired soo imma take a nap and would love for you to come( wrapping her arms around his neck and kisiing him) so please

Chris: okay and i have to go to the studio at 6 pm

Kayla: can i come

Chris: not this time i got a surprise for you so no

Kayla: okay fine im sleepy so come on

Chris: you aint even cook

Kayla: oh well

Chris: come on baby(helping her upstairs)

Kayla: i love you bae

Chris:i love you too( climbing in the bed next to her)bae.....(no answeer)Kayla Taniah Anderson

Kayla: WHAT(looking at him)

Chris:im sorry(closing his eyes)

Kayla: for(looking confused)

Chris: for everything i ever did or happened

Kayla: well i forgive you pumpkin(kissing his nose) i love you and i love your freckles it makes you ONE sexy boyfriend(half sleep)

Chris: night girl

Kayla: night