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Chris & Kae

I honestly think that Team Breezy shouldn't really make a big deal out of Chris dating Kae. That's their relationship and it has nothing to do with anyone. I mean we always say as long as Chris is happy and all we want is for Chris to be happy. So if Kae is what makes him happy then lets not ruin that for him or them because being all on Chris' back or Kae's back about them being together is not making him happy. Trust me. I mean me personally, I think that Chris should start fresh and move on from Kae and Rihanna. But that's not my decision. It's his. So lets just focus on we love Breezy. It's not his relationships. That is personal life and it's not anyone's place to metal. I'm not trying to make you change your mine, I'm just saying don't stress Chris out about it. Keep it all to yourself.


Just want to add, saw Kae's picture on Twitter. She's a lovely girl.

I'm a fan of Chris Brown and whoever he dates is cool with me. I'm about his music and performance, who he dates or is nobody's business but his own.