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I don't know if you actually read this site...

I just want you to know that you seem like a pretty cool person and I appreciate and value your music. When I heard Fine China come on the radio it made me feel as if Michael Jackson was still alive. I see that he was your inspiration for that song. When you first came out I felt really jealous of you. I felt like it could be me up there on that stage. I can't sing as well as you and I don't have a studio quality microphone, but I'm pretty good. People adore me as well. I just created my own website because I <strong>KNOW</strong> that I will be famous one day just like you. One day we will perform together and I will say, <em>"Chris, did you ever read the post I put on your website?"</em> and you'll say <em>"Nah, man I don't even read that website"</em> and we will laugh like we have known each other for a long time. Keep your anger under control. I know what its like. I came from a broken home. I have been dealing with this burning anger my whole life. They are watching you.
I congratulate you on your success. Keep it up.

Its just starting up and I know its kinda lame, but check my website out:
<a href=""> The Official Brendan Cooper Site.</a>

<strong>King Brendan Elihu Lamont Cooper</strong>