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On the Run

<strong>Chapter One</strong>

<a href= >Giselle</a> walked to the door and stopped. She could feel the heat through the screen door and then regretted saying she was going to look for her brother. Leaving the air conditioned house so soon wasn’t really a good idea, but she pushed herself onto the front porch letting the door close behind her.

The moving truck was parked on the curb in front of the house blocking the neighbors who sat out on front of their porch across the street. The next door neighbors to the right didn’t seem like they were at home and the ones on the left were in the backyard starting up a barbeque. She sighed not hearing her little brother’s voice along with any of the neighbor’s kids, sending her off down the block to the corner that was just a 30 second walk away.

Across the way from the neighborhood was a huge grassy area where there was a parking lot straight ahead and two courts off to the left side, a park a little further and then a golf course all the way to the left that was no longer in use until her father had bought it a month ago. Scanning the park, nobody was there playing around, but the basketball courts closed in by a tall, metal fence separating the two were where the party was.

A bunch of guys played on one court that not a lot of people watched and on the other court, guys and girls flocked leaning up against the gate. She made her way over there, noticing her older cousin <a href= >Brittany</a> who she hadn’t seen in a few years. “GIGI!” Brittany ran over to her with open arms and a big smile. “It’s about time you got over here! Where have you been? Your brother is about to get his ass beat!”

“What?! Where is he?”

“He’s playing against Reece on the basketball court.”

"Okay so why you not stepping in and dragging his ass off the court then?!"

“Because Gigi they don’t play regular basketball out here.” Brittany informed her. “They’re betting, and when somebody steps on the court, they have to play. The gate is <em>locked</em>. Ain’t no way Jarell is getting off that court unless someone wins. And the bet is if Jarell won he’ll take all the money in the Betting Hand, but if he lost Reece said he’d beat his ass to teach him not to step on his court again. And girl, yo lil brother is losing. It’s 8 to 12. They’re going to 15.” Giselle hurried to the fence, unable to see through the thickening crowd. “MOVE!” Brittany demanded. People stepped to the side and the two cousins made their way to the fence.

Giselle saw her little brother, <a href=>Jarell</a> getting his ankles broke. Lord knows she'd get a mouthful from her mother if she let anything happen to him. So without hesitation, she made her way out of the crowd and hurried down to the gate's entrance. Some tall, dark-skinned man leaned against it.

“Hey,” she called.

<a href=>He</a> turned around, over-towering Giselle. “What?”

“What are the rules?”

“No girls. That’s the rule.” He turns his back to her, watching the game.

Giselle backed up, sighing in defeat and ready to run home and get her dad in the last attempt. But even then it’d be too late. Maybe she should just let him get his ass beat. He probably talked sht to the guy anyway, she thought. Always back talking somebody and acting like he’s a thug ever since they switched from private school to public school two years ago. Let him learn his lesson about acting tough in a new neighborhood.

“You just gonna stand there and let him get his ass beat,” a deep, chilling voice asks, pushing past Giselle. It was her cousin and Brittany’s older step-brother, <a href=>Brandon</a>. “Dris, open the fcking gate!” he demanded.

Dris, the man guarding the fence’s gateway, opened it up and called time out on the game. The people groaned as the game was stopped and others became dead silent.

Brittany walked over with some girls following behind her. Brandon snatched Brittany up by her shirt, clenching his jaws. “Fck is yo problem not keeping an eye on family while I’m gone? Too busy tryna talk to these thirsty ass muthafckas, I see! Let me catch your ass out here talking to one of these btch ass niggas!” Brittany kept quiet as her brother breathed her down and let her go. "Take yo ass home!" She stumbled back into her friends and then walked off in anger. “Come on, GiGi,” he says with a straight face walking through the open gateway.

Giselle gathered her strength, breathed in and out, and followed her big and bad cousin onto the court, which only meant one thing: she and Brandon would be playing a game of basketball against <a href=http://cdn.necoleb****>Reece</a> in exchange for Jarell.


awww im so happy for them!!!! run it!!!

run it

aww im happy for them
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aha no sex or smoking boy they gonna have to have a guesthouse to be able to do that .. thats compromise! lol
run it :)

Awww they had a baby run it

Aww they are too cute!!! She boss kickin ppl out quick. I'm proud of Reese and GiGi
Run It!!!


9 months later.

“I TOLD THAT NIGGA TO WAIT!” Loki groaned as he paced back and forth in the hospital’s lobby waiting room. “Now he’s not answering his phone! And we up here, can’t do s*** because we not family!”

“Shut up,” Rock said, sitting down and shaking his leg. “Gigi gon’ be aiight! You act like she gon’ die or some,” he smiled.

“Yeah man,” Travis sighed with his head in his hands, “she’s just having a damn baby. Chill nigga…”

Soon Reece arrived walking through the doors of the Labor floor. “b****,” he mumbled, “gon’ ask me who I’m here to see knowing good and well I been here all morning!” He held a bag of fast food and drinks. “Swear to God, I can’t wait ‘til we leave this f***in’ hospital!”

“Thanks man,” Rock takes the bags. “This nigga over here going crazy cause you taking all day.”

“Yeah cause the line was long as hell!” Reece stared at Loki. “We hungry, I ain’t bout to be sitting up here all day with my stomach growling! I ate on the way here, burger and fries was fire! I’m a get me some more on the way home!”

“You need to be in the room with her,” Travis said giving Reece a side eye. “Stop being a pussy and go hold her hand.”

Rock smiled, reaching in the fast food bag. “Nigga can shoot a gun, but can’t cut an umbilical cord, what the f***?”

“Shut the f*** up before I throw y’all s*** in the garbage,” Reece threatened, rolling his eyes and walking down the hall. He made his way to the room where Giselle lay up in a hospital bed with her legs up and the doctor and nurses still working. She had been in the hospital since this morning and now it was the afternoon.

“Mr. Hopkins…” the nurse called as he walked towards Giselle, “would you like to hold your baby?” Reece turned to see the nurses standing over a clear bin that had his newborn baby. He nods and carefully picks up his child. “She’s a healthy, 7 pound and 6 ounces.”

“I wanna hold my baby…” Giselle whined.

“You will in a minute,” the doctor assured. “We just have to finish stitching you up, okay? Just relax.”

“Curly, jet black hair just like yours,” the nurse smiled at Reece. “And the nose, too…”

“Eyes and lips like her mother,” Reece smiled. Tears built up in his eyes. “She’s gonna be a daddy’s girl.” He walks over to Giselle and sits on the edge of the hospital bed. “We gotta think of a name.”

“Jamie,” Giselle said. “My mother was gonna name me that, after my grandmother. And then she was gonna name my brother that, too, but she didn’t.”

“Jamie…” Reece nodded, “I like that name. Jamie. Jamie Marie Hopkins.”

“Marie, where’d that come from?”

“It’s my grandmother’s name.”

“Then it’s perfect. We’ll name her Jamie Marie Hopkins.”

“Bet she be a tomboy like her momma,” Reece joked.

“I was not a tomboy!” Giselle rolled her eyes. “But she will be a beast like her daddy.”

“My baby is not playing basketball! She won’t step foot on the courts out here!”

“She don’t gotta play basketball to be a beast. She can play volleyball, soccer, or tennis.”

“One of those is more like it.”

“Well congratulations to the both of you on being first time parents,” the doctor said, finished with stitching up Giselle. “The name is beautiful. I’m sure she’ll be a mix of whatever talents you both have and she’ll be just as great or better. Have a nice evening. The nurse will bring you the papers to fill out.” He walks out and the nurses stay behind cleaning up.

Finally the guys come in to see the baby. Giselle was holding her and then Travis takes her. “Man, momma not gon’ believe it when she come out here,” he smiled. “Lost one girl…gained another.”

“Your mom is coming out here,” Giselle eyed Reece. “And when were you gonna tell me about this?”

“When she got here,” Reece slightly smiled. “She had to wait a while before the heat blew over, baby! She’s been living in Las Vegas for the past six months and she wants to see her first grandchild. Told her to wait a year, but then you got pregnant… What, you thought she was gonna stay back in Chicago?”

“And what if the police are still trailing her, then what? She’s gonna lead them right to us!”

“Momma went blonde and cut her hair like Halle Berry,” Travis announced. “She put on a few pounds, too. They won’t recognize her. She used to be with my father, so she knows how to move. Don’t worry, she won’t get caught, Gigi...oops! I mean Drew! Keep forgetting to use our new names in public.”

A nurse comes back in seconds later with papers and pamphlets, handing them to Giselle. “Mr. Christopher Hopkins, you are a father now! How does seeing that precious little being make you feel now, huh?”

“Ah man,” Reece rubbed his head, “It feels surreal, you know. I can’t believe it. It’s crazy…” he takes Giselle’s hand, and holds onto. “It makes me happy. Being a father will definitely make me a better man for my family.”

“Great answer,” the nurse smiled. “So you both need to fill out that paper work. I have to take the baby in for some more testing and in an hour or two, you can have her all you want.”

“When can I leave,” Giselle questioned.

“Probably tomorrow,” the nurse says. “You’ll be discharged most likely in the morning so make sure you have a car seat, okay?” She takes the baby from Travis and put her in the bin, pushing the cart out the room and closing the door.

“Man it’s boring not doing s***,” Rock sighed. “I miss my guns, man. I miss the streets, being on edge. Smoking weed, f***ing b****es was the life. It’s what I know not this suburban, white picket fence and a dog s*** living like a big ass happy family and playing Uncle in y’all lil perfect new life.”

“Then leave,” Giselle eyed him. “Go work for The Game, but don’t you dare come back with that bulls***. I will not allow any guns or drugs in my house.”

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but Reece bought everything you wear, eat, and own.” Loki says. “So how the f*** you gon’ tell us what to do when you don’t pay the bills.”

Giselle stared at Reece who looked away. “Y’all either live by her rules or…leave,” Reece stated. “C’mon y’all, I got a baby now. I can’t live that life no more. I got a warrant for my arrest. They will have my head if I run into another undercover.”

“Tsst…” Rock shook his head and stands up along with Loki, “Fine then. I ain’t staying cooped up. f*** THIS bulls***!”

Loki walks up to Reece and shakes his hand. “You can run from the streets, but they’ll always find you. Good luck, man. The vacay was good while it lasted but we out, need to make our own money.”

“Take care,” Travis nodded and watched them walk out. “They wasn’t doing s*** no way but eating up all the food.”

“For real,” Reece smiled. “We got enough money to last us for a few more years. I’ll have momma invest in some s*** so we can make more. We’ll continue to live great and won’t have to worry about even going back.” Giselle nodded, looking away. She missed her mother and brother, father…wishing they could come out here. But it was best if they didn’t. They’d cause her and Reece hell with arguments and the blame game. So it was better that she just keep those emotions in her back pocket and stay on top of Travis and Reece’s asses while being the boss now. Because she did wear the pants and what she said goes. “Hey man, so who’s taking over for your father, now?” Reece probed.

“Man, his other daughter named Mila.” Travis announced. “She’s a beast out here in LA. When he comes to visit this weekend, he might bring her. She grew up in the streets so she goes hard, man. I don’t like her, b**** got an attitude but she not as bad as Gigi though. Gigi a boss; Mila is just a mini version of my daddy tryna be like him and take the throne. But her b**** wear the crown though, her name Dana. They both some bad b****es, however, I don’t think Mila will be able to takeover like you would have.”

“Why, cause she’s a female?” Giselle asked. Travis and Reece both nodded. Giselle smirked, rolling her eyes. “Whateva… Bet y’all I could run LA and be twice as good as The Game.”

“Hah!” Travis laughed, “I mean you a boss, but you couldn’t handle shooting somebody when they f*** up. You’re good for talking that talk, but when it comes to walking that walk…Mila got that s*** down pack.”

“Well good for her.” Giselle grabbed Reece’s face and kisses him. “Cause I got this s*** down pack. And if anybody wanna disagree, I will shut that s*** down, no hesitation.”

Reece and Travis nodded, not saying anything else. The nurse finally brings the baby back and Reece holds his daughter again wondering what would’ve happened if he had taken over and continued the street life. But then again, he probably wouldn’t have been happy. “I love y’all,” he says aloud. “Wouldn’t know what I would do if you guys weren’t here with me.”

“Hey nigga,” Travis snickers, “Keep on sayin’ that soft s***, I’m a beat yo ass!”

“Shut up nigga, I’m just happy to still be alive and have a place to call home without being watched or having to be precautious about leaving somewhere.”

Giselle stared at Reece while he looked down at their child. As mad as she was at Reece, she couldn’t resist him for that long. But she had forgiven him halfway through pregnancy. She saw a change in him and got to meet the real Reece although the thug life personality had intertwined. And Travis, all he cared about was making money so he didn’t give a f*** about Reece not being from the hood. Reece’s father wanted him to be the boss, so Reece choose to be the boss. And he was a damn good one, but now that that was over, Travis was just as chill living the good life. Although he missed Alexis and reminisced about her a lot…And when the two brothers’ mother would arrive, they’d really feel at home and comfortable with her home cooked meals. They'd be a family again.

"Momma gon' love you," Reece said to Giselle. "She been tryna get me to stop since i first started."

"Y'all gon' be best friends," Travis shook his head. "Ugh... Bet momma come up with some more damn rules about s*** since the baby here now."

Giselle smiled and then sighed, folding her arms over her chest. If Sherry took her side, then there definitely would be no more problems ever again. "Good, then i can't wait for her to get here because this baby is about to change things back at the house. Like NO SMOKING in the house!" Reece and Travis groaned, throwing their heads back. "Hey...y'all don't like it then hurry up and catch Loki and Rock before they leave!" she smiled, "I took care of my lil brother when he was a baby, me taking care of my own baby on my own won't be a f***ing problem!"

"Aiight," Reece finally agreed. "Damn, no more smoking the house! What, ain't gon be no more sex in the house, too! s***..."

"With your momma here," Giselle scoffed, "Nope!" Reece stood up, tilting his head. "Dead serious, dont' f***in' look at me like that."

"You on some bulls***!" Reece sat back down, "Yo momma on some bulls***," he tells Jamie. "Tell yo momma she on that bulls***." Giselle laughed, shaking her head. A nurse came with her lunch and she ate while Travis continued to eat his food and Reece held their baby. The past...was done and over with.

or a part two???
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run it

Omg noo that cant be the end noooooo lol but this has been a good story and i have loved every bit of it i hope i cn see a part two to this story but if not it was a great run thanks for writen this story

<strong>Chapter Fifteen</strong>

“Burbank,” Travis told Reece as they had stopped to take different cars loaded with duffle bag full of clothes and money at an empty motel near the back. “It’s a city in southern Los Angeles, California.”

“What’s there?” Giselle questioned as she looked up from her phone, staring at pictures of her brother and mom. “Hopefully not more bulls***.”

“A house and The Game,” Travis says. “He’s my Pops, runs LA. But he lives in Compton. Anyways, it’s the best shot we have to keeping this money rolling. He’ll let you takeover,” he looks at Reece. “30 hours ‘til we get to Burbank. In a week, you’ll be back underground learning the ropes. But within due time…you’ll be back on top. I’m about to go see if they got a machine up front or something, I’ll be right back.” Travis walks away towards the front of the motel, turning the corner.

“The Big Bad Wolf,” Giselle scoffed, shaking her head. “Will you ever learn that you can’t win at everything?” Reece clenched his jaws. He pulls out his gun, pointing it at Giselle. She laughed and then pouted as she walked up and put her forehead to the end of the barrel. “You mad cause I’m right? You know the police will pull up every connection you have! They will be on the lookout for you, you’re in the top ten of the most wanted list, and I don’t even wanna know how many people you’ve killed within the past few years. So how bout you be smart and lay low because if you don’t I’m not sticking around. I’m not living that life again. You said I could f***ing go home knowing you were gonna shoot those two undercovers making me a witness so that I had to run because if I didn’t….” she inhaled and turned away, “Shoot me. Go ahead, f*** it. I don’t have a future anyway besides being your…whatever the f*** you wanna call it. You only want me for sex anyway. Like you can’t find new b****es in LA…” she walks away to sit back on the hood.

Reece lowered his arm, shaking his hand with the gun in it. “I don’t want you…”

“Then what,” she shrugged. “You don’t need me. You’re married to the streets. The f*** I look like believing the possibility of you loving me?” Reece sighed, speechless. “How the hell you passed off as a thug so goddamn well, I don’t know with your mother living out there in that big ass house. Bet you grew up out there in that nice ass suburban neighborhood, but came out to Holton where your father lived. Am I getting that right? Spoiled lil brat who couldn’t live his dreams turned to the street life, still with the honor to go to college on scholarships. Stupidest s***….I have ever heard. Why people fear you, I don’t know, but now that I see who you really are…I’m not even scared anymore. f***in’ fake ass nigga…. Can’t even believe people followed you, but I don’t blame them. You’re a damn good actor, Reece.” She snickered.

Travis runs back around the corner with his hood on. “Let’s go.”

“I’m curious,” Giselle blurts out, standing up, “What’s gonna happen when your daddy finds out Alexis is dead? I mean I ain’t even see y’all weep yet. Y’all must be so f***in’ heartless like… Real men cry, I know because my daddy did. He was never scared to cry. But y’all sister is gone, what the f***? I cried for two hours cause Brandon died. Or maybe I’m blind.” She shrugged.

Travis’ nose flared. “Man, why you just ain’t kill her? Cause if she keep talkin’ I’m a do it myself!”

“Real gangstas don’t talk about doing s***, they actually do it,” Giselle smirked as she walked around the hood of the black Lamborghini. “And I know one thing is for sure, they don’t play those games out in LA. So either put a damn good game face or on be ready for a long vacation.”

“Since you know so goddamn much…” Reece finally spoke up, “why don’t you wear the pants when we get there, huh?”

“Maybe I will,” she smiled and got in the passenger seat. “Let’s go, boys. And I’m hungry, so somebody is stopping to pick me up some food.”

Travis shook his head and got in the red Lamborghini. Reece threw his head back with his eyes closed. “Damn, she saw right through me,” he thought as he climbed into the driver side of the black lamb. “What the f***?”

“You probably pissed your pants when you saw the police that close,” Giselle joked, giggling. “HAH! Lemme see,” she reached over to try and touch him but got her hand smacked away. “Probably dry now anyway… Plus I can’t smell s***. You changed when I wasn’t looking?”

Reece mean mugged Giselle making her smile fade. He backed out of the space after Travis and then followed behind him. They made it back to the expressway rendezvousing with Rock and Loki in their white Lamborghini. “Yo, Dris stayed behind,” Loki said over the phone, “Nigga said he couldn’t leave his home so…it’s just me and my brotha along for the ride.” Reece hung up and then turned the radio up.

Five hours into the drive, Giselle yawned. “You sure you don’t wanna stop so we can get rest?”

“We can’t stop,” Reece focused on the road, “Go to sleep. I’ll let you drive in three hours.”

And with that said, she fell asleep; when she woke up three hours later, it was the sky was slowly turning lighter. They stopped to use the bathroom and for food, then Giselle drove while Reece slept for nearly 8 hours. They’d been officially on the run for 13 hours. Loki said Reece and Giselle’s pictures were up on the news in McDonald’s. The reward for Reece, 2 million and Giselle was either a possible accessory to his crimes or being held captive.

“Are you being held captive,” Reece questioned.

“I obviously have a willing soul,” Giselle sighed. “But I do have a captive heart…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That I hate to love you, Reece. You’re fine as hell and as much as you mask your emotions, I still fell for you. Even if you never tell me how you feel, I liked you…that first kiss is what even made me come back for more. I didn’t care if I lost the game and became yours. I wanted to be yours. But my mind fought hard knowing that it wasn’t right. It’s why I put up such a fight, debating with myself. The s*** that you’ve done, it pushes me away. However, I’m stuck with you now. I have to deal with you. We’re on the run together… I can’t keep my emotions bottled up like you. I ‘m made to be real. I’m blunt and careless. I honestly don’t care what you think or they think. I know what I want. I know what I need…”

“What do you need?”

“Ever since I came around, you started doing things differently. Fading out of habit… I need to know if you need me. Because if you don’t…” Giselle shook her head, “then let me go.”

“If I tell you how I really feel, which I’m not even sure about, then you’ll still go. Like you said…I’m a b**** nigga, right?”

“Lil red riding hood ain’t run off with the Big Bad Wolf because she wanted to bring him down. She just wanted him to know that he doesn’t have to keep being bad. You can change, Reece. Start over, be yourself. You don’t have to get back into the game. And why you got into the street life in the first place, I’ll never understand.”

Reece stayed quiet, dazing out the windows. Within the next 15 hours Giselle had driven without a problem. The guys had fallen back, but they’d make it sooner or later. Reece woke up as they crossed the desert lands of Arizona the highway. “Are we there yet?”

“No,” Giselle says.

“Pull over, let me drive.” Giselle stops the car in the middle of the road and gets out the same time as Reece. The meet at the front of the hood and Reece grabs her by the waist. He observes Giselle as she looked away not wanting to be bothered by him. “I’m sorry for everything Giselle. Please forgive me… I need you, baby. Not even my own brother can tell me the truth. I mean Alexis used to, but she stopped a long time ago seeing that her saying it wouldn’t change me. I don’t wanna live that life anymore. I….going to college was never a goal, but becoming that super star basketball player was everything. So I became a part of the street life, taking over for my father, joining the OHB gang. I was spoiled so I ain’t get a real job. That’s all in the past now and if you stay with me, I promise to do good by you and treat you right.”

“Give me your gun,” Giselle holds out her hand. He sighs and pulls it from behind his back, handing it over. She walks away and chucks it into the desert. Then turning around, she walks up to him slapping him before pointing a finger in his face. “We’re gonna lay low, no taking over LA, got it or I’m gone? Done.” Reece groaned, clenching his teeth but nodded in agreement. “And…I don’t even know if I can forgive you just yet. I still don’t trust you, but I believe that a bad guy going good can happen. So make that happen and you will have me by your side.” He nods again, biting down on his lip. “Alright, we’ll see. Just don’t think I’ll let you off that easy. You gotta earn your respect back before you can ever have me, again.”

They both get back in and drive off as the sun rose once again. Twenty eight hours in and three more left until they arrived in Burbank, California. It was the perfect suburban neighborhood for Reece to start over, again. “No more basketball, drug games,” he says. “No more street life and being on the run.” Giselle half-smiled, feeling like the boss of him; knowing that she had Reece by the neck now and he was the one in fear of losing.

<strong>That was THE END! Thank y’all for reading, once more. _Changing Seasons & KRcbreezy...i will think about writing an epilogue.</strong>

Im with KRcbrezzy make it two,!!!!! Run it

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Run It!!!

make it two! man i aint ready for this to end
dam i hope they can save brandon he aint dead he just did it so gigi would run get away from the cops
run it!


Chapter Fourteen

Reece pulled up to a <a href=>house</a>, parking on the curb. “C’mon,” he says, stepping out the car. Giselle glared at him but got out anyway. Alexis walked out of the house passing them by as she carried two duffle bags to the white Lamborghini sitting in the driveway. “Take the charger to the car wash before you head out,” he demands. Alexis threw the duffle bags in the Lamborghini and then walked over to the Charger, immediately getting in and driving down the road.

Reece led Giselle inside the home that seemed empty. She followed him to the kitchen where a <a href=>woman</a> was putting homemade food in plastic bowls. “Now, all you have to do is warm these up if they get cold,” the woman said as Reece walked up beside her. “I put all your favorites in here to last you a week, okay? …What’s wrong, Maurice?”

“Nothin’,” Reece shrugged. “I’ll call you later.”

“Okay,” she smiled. “Who’s this, she’s definitely not a regular one?”

“Giselle,” Reece introduced her, “this is my mother. Don’t be rude, baby.”

“Hello,” his mother smiled, “I’m Sherry.”

“Nice to meet you,” Giselle nodded.

“Here,” Reece hands Giselle two bags. “Go take this to the car.”

Giselle takes the bags and heads to the front door. As she approached the door, she saw flashing lights outside. Setting the bags on the table she peeks out the window seeing police cars pulling up to the house from both directions. Reece comes up behind Giselle, grabbing her hand and making a run out the back. He called Alexis, but she didn’t answer. So he called Travis to meet him at the gas station that was fifteen minutes away before ditching the phone. After making it five blocks over, Giselle got tired slowing down; police sirens could be heard nearby and Reece wasn’t giving up as Giselle stopped, letting go of his hand.

“C’mon,” Reece went back to grab her hand. “Gigi, let’s go!”

“No…” Giselle shook her head. “I’m not running! You were supposed to take me home, Reece!”

“Augh!” Reece groaned. “You don’t have a choice! Don’t act stupid now, Gigi! Did you really think you were going home after I shot them two niggas,” he hissed. “Huh? You smarter than this, baby, now let’s go.”

Giselle breathed in, catching her breath. She HAD betrayed Brandon, SOLD for Reece and became HIS girl. The police would make her an accessory to his crimes, such as the one tonight. There was no playing the innocent, no pleading not guilty. Brandon and Jarell would probably testify against Reece. She’d probably have to go to jail. She didn’t wanna go to jail…

Tears built up quickly, rolling down her face as she took Reece’s hand again and started running with him. The sirens sounded so close they swore the police were behind them, but every time Giselle looked over her shoulder, they were in the clear.

Finally making it to the gas station, Reece and Giselle stood behind the gas station waiting. Alexis pulls up ten minutes later and gets out. Reece and Giselle walked out towards the car when suddenly Brandon pulls up and hops out the car, shooting Alexis in the head. Then he points his gun at Reece. “Going somewhere?”

“Brandon, you’ve been watching me all this time,” Giselle questioned.

“Lauren never stopped once we found out you were selling at Greenwood Court. I didn’t have to work today so…I decided to take watch. And it was just my luck to catch this nigga on the run.”

“Brandon, I’m in too deep and you know it.”

“It’s never too late.” He stepped forward, still pointing his gun at Reece.

“Oh, but it is…” Reece snickered and stood behind Giselle, wrapping his arms around her.

“It’s over for me, Brandon,” Giselle says. “I chose to sell for Reece three weeks ago. You can’t lie for me, I can’t play can’t play innocent. And it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t love me…. the fact still remains that it’s my decision to go with him, not yours. So we’re leaving because…I can’t stay here. I won’t go to jail.”

“HE’S LYING!” Brandon pointed the gun, “You can get a good lawyer, Giselle.” She shook her head as tears fell. “You can still live your life. You don’t know him.”

“And like you do,” Reece scoffed. “Nigga you should’ve sat the f*** back and let the police handle it…like they could ever catch me.”

Police sirens sounded in the distance. Reece takes his gun from behind his back and shoots at Brandon, hitting him in the chest. Giselle stares as Brandon falls to the ground while Reece shot Brandon’s tires. Travis pulls up and Reece runs to get in the passenger seat.

Giselle stood frozen in place with her hands over her mouth, “Brandon…” She ran over to him, falling to her knees.

Brandon coughed up blood. “It’s my fault for even bringing you on the court. But you’re right…you’ve always been right. Reece wouldn’t have let s*** go simply because he hates me and wants me to suffer for what I did.”

“What’d you do?”

“One night we went out partying knowing we had a game the next day. It was our last game on the high school basketball team during the championships. Scouts from LA would be there, for the Lakers and recruiters from college. But before the game, coach asked us if we had went out party. The coach,” he coughed, “knew me inside and out ‘cause he was my father. I couldn’t lie to him for s***. So…” he coughed again, closing his eyes, “he only let Reece play the first two quarters. Reece ain’t never played half a game, he always played 4 quarters straight. Coach let me play through the whole game and the scouts chose me, but I refused to go. I stayed behind for Reece cause we were best friends, right? But…he ain’t wanna talk to me. He was so jealous and angry. Thought I ain’t have his back. It’s when he dropped out of high school and started his street life, the whole basketball-drug game. Came up quick, too....and gained respect, made his territory. I was already cool with Trigga so I just stuck with him for protection…learning the game but never becoming a part of it.”

“Gigi, let’s go!” Reece shouted.

Brandon breathed heavily as Giselle grabbed his hand. “I don’t want you to die like this. Get out of here, run away...but never forget even on the run with him that he’s your enemy, too. He will shoot you if you don’t go with him. So go…I’ll be alright.” Giselle shakes her head no, watching him finally closing his eyes. He stopped breathing and she dropped her head to his chest. She takes his cross chain and runs to the car, hopping in the back. Travis speeds off and they head for the expressway.

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i would like to thank you all for reading this story, i 'preciate ya very much. however, i have one last chapter left. Chapter 14 will be posted tomorrow. And if you want to read another story of mine check out the fires of spring that i'm co-writing with Blame Monroe.

i would like to thank you all for reading this story, i 'preciate ya very much. however, i have one last chapter left. Chapter 14 will be posted tomorrow. And if you want to read another story of mine check out the fires of spring that i'm co-writing with Blame Monroe.

Chapter Thirteen

Giselle had fun playing basketball with a lot of the customers. They saw how good she was and would bet that she couldn’t shoot a three and she’d up the money, winning it as she shot every time. By the time a week had passed, Giselle had memorized all the regulars. The product was gone within three days and was on her second round of selling Reece’s products that Anthony had given her. <a href=>Duce</a> and <a href=>Ace</a> hung around, playing basketball on their own accord while she went back to do her homework. It was the usual as the brothers would stay late, keeping her company.

Anthony stood by the gate’s entrance, observing. A black charger pulled up parking in the spot next to Loki. Reece got out his car wearing a black hood on his head. He walked over to Anthony, asking “That’s them playing?”

“Yup,” Anthony nods. “What you gon’ do?”

“Tell Loki to sit tight, you can go home and wait.” Anthony nodded and walked off towards Loki’s car. Reece stepped onto the court, walking straight across to Giselle. “You’re done,” he smiled.

“Really,” Giselle asked, gathering her things.

“Yea,” he smiled. “You made all the money back times that. I’ll take you home after tonight.”

“The big bad wolf man,” Ace says as he stopped playing, “Reece.”

“Aw s***,” Duce says after making a layup, “Nigga you lyin’… Hey, play a quick game with us!”

Reece’s smiled turned straight and he turns around, “Sure…” he shrugged, “why not?”

Giselle sighed, watching Anthony drive out of the parking lot. She saw Loki get out his for the first time today, which made her wonder what was about to happen. He walked over to the court and met Reece at the gate. They talked for a minute and then stepped to Duce and Ace in the middle of the court. The brothers look at each other smiling.

“Let’s go up to 8 points,” Duce decided.

Loki scoffed and shrugged. Reece just stood by waiting for them to make a move. Duce finally took out a quarter and they called it. Ace won, saying tails and then he winked at Giselle. “f*** some head,” Ace smiled, “I like my girl face down, ass up!” he joked, shaking Duce’s hand.

Reece’s jaws clenched tight and he glanced at Giselle who had looked away. She’d been joking with Ace all day, but she honestly didn’t like him. Watching Reece play aggressively with Loki against Duce and Ace caused Giselle to think something was about to go down. Duce and Ace were really good, teaming up on Reece. But Loki had his back, pulling Duce off. 8 minutes in while Duce and Ace had turned their backs to talk in private while Reece answered a phone call, Loki pulls out his gun and shoots them both in the head with a silencer. Duce and Ace drop to the ground while Giselle stared, frozen in place.

“Go get in the car,” Reece told Giselle. Without hesitation, she ran to his charger and got in the passenger seat while Loki helped Reece with the two bodies, dumping them in the back of Loki’s trunk. Then Reece got in the charger, speeding out of the parking lot with Loki behind him. They went separate ways and Giselle realized her and Reece weren’t headed back to Holton. Reece had got on a ramp to the expressway going south.

“Where are we going?” she questioned. “Reece, where the f*** are we going? Answer me! You just killed those guys, what the f***?!”

“Chill, we goin to my momma’s house, damn. And they were undercovers, ready to shoot us all.” He admitted, "So i shot them first." He turns up the music and continues driving until he takes an exit to the south suburbs of Illinois, nearly in the country.

Giselle sat silently in her seat wishing she had just run off into the night and not gotten in the car.

dam she needs to stop beatin on her bro that is only gonna push him further away from her and tryna make him feel in guilty
as for anthony he cool in my book he still got love for her
and whew she go channin to ask her out giiirrlll i understand ur situation but he fine
run it!

this shhh deep. run it.

Run it

Chapter Twelve

Slamming her locker, Giselle sighed hard and turned only to find <a href=>him</a> standing there. “Hey Giselle,” he waves. “Are you headed to class, I can walk you there?”

“Sure Grant, I don’t mind,” she smiled and nodded. He walked by her side, taking her books, “Thanks but you don’t have to.”

“It’s okay I don’t mind. But anyways, I can explain why I was standing by you like some perv...” he smiled, “I wanted to ask you about something.”

“Right,” she nodded. “Go ahead.”

“Would you…like to go to prom with me?”

“Uh…” Giselle smiled, not even thinking about going to prom. She didn’t know if she wanted to go. She thought about it when she was with Anthony, but they weren’t together anymore. “I don’t know. I’ll think about it.”

“That’s good enough for me, so how about we go out this weekend to the movies or something?”

“Look Grant,” Giselle stopped, “I just got a job and I’m not looking for a boyfriend. Thanks for walking me to class, though. It was really sweet of you.” she takes her books and walks in the classroom. All of her friends were happy to see her, asking how the move was and if she could have a party, but Giselle simply refused for her friends to come over claiming that her mother’s gotten strict since she’s barely at the house and has the neighbors watching. It was hurtful to pull away from her friends, but it’s what had to be done.

Giselle and Anthony sat in McDonald’s eating, waiting for 2:30 when Jarell would get out. It had already been an hour since Giselle and Anthony had been waiting. “I was wrong for saying that I don’t like you working for Reece. You probably wouldn’t have liked me working for him if I hadn’t, you know…”

“Yeah,” she nodded in agreement. “And I’m stupid for saying that I’m different. I’m a fool for believing that Reece actually likes me. He just wants what I got.”

“I don’t blame him,” Anthony smiled. “You’re a beautiful, smart girl. Better than what he usually finds in the hood. But anyways, that girl Brandon had shadowing you was gonna get popped next. You probably would’ve got shot too hanging with her.”

“What about the spot that got busted?”

“Somebody wasn’t paying attention. Reece handled them last night, it was a newbie. He killed them, Giselle. It’s why I said what I said, but I can’t tell you what to do. You’re not my girl anymore. But I still care for you, and I don’t want you to get hurt. He will hurt you if you mess up just one time.”

“I won’t mess up.”

“Yea, I won’t let you. Need any help, just ask me. C’mon. Let’s go pick-up your brother.” Anthony stands up, grabbing his tray. Giselle slides out of her seat and puts the tray on top of the garbage can, keeping her food. They exit McDonald’s and get in his car, driving off. “What’re you gonna do about him?”

“Take him to my dad’s house. He lives in Harvey. Ain’t s*** to do over there, so Rell will stay in the house with him.”

“iight,” Anthony nodded and sped back to the school, however there was a train. “s***, I can’t go around!”

Giselle sighed and called Jarell but he wouldn’t answer. However he sent a text message saying he got on the bus. Groaning, she hit the door. “He’s on the bus.”

Anthony turned around and took a route where he rendezvoused with the bus, tailing it. Jarell got off the bus at some apartments with his friend. Giselle hopped out the car and ran up on Jarell, yanking him by arm. She started punching him as he tried to push her off. “Damn you gon let her beat yo ass,” Jarell’s friend said.

Giselle slapped Jarell and he fell back on the ground with tears in his eyes. “THE NEXT TIME YOUR ASS WANTS TO GO GET SMART WITH SOMEBODY, YOU BETTER THINK TWICE! Now you stay your ass here until momma come pick you up or I’ll beat your ass so hard next time you’ll be in a wheelchair.”

“s*** he need to be in the hospital!” the friend laughed as Jarell got up, wiping the blood from his nose and mouth.

“It’s not a game, Jarell! This s*** is real and it’s my life on the f***ing line now!” she walked away, “Hope you f***in’ happy! Should be sayin’ goodbye to me cause you might not see me again!”

Jarell watched as his sister got in the car and Anthony drove off. “C’mon man, my sister a nurse. She’ll clean you up.” The friend tells him. Jarell snatched his bookbag off the ground, holding his sides, and went with his friend inside the building.

Anthony drove to Greenwood and parked in the lot. He and Giselle got out right when Loki pulled up in his car, staying inside. Giselle sat on the trunk while Anthony went to talk to Loki. She sighed and pulled out her phone that had a message on the phone Reece gave her.

<em>play a couple of games w/ Duce & Ace they love 2 bet</em>

Giselle immediately called Brittany. “What does playing games with someone mean?”

“A quick game like Horse or Around the World where y’all can joke and play around,” Brittany replied. “If you flirt enough they’ll stick around and start betting.”

“Oh okay,’ Giselle nodded. “Thanks. Bye,” she hangs up and hops off the trunk with her backpack, heading over to the court and sitting down on the bleachers. She pulls out her homework and starts on it, waiting for customers. She figured Duce & Ace were regulars who had a lot of money, so she’d be sure not to mess that up.

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Wait...she's still in high school?

Damn her bro bad as hell run it

dam she hella mad
i would be too but it is what is it
run it

<strong>Chapter Eleven</strong>

It was a quick drive back to the house. Anthony parked his car on the curb and looked at Giselle. “How have you been?” he asked.

“f***in’ perfect since I moved here.” Giselle shrugged. “Does Reece know about us?”

“How can he? I don’t talk to him like that. I get my orders from Trav and then I leave. I’ve only spoken to Reece once and that’s when I played against him in basketball.”

“Don’t think that I don’t hate you for what you did,” she turns to him. “You could’ve at least broken up with me. I waited for you to call, stop by or something! Then I just gave up and focused on the rest of the school year, studying for tests. Thinkin about what college I wanted to go to and major in. We had something good, Ant…I’m hurt.”

“Well I’m sorry that I had to stop working some b**** ass minimum wage job all the way out in Indiana and start getting a lot more money by risking my life, tryna help my momma pay the bills!” he says. “I had no other choice! And I hate the fact that I saw you walking out Reece’s house. I’m not standing for it, Gigi! I know how he treats females.”

“He treats me different.”

Anthony scoffed. “Yeah, that’s what they all say.”

“It’s not like you were any better! You left me hanging!”

“Well at least I won’t leave you worse. Reece is all about himself. He don’t give a f*** about nobody else! Don’t think he’ll won’t leave yo ass for dead!”

“You know what, let’s cut the bulls***. Just do your job, keep your distance, and not talk to me.” Giselle demanded and opened the door and went in the house. When she woke up, she took a shower and got dressed. Her mother was already gone and Anthony had arrived. She cooked him pancakes, bacon, and eggs as well for herself.

Jarell soon got up and ate cereal in a bowl with a smirk on his face. She glared at him and reached the across the table to slap him. “I’m tellin momma,” Jarrell yelled.

“Okay, tell momma then!” She rolled her eyes and got up to throw her plate in the sink. “Don’t think I won’t whoop your ass after school either!”

“Brandon was the one who took you on the court not me! You ain’t have to go on there! You could’ve waited! So go slap and beat his ass! And you probably talked s*** to the nigga anyway putting yourself on his list! Don’t put it all on me! Y’all the ones who made s*** worse! If y’all just let me play it’d been end of story!”

“NO! It wouldn’t have been end of story! Reece would’ve made you work for him! Then what?! You was gone be his lil b****!”

“How you know!? He could’ve lied to you just to get you in bed with him and yo stupid ass believe that he really gonna do s***! He probably was gonna beat my ass IF I WON and let me go! Y’all dumb tryna put this all on me! I ain’t the one!” He knocked his bowl off the sink and went to his room, slamming the door.



“Boyyy,” Giselle stared at the sink, balling up her fists. “I’m bout to be late today! YOU NOT STAYIN HERE BY YOURSELF! I’LL BE DAMNED IF YOU GET INTO ANY MORE s*** AND THEN I AIN’T GON BEAT YO ASS I’MMA KILL YOU! NOW GET READY OR I’M A DRAG YOU TO SCHOOL IN YO BOXERS AND SOCKS! THINK I GIVE A f***! YOU GOING TO SCHOOL!” She rolled her eyes once more and went to her own room to grab her bag. “You got ten minutes!”

Anthony continued to eat while Giselle sat on the couch with her arms folded over her stomach mad. Jarell got ready for school and they all left with Anthony who drove them to school. “What time you get out,” he asked Giselle.

“I get out at 1,” she said. “Jarell get out at out 2:30.”

“Don’t worry about me I’m taking the bus home.” Jarell mumbled, opened the door and got out.

“And if you do I’m a be waiting at the stop to whoop yo ass!” Giselle threatened. “You ain’t getting on no bus! Ant is gonna drop us off and pick us up. You got a problem with that you tell momma about it! But I bet you she be on my side!” Jarell groaned and opened the door, scooting out. “Don’t you slam that door!”

“Shut up,” Jarell shouted and closed the door walking off.

Giselle’s nose flared and she got out the car. “See you later.” She closes the door and Anthony drives off. Walking in the school, she headed straight to her locker. The bell hadn’t rung yet as she switched out her books and put away her things.