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Chris’ Exclusive Interview on SKEE Live!

Chris’ Exclusive Interview on SKEE Live!
Chris sat down with DJ Skee during his recent performance and discussed his upcoming album X, his graffiti art and why he likes to be the underdog. Watch it all and some extra performance clips below.

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  • i love you breezy <3
    by _booo_x on Dez 5, 2013 vormittags31 11:11vormittags
  • Diooooos Miooo! me mueroooo!! tan bello!!! me caso! Love Breezy! <3
    by Denisse_P.R. on Nov 26, 2013 nachmittags30 1:01nachmittags
  • i loooooooooooove, is perfect! ♥
    by CRBreezy20 on Okt 13, 2013 nachmittags31 2:02nachmittags
  • i love u chris brown so much i know everything about you i know all your songs and your dance move you can ask me everything about you it will be right i know thing that you dont know
    by kierrawells24 on Okt 8, 2013 nachmittags31 5:05nachmittags
  • I Love Chris and Hope to see him oneday <3
    by skyeguerrero on Okt 5, 2013 vormittags31 9:09vormittags
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  • uhhh, no one can ever understand why you want to be the underdog or why you like it. but you are who you are the only diffrence is that you live a life in the spot light. you make mistakes just like me but you will never tell that i do because i am "commonFolk". i do not think that anyone should judge you because you are a celebraty you are still a human with emotions, feelings, doubts, and thoughts Reguardless of what they say i have been a fan since "05" and till this day still am. you keep pushing on and let you music do the talking. Music is What Feelings Sound like.
    by meshmusiq on Sep 27, 2013 vormittags30 10:10vormittags
  • I love you <33333 Chris!!!!
    by OBEYChrisBrownFans on Sep 27, 2013 vormittags30 7:07vormittags
  • my idol! <3
    by melissabrown01 on Sep 22, 2013 nachmittags30 12:12nachmittags
  • You are so talented and such a hard-working MAN. You deserve the best in this world! love you <3
    by zakmak on Sep 20, 2013 nachmittags30 1:01nachmittags