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another one made by me

Posted by raluquisluvscb


U can draw really good dats better than what i can do. I wonder if i draw Chris Brezzy as good as yours. Maybe I shouldnt it might like a mixed version of of chris brown and usher. Lol probably not even that.

u is a very talented drawler who eva can draw a pic n make it look juss like chris brown is a good artist very nice job

real nice

luv Imani (soon to be famous)
Recognize & Remember iight
luv u chris yea its true
one of these days imma be wit
chu!!cuz a girl like me is juss a
lil'different from all the rest!

I could do dat 2 if i tried (NOT)

Julie :)

Nice, go 2 mi page and check mine out
Im n Killeen. Mista Lonestar & hiz guh R.I.P. Killeen Texas all dai!!!!!!!
"2nite im gettin thoed sippin blowin dro ima stay on cloud 9 lifted so if u wanna roll grab a blunt and roll cuz 2nite we gon get twisted" -Mista Lonestar

damn this picture good