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like OMG!!!!




you look really sexy!! I love you!!

OMG OMG OMG!!!! WHOOOOOO HOOO dat ma sexi boi 4 sho!! look at dat hot bod aye!! man makes me MELT!!!!! CHRis no wordz can eplain u!! u betta than wordz n im speechless!!! u got me hooked baby!!

ima alwayz luv u n support u 4eva!!!

n imma meet yu at ur nxt brissy concert 4r3al!! ILY CBREEZY!!!

mi lil sexiii boi 4 lyf! Xx

luk at that six pac and pecs,i wud luv to cuddle up to them. But sayin that i wud luv to cuddle up to him even if i hadnt seen this pic. Luv u chris.

gimmie that

Caroline Kristin McKellar and Christopher Maurice Brown equals Happly Ever After