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I'm still here supporting you Chris I was here in the beginning and I will be here until the end{which will never happen} i love you sooo much and I'm so proud of the work you've done with Graffiti

Posted by T3aM Br33zY BBy


You are my influence in singing I dont know if you actually ever see this but I love you and keep doing what you do <3

stay beautifu baby I luv you so much I pray for you every single day I pray god keeps you safe you keep me going and I luv you for that your such an inspiration I hope all good comes to you because you deserve it your so wonderful one day I will get to meet maybe stay strong chris we love <3

Excellent pic!

We love and support you Chris! Stay strong and don't let the haters get you down?

One Luv One BrééZy <3

lUV ur SonGzZz

i just love it u r s***y

I Love It <3

Ah hahahah. You guys suck. Peace.

you're the best in this world :D