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  • so sorry about the crazy ass comment its just that i kicked it with this guy and he was a spitin image of you i was wondering lol haha all night if he was you with a fake id airbrushed cause i know guys could do that then that picture came out during tha rhianna fight wit you she looked just like me wearing the same thing i was with that guy that night laying in the same position everything i dont know if that pic was real or fake cause if it really was a photo shopped picture im so sorry i know you from back n duh day i cry over you all the time im your ex girlfriend you never got to hang

  • hey chris this is ashley im crying and so sorry to heaR what has happened at the club tha other night we kicked it once and im very worried about you you should have never hung with that lil white boy friend of yours obviously hes dangerous watch out you will get hit sooner or later you need to stay out of the clubs dont throw any concerts forget the money you already have money and throw parties at your crib if you wanna have fun i know im the reason to your rhianna break up and i havnt told anybody but family and close friends he was gonna pull out the pump you know its him do something abo

  • re re sum of the s*** i talk about lol im on neyos cd illegally he recorded me in the parking lot back n 2005 on in my own words neyo #5 saying ay in the background caint wait to come up with the 10000 to match my voice to the recording on the cd then i got proof i know its me then imma payed and imagine we used to talk back n duh day again we met at valley fair in mn i live in wi now things are going okay had my son he looks just like me 6 pounds 7 oz i named him adrian im 26 by the way in school ect........

  • re re i hate when you wanna be with him but hes with her so you think about a different guy you just wanna be with skinny pretty girls lol

  • re re: where all da breezy fans at ill always remember you and rhianna lol you sure did dump a bucket on her

  • re re: where all da breezy fans at ill always remember you and rhianna lol you sure did a bucket on her

  • so sexy but what are you wearing i love the sweater though its in style when you have money exspecially !

  • hey its me ashley nice proformance its nice to see you made it so big in life dont let haters fronters bluffers get to you in life you know though fareel though i met u at valleyfair back in tha day in 2000 20001 just drinkin getting tispy talking to my boo my ex im in love with two guys what to do three including you but your just in my dreams wish i could make it real with you again

  • hey just hang in there i know you wish to get out but what i say thats what you need muah xoxo i should've kissed you

  • i aint aggin s*** its already out there 34 weeks prego so exciting