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  • This video is soo beautiful and has a great message. I cant wait until the day I can go to one of your concerts. =D

  • What I would do to meet you my love =D

  • OMG!!! IM SOOO PROUD OF CHRIS!!!! He deserves to win every single award. He has worked so hard to come back and boy did he ever. Chris came back twice as hard and is doing great things. I stand behind him 100% and I'll be watching you accept all of your awards hun! CANT WAIT! <3

  • "Looking at my baby. Sleeping like a baby. Body soo amazing. Drive me crazy." -Sex Chris brown <3

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I left you a special message in one of my forum topics :D I hope you had a wonderful day!!!!! =D love you

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    kinda remind me of

  • damn! he's a cutie :D

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    Your video Beautiful People is the best song/ video ever. The video actually looks realistic on life and the amazing experiences people have in it. You are a beautiful person for just making this song happen. If I ever had the chance to meet you, my life would be completely made. =D

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    whoaa...thats crazy!

  • Chris Brown CD as a Easter Gift? Life couldn't get better then that! =D HUGE fan Chris. I support ya ;)