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  • Chris Brown your going to be legendary!!!Yes i said it "legendary" I don't know you but i think that you have a beautiful heart people can't see it but i can.

  • Ahh! i know he would..He had kanye and jayz on the edge of there seat.Chris you are untouchable from your future wifey!!

  • Chris, I know that you're very buisy, but can you hop on here now n then to see what we posting and leave twitter for couple months..

  • I am not gonna lie when i just heard this song, I said to myself "how the hell is he going to pull of a michael jackson song"? Chris tried alot of things, but he magine to pull this one off too!! my baby is on point great job chris!

  • Hold on,chris is it snowing in august?lol you looking cute though as usual stay humble i hope to meet you one day that's my dream..No matter what you always do it big for me :)keep sweet!