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  • What an amazing performance by Chris Brown! He always brings it 100% and I love that about him. Im so glad to see that in spite of all the negativity surrounding him everyday, he still manages to rise above it all. He is deserving of being honored/awarded because he puts his all into his music. No matter what direction he goes from pop to rap he can do it all.Everything he does is for Team Breezy. He is a warm-hearted individual and he always gives credit to where it is due. He understands that without the support of his mom and Team Breezy he would not have made it this far.

  • Bewertung: 

    This is one of my favorite songs. I am already excited for his album to be released. I appreciate good music. I'm focused on what Chris is doing musically because that is all that matters to me. Anything outside of that I don't really care about because it does not apply to me.

  • Too ready for the album. I know it's gonna make them speakers knock!!! Especially "Turn Up The Music". I appreciate Chris Brown so much.

  • Uma be on it!!Already know he ain't about to disappoint. His performances is the real deal.

  • Hey!Everybody on ya'll need to head over to to vote for Chris Breezy ASAP!If you don't have an account you should sign up for one so you can get it in for Breezy. #TeamBreezy stand up!Y'all better believe Chris definitely ain't about to walk away empty handed!


  • Oh yes! I'm glad to hear that. Have to see how my schedule is looking though.

  • This is good stuff. I love it!

  • Again, Chris is deserving of walking away with all of his awards. Team Breezy and fans stand up!! This year definitely belongs to Chris Brown.

  • Chris Brown is the BEST. I know that he truly has a passion to do what he does because it is shown through his work. I got nothin' but love for Chris on a FANship level.

  • I watched this video clip last night. That was crazy the way that girl got hit by a car.