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Fanfiction Stories!!!!!!!

Does anybody know of any FINISHED fanfiction stories? If so, can u give me the links or the names of them plz!


Aww..that was great! Thankz.lolz
*~2 Sexi 4 U~*

nO... but i'm gOnna write u One right nOw sO u can be entertained k? LoLz

Once upOn a time, there was this dude named chris brOwn... but his hOmiez caLLed him chris yeLLOw. and he feLL in LOve with this chick named "miss_Pooh" and they had a big weDDing. then, her name changed tO "miss_Pooh-brOwn" and "pOOh-brOwn" sOunded sOOO disgusting, sO she divOriced chris brOwn and mOved On tO sOuLja bOy. and chris brOwn gOt mad, sO he made a sOng caLLed "crank dat pOOh-brOwn" and made miLLiOns Of dOLLars. sO then, she was mad, and then she sewed chris and lived happiLy ever after. LoLz
thee' end