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The Golden Rule/You Reap What You Sow

As a mother and Domestic Violence survivor, I can completely understand the boycott. I will say that the aftermath seems rather harsh because of the fame. I have learned a lot in my experiences and learned to be very grateful for what I have. Above all, I learned to respect and serve others. I sincerely hope that some good does come from all of this. This backlash is the reality of how many families truly are affected by domestic violence. Most of them mother's like me trying to shield their daughter's and son's from such ugliness. I do not pretend to know what went on. I do believe in forgivness. Not only am I a survivor but, I lost my best friend to domestic violence and she always supported me even through my own escape only to perish within 6 months at the hands of her husband. I was angry at the world but, it accomplished nothing. It just brought more retaliation upon me. Since then, I have dedicated my life to Domestic Violence Awareness and Autism Awareness. This was the turning point for me. What a lot of people do not realize is that perpetrators and victims are indeed very much alike and that both need help and therapy to become healthy. If ever I had a wish when I was being beaten and in those moments near death it was the opportunity to be a better person and to be a voice. I strongly encourage everyone to try and make the best of this situation and find something positive, support domestic violence organizations, be a voice in your home or community. Perhaps, someday Chris can donate portions of his profits to help his young followers to make better choices. I have every faith that something good will come out of this. When I realized what I survuved it changed my perspective on life, I am certain this situation has changed Chris's life as well. The opportunity to affect positive change is here and I hope everyone who reads this takes it. No man, women, or child deserves to be abused. And I do believe people change. I never imagined that I could have a normal life with a good husband and that my children would still be a able to interact safely with their father. Well, we do. We are all better people for it but, it tooks years of support and therapy. Therapy that was made possible by individuals like Chris's fans who just simply supported a local shelter and domestic violence organization where I found refuge and where my perpetrator received therapy. We are not best friends but we are good parents to our children. Just helping bring awareness will bring more funds in our communities perhaps someday Chris will be hosting concerts to bring awareness. Just imagine the possibilities. As a survivor the only thing I can ask is for help for other victims like myself. This is where Chris will find forgiveness. Good Luck, Chris! May God Bless you and all of your fans! And when all else fails follow the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you! Remember, you reap what you sow! The seeds have been planted the rest is up to you!
Love Always,
A Forgiving Survivor ( A mother)