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I'ma continue my old story It called Scarred.

~ Later ~
I got back from outside. All I could think about was sex and Chris. As the closer I got the wetter I became. Chris was sitting on the couch with some boxers on and I saw his hard d***. When I saw it I just wanted to explode. It started to rise more that it was coming out. Chris was just looking at me. I went upstairs and put on sweatpants and one of his white tees. I sat next to him I wasn't wearing no bra. He saw my hard nipples I wanted him on me, so bad I got farther away from him.
Chris Pov
s*** wasn't wearing no bra, I wanted to be inside of her. I can't take it nomore I put my head on her leg and I could feel her getting wet. s*** I wanted to taste it I just have to have her. Man I got to chill. But I couldn't my d*** was sticking it out I was embrassed but she had her hand on it. Rubbing and grabbing my balls. I was groaning I took off her pants and panties they were soaked I stick my tounge inside her pussy wet and warm. She was screaming in joy and excitement. s*** was all I could think about. She exploded in my mouth I lick it all I love it some much.
Kayla Pov
He had stopped I was happy as f***. He was grabbing my breasts and squeezing my nipples. He stared sucking it. I was lying down enjoying him he was so good. He knew what he was doing. I loved his d***, but he put a condom on he went inside of me. I was shaking he said it okay. I had me Chris Brown.
~ Later ~
Chris- (holding her) Kayla do u love me?
Kayla- I don't know Chris?
Chris- Ah okay
Kayla- Why do u hit me?
Chris- Cuz I love u.
Kayla- (kissing him)


i cant read the old story

it wont let me read the old story...

~~~i So LiiKe rOq~~

Run It

Baby Gyrl

girl add mo thats too fire

Run It!

run it
Ya Girl Lynn

all i have to say is wow and RUN IT

run it
Ya Girl Lynn

love it
run it

i think ima cry i cant see no replies lol