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<strong> My name is Amiyah. I'm 15 years old. I know some of you are saying to yourself "wow that's young" well it's cause it is. I had no idea that my life would be like this two years ago when I met him. He promised not to let anybody hurt me. *sigh* and I guess he meant it cause the only one that ever hurt me was him...I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a typical day in the life of a 13 year old. Walking home from school with my best friend Zamira. We had parted our separate ways she went to her house and I into mine. I expected it to be like every other day, I would come home do my homework and watch some TV before heading out to basketball practice. You could say my life was good. Hell it was great. Caring parents, star athlete, star pupil, I had the world going for me. But when I walked in my house that afternoon what I saw was far from perfect. There was my mom and dad both lying on the floor in a puddle of their own blood. Kind of gruesome right? At first I thought that someone had did it, but the police found evidence that they had done it to each other. This was in fact the most horrifying experience of my life. I had no family, and no place to go. But luckily for me I knew where to get my money. My dad was a thug. He ran these streets. One night before bed he explained it all to me and told me to remember that if anything ever happened to me, call Rashaun. So being the nosey little girl I was I questioned who he was? My dad told me that he was his most trusted worker and his right hand man. He made me memorize 2 sets of numbers. One was Rashauns' and one was a safe number. He told me that all his extra money was hiding away for me. Just remember there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I was confused until he drove me to the old rail way. "Use these numbers and you'll be able to live" was all he told me. The 1st thing I did was called him. When he got there he was so sweet and kind with me. He told me not to worry that he h ad it all under control. When we got to his house it was nice. It was just about as nice as mine. I felt completely safe there. I lived happily with him for about 6 months, I had my own room, and he took me shopping regularly. Everything was the way it was before. Yes I was sad but I was living life. The day came when I fell in love. I knew he was 6 years older but that didn’t bother me. He never asked me to do anything I didn’t want to do. He gave me money. He took great care of me. Then the time came when he started complaining that I needed to start “earning” some money. I was ok with that I was 14 now and I wanted to be independent. He never told me how I was to earn it though. I was a virgin up until that night. He cam into my room and told me I was going to work tonight. I said “okay” and went to go get dressed. Then he said “ohh no tonight you’ll be doing some undressing not redressing” I was confused till he started removing my shirt. Then I was very aware of what he was talking about. “I’m a still a virgin” I said quickly. He told me not to worry, he would be gentle. But I walked away. I wasn’t ready. That’s the 1st time he ever put his hands on me. He slapped me and told me to shut up. That I didn’t appreciate him. He called me a lazy b**** and this was the only thing that he asked for. I agreed with him and let him take of my clothes. He was gentle like he had promised but I felt dirty and used after that. It continued every night that he would come into my room and sleep with me. Whenever he wanted it, he had it. Then I got pregnant. He started yelling at me constantly and hitting me all the time. He was frustrated because their was a new dealer in town and business wasn’t doing well for him. When I actually had the baby, he wouldn’t even look at me. He didn’t play with the baby, he didn’t help me at all. He just came into my room when he felt like it and shoved himself inside of me. I don’t know how but I still loved him. Through it all I still cared but one day I couldn’t take anymore so I decided to leave. He pulled out his gun and said “ if you ever leave me, I’ll kill you and that bastard child of yours.” So I lived in fear everyday. The fear that he’ll kill me, the fear that he’ll do something crazy, fear that he’ll hurt my precious baby girl. Then one day he came along and saved me...
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