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6 Fans Online
Come back to california

Hey Chris Brown Can you Please Come back to north part of California Please


F*u*k stockton,fresno,sacromento,and any where else yall said come 2 oakland the oakland coloseum on october 30 2007 my b day and it is right by my house

you dont have to like me but you will respct me 'cause i'm chris' wifeie

yeah u r comming 2 fresno a 2nd time i bet fresno da best cuz i live in it j/k

yea for real
come to the bay

"Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it".

Where Can you get them tickets chris gutta come to SAC or the 510
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Don't Jock My SHYT


chris come to la
all tho its a lot of rain outside.. boy its gettin late and u can stay the night

yes plz chris come to tha bay!!!

I freakin love that Chris Brown is guna be in the 209!! Summer Splash!! Stockton, Cali!!!!
friday, July 13!! CANT WAIT i got my tickets!
LiL Mz DeZii

yessuh like oakland would great or jus da bay period in general

~~~~~only luvin me n luvin only me~~~~~