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for Chris _Brown_Wifey_Paige_Brown

i'm 5' 5.5" i height
i am 18 years old
i live in Trinidad
i love singing(can't sing), dancing, hanging out with friends, talking foolishness, i don't curse, i don't smoke or drink (only socially drink).
i am independent, revengeful, i hate studying, but very successful, i live by an 'Everything is peachy ' attitude, i want to act someday(any day) just waiting the chance to be
i'm kind, funny, calm, out-going, trustworthy,i'm a virgin and a VIRGO...i love meeting people..i love life.....that's bout it
any other questions u can contact me
i'm also on hi5......Nneka is the real name


love all y'all ...i love CBLuvv91...........girl where u hear both how we are perfect matches for Tauruses??????

wow the only diference between me and u..isz that i'm 15 and i curse(but i'm trying 2 stop) and i aint a virgo i'm a cancer.. and i live in canada


The only difference between me and you, COCOATEA18, is that I'm 15, don't drink socially and I'm from the states. And I can sing a lil' bit, you know. Lol. &hearts; Oh, and us Virgos are supposed to be good matches for Tauruses, too.

i checked it , i think u might be one of ma characters gurl.!


thank u very much....hope u consider me......if not..wish u success in completing the story

ok i''ll go check, k k??

i think i did it

thanxs but i wanted u to do dat on ma stori post: cast call 4 ma new stori called "A Dope Boy's Life"