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3 Fans Online
is Chris boyfriend material????????????

what y'all think????????????and what qualities does it take to be boyfriend material?????????????


Chris is really a type of class 'clown person'....silly.....but as what he portrays to worldwide viewers...he's gonna be more of a best friend to me....someone i will tell my most stupid romantic goal that i wanna achieve.........the person i will joke to...someone i can do anything to but will never bother........someone i can be myself with without ever wonder what they time feelings may arise as with opposite sex friendships.....

I know chris brown is boyfriend material. Any girl should know that. Just think, he has probably had like hundreds of girlfriends. He is so charming and he is so fine. Who wouldn't want to be with Chris?

i think he is boyfriend friend material but thats only of what i see of him on the tv really id have to get to know him more but for now id see him as a really good friend who in time of need would help you out and if you build a good relationship wit him yea he could be a good boyfriend (thats my opinion) on the real

luv Imani (soon to famous)

I don't know him at all to know if he's boyfriend material but from what I see on TV I think I would like him better as friend.
He seem madd bubbly && silly && fun to be around and do seem like he have a sweet romantic side but I think me && him would get along better as homies.
I think he acts just like me && sometimes you need someone different from you to balance the relationship out

Yea he iz bcuz he's sweet, he has a nice personality, and iz respectful.

~Chris's 1 and only wifey~

My Checklist:
-Good Personality (Yup)
-Good Heart (Yup)
-Respectful (Yup)
-Doesn't cuss as much as most (Yup)
-Can make me laugh when I need it (Yup)
-Not only self serving (Yup)
Well, it seems like he has it all to me. &hearts;

I hope he is...

I think that basically any dude could be boyfriend material but to make the relationship work
they should be honest, loyal, trustworthy, understanding,open to speak to their spouse about whatever's on their mind, respectful, and dedicated to the relationship.

well I think he is boyfriend material not only because he talks about girls alot but I think his personality is sweet and he may be committed to the person he is with and love to have fun while caring and being there for them. So of course he is boyfriend material. And boyfriend material is like someone who is sweet,respectful,caring,be committed to the relationship and not cheat and be there for a girl.

i think chris is definetly b/f material...i mean he does talk about ladies alot but he still seem like he would stay committed to whoever he was with

he def got respect for the ladies

i just hope that when he do get a girlfriend and maybe married
i hope he finds the right girl b/c most girl just want him 4 his money and fame

well.....i think he is cuz he has a gr8 personality and he seems nice....
but i wouldnt date him bc he's a star..and hes always on the me n him time..ya kno

That boy is so..........he would be a good boyfriend beacause he is funny, very fine, nice, and fun to hang out wit. Even though ive never met him you can tell
Hey!!! This is ChrisBrownsGirl...Love Yall

i think he is becuz listen 2 his songz he is not putting girls down more like bringing us up and he is close to his mother witch shows he has respect for females pluse he is chris brown nobody else can be like him so yes he can be boyfriend material.

i am so hot and sexy.rapper/singer/acteress/hostess.cuz i got 32 favor of bootylicious bubblegum. i live in atl. y'all didn't respect me. i am baddest b***h. i dont care u talking bout my man is tip .i will meet him. if u wanna meet somebody. just hit me up. A-town westside .

well all i no is if he is understanding. can keep me in a good mood. make me laugh when im sad. then he is boifriend material in my book.


yes chris is boyfriend material. From the looks of it, hes humble, understanding, cool, handsome, smart, down to earth, and respectful. Gosh i love him so f***ing much

*yes i can be his cinderella-ella-ella-a-a-a*

i accordance to Chris being a Virgin and everything.....i would say that YES...........he is BOYFRIEND material....even HUSBAND material.........reason being.........he has had girlfriends...but because he has not experienced LOVE ...............he does not show know how some boys just want to get in your pants..Chris shows he is respectable...and it he cant say well i don't love you but i want what is between your legs then that as an a girl that...there are sweet...nice...charming.......boys still surviving today....and it shows he has respect for himself too
i won't mind meeting a guy like CHRIS.....

i think he is because his personaility is so bubbly && funny = ] plus he has respect for women so yeh
- - love chris with P A S S I O N ** <33