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Interview the famous Pandora

As for Chinese luxury consumption environment, Pandora believes in Asia in the next ten years, will become the biggest <a href="">pandora charms</a> luxury consumer market. The manager said: "the global market is the biggest wrist watch collector who is an Asian consumer in Asia.
This may be because Asia has a very long history of culture and history, so can well understand and master in pandora jewelry the flavor and the connotation, the products and its corresponding ornamental <a href="">pandora jewelry</a> and collect value." In such circumstances, especially the hosting of the Olympic Games in 2008, the top international Pandora jewellery brand will put more attention to China.
"The Chinese consumers are unique; many of them are perfectly appreciation and understanding of the connotation of work and genius Pandora jewelry.
Secondly, the Pandora jewelry <a href="">pandora braelet</a> catalogue brand creation, keep in its unique characteristic of the brand, also has significant international style. This is the international recognition. So then, in Shanghai's flagship pandora jewelry store, a well-dressed woman into the store clerks to understand of pandora jewelry <a href="">cheapst pandora</a> product, obviously, she is not familiar with the French brand, so for the choice of product still hesitate.
Clerk saw she turned her back. After 10 minutes, she returns again. In her constant square office buildings, she learned through Internet Pandora jewelry online. In this brand of confirmed brand, she <a href="">pandora uk</a> immediately after the quality to store, then brush card, bought a set of advanced worth of Pandora necklace jewelry. Hu Wei Lin said:" this is China's power. They are willing to through different channels and ways to obtain more information and knowledge. The aim of our brand and also is the same, we are willing to help our customers to understand and guide the work rather than forcing them to know. In <a href="">pandora uk</a> addition, we also attach great importance to the role of the media. Through them to better let consumers to understand the unique style and content of brand in Pandora jewelry box. "
At the Pandora jewelry around will daily things, such as: architecture, art, nature and the elements such as beauty of female to watch and pandora jewelry creations, make its highly aesthetic feeling. They <a href="">pandora jewelry locator</a> will join the style of contemporary works before, forming a new element. For example, they in 30 years ago on the pandora grass beads "lucky" Alhambra inject new elements formed different shapes of butterfly "sweet grass" lucky.
Lin said: "Pandora has never had any works with the creation of new product shrivel. From product creation, innovation is the most important. We never go to imitate. We work in innovation." Indeed, Pandora gold jewelry everyday things, such as: architecture, art, nature and the <a href="">pandora jewelry sale</a> elements such as beauty of female to watch and jewelry creations, make its highly aesthetic feeling.
They will join the style of contemporary works before, forming a new element. For example, the most famous Pandora bracelet "lucky" series was born in 30 years ago, but this year they carried on the new interpretation, and named it sweet grass, besides lucky series of traditional design, but also the rotates inside a traditionally-designed box joined <a href="">pandora jewelry discount</a> hearts, butterfly shaped products etc.
In other words, they know how to product created again. He added: "in the brand value and guarantee is conducted on the basis of characteristics, Pandora jewelry sale, which can ensure whether in the period of creation, can maintain the perfect brand style and characteristic. This is the brand ductile. In addition, Pandora jewelry charms products in the creation of product quality hold on to compromise.