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Preserve the dispositions

The decadent life, to throw off the trouble, soul, so bad in escape from... Finally get rid of you - my life's dream. But gradually rendering touched lonely, quietly and had a rainy season, stranger sunshine prickle my eyes, standing alone in the city's at the end of the epicenter, looking at that pedestrians, looking at that <a href="">charms jewellery</a> in a hurry but person, and looked at the clouds of heaven, a mood of lingering...
Review the past, plaint years of vicissitudes, life, and not the object. Childhood is innocence and purity brilliant. Systemic mud dirt, should be a young, face always is permeated with bright smile. Now, however, less are fond dreams of the romantic, much a few minutes responsibility, many some sad, also much a few minutes <a href="">cheapst pandora</a> of bitter helpless destiny and follow the transcendental...
Rub the shadowy eye, again felling everything seems to be still in sight. It's not that I don't otherworldly, just love of on already unbalanced. It's not that I don't otherworldly, fate rub shoulders, is who, miss flowering, how the results, the world of mortals changes in temperature, I can handle it.
Send you a tree, henceforth shape with <a href="">pandora</a> stranger, make me a cup of water, from now on, indifferent laughed off into human, the end of summer already sadness. Hand your hand, and son harmonic old. Since then, my heart built a capital love city...
The passage of time deeply to depict the four seasons under the wounds. The man, which relentlessly filled with memory, years carefree. River sunset still vividly whirly, listen, poorer, enchantment team proclaims billows. Gently a <a href="">bracelet</a> sigh! For the miss frustrated. How many helpless, how to retain the first crush, world lai2 heartbroken men? When leaving the first when the greatly into the sea, the beauty is first in memory forever solidification.
Long time, as running water drips, long life, who accompanies a ride, the wind like a broken unease, you of the past smile wobbled, be in my life the ornament, it can let me quietly to tears, let me use lifetime exchange looks. A turn became <a href="">pandora box</a> a breakpoint, one to the right and left, two not intersect parallel lines, no passage, no thousand years later...
Once hold you, smile to sigh this meal hand turmoil of the world. Laugh those on-again, off-again lovers. Don't keep their emotions seriously. And that night takes you to the veranda benthic wind. Under the shimmering lights out the boundless 40.29 fireworks, a high - powered feast in your eyes bloom. I've watched you slobber <a href="">bracelets sale</a> smirking. This earth beautiful all enemy nevertheless your sweet smile.
You give me a beautiful life dreams. Let me back downstairs remembering your smile. You said I was so cruel. You say you're not willing to give up - we have together of that day. I do remember: still heartache, still sad.
At that time, the sky is blue; water is <a href="">pandora braelet</a> green and flowers in flow. Online is our paradise, the park is our paradise, 70 square meters of rent is our whole world, and if no later I believe we would have been happy, until forever.
I heel you learned to drive karts, have our own team, but your technology is bad, old smile me is green than blue, so I learned to in the <a href="">pandora rings</a> halfway - waiting for you! You learned to infusion, I said let me be your experiment, the results you nervous old firm no blood vessels, look at the back of your full pricked pinholes sad burst into tears. So I learned to pain of time will give you smile!


Chris !