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Our school

He sank He asked, "Is this position, warm, will you give me?" This sentence long lingering in my warm ears and lingering aftertaste. She didn't know, am utterly confused, without explanation. The answer to this question, someone can tell her? Until <a href="">gucci shoe uk</a> her own tenterhooks humus to remember to set off days already approaching, finally fear very much took up the phone call to my father.
"Dad, I and you say one thing and the, our school has a and American exchange program, I attended, this several days to go, and you say that, going to a year in the United States student-teaching experiences."
"It's not that to, already prepared for a long time, and <a href="">gucci watches uk</a> really is just these days and then walks."
Telephone was silent for a moment; want to be his father feel warm this passage abruptly abnormal: "have already prepared for a long time, you now just said?"
"Dad, I'm sorry, not holding out on you."
"Warm, can have the chance to go abroad study, this <a href="">gucci</a> is good, you haven't conceal the necessary, you deceive, unless, be afraid that I will not agree with, you tell me, are you deceive him, he doesn't agree with, also don't know you wanted to go, right?"
"Daddy, no, not"
I need to talk to him."
"No! He went abroad to talk about project, had to go to more than a week, walked two days."
Listen to father a breath said: "he doesn't agree with, don't <a href="">gucci shoes authentic</a> know, you were going to such, says he is away oneself ran? Warm, how can you do this? Have you respect him, did he when her husband ah, you how so capricious."
Warm tears went gurgling on down, and his father never said to her after a harsh, this rebuked her, but she has even explanation cannot.
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Ruthlessly bite lips and finally: "dad, I just want to read it, I don't need to get anybody agree with, I am my own, what could I do their Lord, will not let you take me to change houses, not because you think he is a rich, he sold his son-in-law, lost self-esteem."
Warm hear "bang, the phone is broken, can one squatting on the ground, Aerie to cry. Since the childhood, father didn't say that her, she is not so to <a href="">gucci handbags</a> father spoke. What is this?! She how exactly?
So a man stupid foolishly sat a day, at night, a sharp, pick up a telephone in coming to warm up. Is the aunt, crying said: "warm, you come back, your father washed-up people's hospital, was first aid doing know?"
Warm only sleep ears rumbling noise, the whole world is floating in mid-air, people is empty, the brain is empty,