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The first touch when meeting

From then on, our world for each other and become more colorful. Has had the brief encounter, but we never regret, because we each other the true love, love a person is not wrong, lover's rights who can have not? Hence, the dream dreams outside had his figure sometimes thinking about him, will stiff gently smile, like <a href="">pandora jewelry locator</a> habit a person quiet want to him, because thoughts has become a habit, hide you in mind the softest place forever...
Put you to write the letter to cherish you for my point song always remember, always be in my ears, like you in my ear light sing, our story, although no flashy, but deep-rooted, although short, but it takes a lifetime to recall, although we don't master-hand, but we are near, the in the mind will always caring each other, care he (she) I <a href="">pandora bracelets</a> have good, love a person's greatest wish is to hope he happiness happy.
Although how much we want to have each other, but we keep discretion can only silence loving each other, so had been silently. He said he would live for oneself once, I know it is for me, I am very touched, was moved to tears, but I <a href="">pandora jewellery</a> can't, although how much I want to be with him and I can't keep your own happiness based on pain of others, that happiness I'd rather not. I don't want people say gossip.
Fortune is fickle best-regulated families, just <a href="">pandora beads</a> before I still immersed in his love knots, god gave me a shouldn't jokes, and this time he is sick and not ailment is a serious illness he said he didn't want to tell my fear me very sad, I really can't accept this fact, at that moment, I cry is so sad, can't suppress heart of sadness, toward a <a href="">pandora jewelry sale</a> lens to me before him into tears river, that moment of my brain blank, why is this so, god why such cruel unfair, he is young ah.
Why not good life is safe? Then he told me again actually is not terrible, really I also don't think so, but I'm no turning back ah, only can not let go of be you, don't know how many time can accompany you talk, I say that you for me also it well what difficulties you live, haven't experienced, I believe that you must beat the <a href="">pandora charms</a> disease, his job very seriously, never cherish oneself body, sick also has always insisted on working until he fainted on land at work in the hospital for several days wakes up sneaking out on the Internet, he said afraid I worry.
No news of him when a particular rush worry, over a period of time of treatment, and he told me that can do surgery, I feel happy, after surgery and he is healthy, the operation was a success, his life and death in the edge away once, he finally <a href="">pandora sale</a> beat the cancer, see him fit, I again can before he laugh. But these days haven't celebrate, but I have no news of him, saw that he was at last after surgery he can sneak out of moving around on the net, our meeting only with this small one party video, as long as it can him will be satisfied, just like he said the same as long as you can see I heard my voice trust, that day he told me <a href="">pandora jewelry discount</a> I won't let me worry about, but from that has no any news of him, hateful thief has put his cell phone also stolen. This is the only one who can relate to his communication tools, but now I'm helpless good helpless...