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Many times, he really will these as the life of normal. We met occasionally, he spoke up foremen unreasonable salary of embezzle part, workmates a high fever climb scaffold, supermarket was waiter thief <a href="">oakley glasses</a> similar staring at... All these, he as talking as course.
This year, the elder sister's daughter is 4 years old, haven't seen tall buildings. I brought her to the city, pointing to a nearby play is being built in building tell her, this is tall buildings. Little guys suddenly stopped and looked at it, upward comings and goings workers, ask a way: "younger sister, that top have father?" I raised my <a href="">oakley</a> head, watching on scaffolding under the scorching sun windward migrant workers, they are working for a ground of building nervous working, but they from beginning to end have no time like building on the advertising banners, have "propagate language reigns as the heroic". Even, they even look down at the ground pedestrians have time.
When niece and shake <a href="">oakley sunglasses</a> my arm, ask, dad on it? I held her up, say: "rain how can anyone know dad will work on?" She listened, immediateness happy, clapping way: "mom said dad is lid building hero? Young aunt, I can shout also 1 dad?" then kissed her little cheeks, gentle voice said: "sure, even though you can't see dad, but dad can hear call......" This autumn afternoon, I hugged, standing in one place machine plangent building before, listen to her again <a href="">cheap oakley</a> and again head shout "father". It seems that I see, high on scaffolding, those busy man rolled over on his side, gazing at us... That picture frame, like in a flash movie a warm lens, carved into my memory. I never before others actively mentions him. In my heart, always felt a cowardly incompetent father is not a thing to let people proud of things. When I was little I between him and had a long a very happy day. At that time, he always hoping, busy day and could not see trace of every night in my sleep after he will <a href="">oakley sunglasses sale</a> be back. Early next morning, I like and his appointment in the same, very tacit understanding to run out of the sitting room closet, fat hands out ah drank. Sometimes take out a box of chocolates, sometimes took out is a packet of cookies or several root was crushed crumpled bananas. Everyday I like treasure as from cupboard. nothing took various I like to eat things, then hands before the bosom, big gobbled up. Sometimes <a href="">Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses Discount</a> he would stand on one side, leaning on woodwork smoke, silently looking at me. Sometimes he will also came and gently to my tongue food residue wipe away, then embrace me outside to wash your hands. He is just an ordinary workers in factories, silent, likes to drink two small liquor, not salty not light of day. Sometimes, he'll ride bike with my daily walk on the highway, meet an acquaintance soon after my voice tell others: this is my son! He is still not carefree get who live, so in my 4 years old in the interim made their own small business. But he never tried to yourself whether have <a href="">Oakley Polarized Goggles Discount</a> business talent, just a few short years time took home the savings of all lost in, not only such, he still owe a lot of debts. From then on, my childhood nightmare begins, I between him and also gradually built an invisible wall.
By that time, almost every night he and mother between two people will burst the quarrel, reprimand, nu drink, mingled with the mother's cries, like a lingering nightmare enwinds me tightly. I tend to hide in the <a href="">Oakley Polarized Sunglasses Discount</a> quilt, pretending to be asleep, but fear night all ears their arguments. At that time, the creditors every door debt collection was just a potluck.